Lp lost due to game crashes

hi so i just played a game and after the 20 minute mark i constantly keept crashing with the critical error message that i saw a lot of ppl are getting ( the enemy team also had ppl crash constantly ) the enemy team ended up surrendering the game because they had 2 people with the same probelm i had i dont understand why i ended up losing lp - this is a problem that happened since the last patch - so its a error from riots site why are the ranked ques enabled if there is a problem like this ? there even is a message that says that riot looks into it - but ques are up and people keep losing points for a error from riots site ( eventhought riot knows about the problem but somehow decided to leave the ques up ) i personaly dont care about those -18lp because hey i lose a lot of games and sometimes i even win a few ( getting the points back would be great thought - since it wasnt really in my hands to either win or lose ) but i think this is a issue and the ranked ques should not be enabled with such an issue https://puu.sh/CujsC/e55f6a792d.png

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