0 fps even though everything else runs fine?

Story time first so i can explain what happened. So here i am, playing a game of draft pick in summoners rift in a five man premade. I get first pick and insta lock sion. everyone else locks in, in quick succession. The loading screen loads up and we wait for the game to start. 2 minutes or so of waiting later, and my jng says "Why havent you moved from fountain yet? Minions have spawned." I reply "Oh the game has loaded? im still stuck in the loading screen." Time passes while i wait for the game to load. Finally, I close the game and press the reconnect button. More time passess and i finally load into the game and glance into the top right corner. It reads 7:25. I click to rush top lane, press p and click where long sword and potions would be. But. The shop doesn't open. No one is moving around in the entire game on my screen. Even minions aren't moving. I click again. And then i see it. The fatal sign in the top left. League is not responding. I press the holy combination of keys, the combination of keys that should never be pressed. ctrl+alt+delete. I click on task manager and look at my cpu and memory. 25% cpu usage and 80% of my memory. The vast majority of my memory is taken up by the actual game client, so I can't do anything to free up space. I click back onto League and look back at the top right, at the place where my fps is displayed. It tells me 0 fps. I open Steam and load up a game. It loads and runs perfectly fine. no lag whatsoever. I close Steam and the game via the god that is task manager. I go back to League and it is still running at 0 fps. Then it jumps and im suddenly in top lane, about halfway between inner and outer towers, standing still. My premades tell me that i have been standing there for about a minute. I click down to fountain and my premades tell me i'm moving after a minute. So that's what i do. I can't lane, i don't want to feed the enemy team and i don't want to get LeaverBuster. i just walk around base whenever i can, making one movement every minute or so. I get killed twice. How? i dont know. I'm too busy staring at a game that isnt showing me anyhiting useful. The game ends in a loss. I get honoured by one of my premades as they hope that it will help to prevent LB. I still get the fatal "ineligible to earn loot" message. Thanks Rito The previous games on previous days, the game worked fine. No lag. AAARRRRGGGHHHH! I guess it could just be my laptop showing its age, but it shouldnt be that sudden right? it should do it gradually over time right? Hopefully it doesnt happen again, but you never know. Maybe Riot can put in a system where your team can vote whether you get punished for afk/dc, similar to the remake system, but for if they are active, so that they can gain at least some of the rewards they should have gained, but not no rewards, and not the full amount either.

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