Matchmaking health status: broken

I don't know where to put this, but since i want this to be seen, i'm posting it here, besides this destroys the game, so it should be considered as a bug/technical issue. Flex queue health is so bad and so are the players in it, many if which are boosted or trolling/flaming, saying that flex is not ranked. Example as in the image, we have 3 plats, that play like bronzes, yi without smite in jungle that used flash after 1st minute for no reason, velkoz flaming and saying he doesn't care flex in not ranked, others feeding etc etc. While they have a Master in their team that just goes chuck norris on us, also all of their team is playing good, while ours just feed and can't last hit minions... And this happens very often. I play solo in Flex and get 3-4 guys that just feed, troll and are in gold/plat/diamond. Also i'm currently in S1... Flex is broken, trolls are not being banned. Other queues are a bit better, but still have huge division gaps and unbalanced teams, with similar situation.
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