Ping is 119ms ...still lags , In pbe 230ms and no lags !! ,Fps lower than pbe ,spectate record issue

Hello Well ... i have ping about 119ms ...but the game lags so much It will be like minions have 0 hp still on the map ...Suddenly Zed has used all his skills... And something like that I have 230ms in Pbe version and there is No lag ! its very ibetter And I have Fps in the pbe version Much much higher than the normal Version High quality pbe has much more fps than the Normal game in Medium low quality {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Same in my brother laptop And when always i record something in spectate the game will stop and will never work I always hear like "Pbe has a lot of bugs and will be bad if u play it"But the opposite is ture Maybe there is something wrong in my game ... I did fix many times and nothing changed pls help

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