Riot Has Lost It

Before you read this: Its long, but there is a reason for it. Ask yourself if you enjoy the game the same way you did before. And the biggest question. Could you stop playing it and quit if it took a really bad turn that would ruin your experience? If you play this game, but the same time it causes you stress but you cant quit, its more than addiction, its a curse. Can we aggre on that Riot Games is one of the worst gaming companies ever? First, lets make it clear: My respect all goes to the character design and art team. They do an awesone job and they are the only reason this game is enjoyable for me. Their artist inspire me, however, game design and mechanics, as well as balance team does nothing that deserves respect. I'm not being overly exaggerated. Since season 8 the game is literally going downwards. Rune changes, no one liked it, yet its being forced on us. Skins coming for same champions every year, other champs are literally forgotten. Player community has 0 impact on anything or has no options to decide the things that we will have to experience in upcoming patches. Problems are barey aided, some parts of the game are literally turned a blind eye on. Even a dumbo can see that 80% of every feedback is negative. The only thing this game holds is addiction, and its beginning to be more like a curse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old league was peaceful, creative and enjoyable. After those lore/Rift/display reworks, the game became a sport. Everything is creatod to make a "meta" and to be a potential "pro tool" in the future Pro Tournaments. They began to ignore the casual playerbase, and started forusing on pros only. Everything revolves around them from that pont now. I dont know the reason behind this. My guess is that the person who created LoL, and had a vision of how it should be got removed from the main developers/designers and has 0 contribution on the recent changes. Everything has a problem or fails in a way since then. The current game designers have no vision of this game. They focus on the near future, and no long term calculations ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roles being "nerfed" to fit meta. Tanks got 3 new items (like last season, i dont remember exactly) and from that point they were said to be "broken" and unkillable. And than everything was changed to be stronger vs tanks (lethality, more magic pen, true dmg). Tank Died R.I.P. Than jungle got everything removed. Not only we lost every stacking item and a smite, they took wards from junglers. Jungle Died R.I.P. ADCs were said to be too strong (because tanks were destroyed) they ruined 2 major ADC items ({{item:3508}} and old IE) and made these: {{item:3031}} {{item:3095}}. Again, one with True Dmg, other literally unneccesary. Essence Reaver was taken from those who made a good use of it in some game situations ({{champion:22}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:236}} ) and was given to the "meta" ADCs ({{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} ) but mostly to fighters ({{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} ). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The game takes unexpected turns every patch, if you take a break for one week youll have to learn everything again when you come back. We are being judged by Programs and Systems that doesnt know the meaning of true justice. All the power they give us, players, is the Report tool. We are expected to suffer for 20+ minutes and not say a word. We are expected to be friendly to people that know nothing but hate. We are expected to believe that anything works fine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs and game breaking issues have never been so frequent and crucial in previous seasons. I dont think I have ever seen 4+ issue going on at the same time. Every patch/event brings at least 3 type of bug issue that ruins games. Rankeds disabled, missions dont progress, server issues, connection issues, end-game issues and many other problems. Even if the work hard to fix them, they still are doing someting wrong if these problems come back in 3 weeks and cause the same issues again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This game needs a complete rebuilding. Burn down everything from season 5 or 4. No Runes Reforged, no "role nerfs" no "hyper hybrid" champions, no "game changing" renovations, no item removals, no element removals. Leave all the champions though, but restart the whole thing from like season 1-2. Go back to the REAL Rift. Make us REAL summoners again. Make this game a game again. The only way this would be possible is to forget this all. League of Legends 2. This is what we need.
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