Very annoying technical problem of the game

Hello everyone and have a good day. My nickname is MrKristo4. For more than a year now, I have been very active in League of Legends after I moved here from Heroes of the Storm. I really liked this game, his characters and story, but very often, especially now, I began to meet with problems that the developers themselves rarely talk about. Let's just say that I often read their answers to questions, watch videos with plans to improve the game, especially now there are a lot of them in honor of the 10th anniversary of the game. But improvements in the technical component are extremely rare and often almost invisible. The map in League of Legends began to look much worse than the recent characters, and hitboxes of the walls at all except for laughter and bewilderment did not cause. But what I find particularly annoying is the hitboxes for most of the old characters. VFX updates have been released on many heroes, but they do not solve the problem at all. The main question is why do hitboxes of ability not correspond to what we see on the screen? Problems with the old engine or a secret plan are unclear. But I would be very happy to see some improvements in this aspect of the game, because they are really urgent. In the links below, there are good examples of such problems, and this is just a drop in the ocean, but one of the examples is already 4 years old, so how long does it take and can we wait for it to be corrected? Thank you very much for your attention! [Jinx R](, [Naut Q](, [And again Naut Q](, [Lux Q](, [Yasuo W](, [Fizz R]( and more, and more, and more... You can find much more yourself, just google almost every old character (and not just the old one).

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