Champ select gets stuck at a player picking champ until i get kicked for not picking champ

This has been annoying me for a while now and its utterly bs it keeps happening. Together with this Riot takes no responsibility when they issue is from their side. So first I can mention I do have a beast of a pc that has the highest end of all components and its nothing wrong on it, I run wired internet connection with 600mps speed, my game is allowed in the firewall I have and I never have any issues in any other form with any olther game or even league except this one issue. When I get into champ select, sometimes (maybe every 10th game) it goes on as normal. People ban their champ then they pick their champ. But when this bug happends which im guessing a is a connection issue with the LOL client side it stays on a certain player thats about to pick their champion and the timer keeps counting down, when it hits 0 seconds left for the player to pick it stays there for like 15s up to a minute. sometimes the client "catches up" and fast forward everything that happend when the champ select was "stuck" but if it takes too long obviosuly the time keep going and people keep picking until its my time and I dont pick a champ and gets kicked from the game and losing LP, meanwhile for me its still showing another players turn to pick a champ. This is so annoying and frustrating and over the months its lost me lp, even tho its not much its been tiems i been at 0 lp in a league and got demoted from the "dodge". I can still chat in real time with everyone and seeing people saying "hello are u gonna pick or what?" etc etc. What I hate is that when there is a issue clearly with the client have an issue creating a fault like this. This is probably a related issue to when u play with friends and u accept the que, ur friend accept the que yet u both get the message that "your friend failed to accept the que" while yet the que did pop for both and both accepted.

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