Over 300 book pages, 145 Word pages and more than 290 bugs: Here is the new Mordekaiser buglist.

https://puu.sh/Ab9vS/b31f02ca62.jpg Hello, hello! Nightwind42/Naerlyn here one last time this week, for the finale of this buglist spree - to end it the way I started it all. As the title states, this is a long post. A **very** long post. Second longest post on the Boards, as it doesn't break the record set by [this other post that I wrote](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/c/creations-de-la-communaute-fr/oTcMrKF6-chroniques-de-runeterra) - a series of fanfictions and other creations that I wrote in French. But... Just making up for having written a couple of short buglists lately. Usual things that you might want to read... First of all, one thing I changed in that list is that every bug's number will be its full number, and not simply its number in its tier. This means that if you want to look for, let's say, the bug 3.15, you simply need to ctrl-f "3.15)". ... You should try that particular ctrl-f. I think you won't regret it. At the beginning of this list is a preview of every single bug that was added [since the last list](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/aixWwLZf-mordekaisers-updated-buglist-back-with-over-200-bugs-and-100-pages). It summarizes all of these new bugs and shows the videos/screenshots if I have any. And if you want a full explanation or description for one of these, just ctrl-f and go there. Now right before this list comes another preview, of all the particularly funny or "how the hell did that happen" bugs. Should you watch anything, it's that. Lastly, for those who don't like reading, [here](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y) is a playlist of all of the bugs I have a video for. But... You should know that there are some jokes and homemade memes here and there in the post, so as to make the theoretical read not too complicated. You might even just want to check the beginning of each tier, as there'll be one meme every time. And lastly², if you're French, [here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/c/creations-de-la-communaute-fr/3AN0lWE2-un-poaome-pour-mordekaiser) is a poem to honor our beloved [spiky boy](http://puu.sh/Ab9fC/7ba72bc628.jpg). Current count is at 298 bugs. Here is a breakdown of how they're sorted within each category: |Tier |- 1 -|- 2 -|- 3 -|- 4 -|- 5 -|- 6 -|- 7 -|- 8 -|- 9 -|- 10 -|- 11 -|- 12 -|- 13 -|- ST1 -| |- |Count per tier|- 2 -|- 16 -|- 25 -|- 26 -| - 50 -| - 45 -| - 30 -| - 18 -| - 22 -| - 13 -| - 29 -| - 14 -|  - 2 -|  - 6 -| |Cumulative count |- 2 -|- 18 -|- 43 -|- 69 -|- 119 -|- 164 -|- 194 -|- 212 -|- 234 -|- 247 -|- 276 -|- 290 -|- 292 -|- 298 -| --- --- #Preview of the best bugs 4.13: The moment you get the ghost of an Ekko, said ghost will ult on the blue side fountain. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ucNmbm65w4) 6.12: The fourth shot of Jhin's ghost won't deal its 25% missing health damage... **but only if Jhin is level 16 or above.** 1.3: If you use Protobelt while your W is on, your W will be invisible for the remainder of the game. For you, for the allies, for the enemies - but only for the people who had their screen on you as you used the Protobelt. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfM4oT4cftg&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y&index=3?t=11m15s) 2.10: If an enemy you've ulted is killed by a disintegrating ability (such as PF Ezreal's attacks), their ghost will be invisible. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfM4oT4cftg&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y&index=3?t=9m49s) 3.15: Jhin's ghost has its attack speed unlocked. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9f4lG9S6wA) 11.25: While your W is activated, the numbers in its description will go back to their 5.18 values. [Normal W](http://prntscr.com/j8fxxz) / [Activated W](http://prntscr.com/j8fy3n) ST2.15: Mordekaiser could give his ultimate to another player. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tATL2XjVMbQ) and [meme](http://puu.sh/Ab9F3/43822239d3.jpg), and [meme again](http://puu.sh/Aba8o/3da74d36a7.jpg). ST2.16: Back in 2016, Mordekaiser's dragon would have a limited leash range... on his skins. The default skin would be fine, with the non-bugged, global leash range. [Reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4s1wfo/only_classic_mordekaiser_has_a_global_dragon/) / [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zsY072Gz4&feature=youtu.be) ST2.14: Thanks to the Revitalize rune that was increasing your health costs, you could fall to 0 hp, giving you a few frames of untargetability. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzAuRAsYuDA) 9.6: Mordekaiser can use his W on Jayce's Acceleration Gate, and the W will be invisible yet still deal damage. [Video](https://youtu.be/S31eZcGykQs) 11.14:If you ult a Garen and kill him while he's spinning, the ghost will always spin too, and will only briefly interrupt in order to attack. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM4jAZ2zxRs) 3.4: Mordekaiser can get a permanently invisible ghost by killing an untargetable champion with his ultimate. [Video 1](http://plays.tv/video/585f824c6d8f4c3f72) / [Video 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdbH0XTy3d8) 11.26: Wukong Bot's ghost is named MonkeyKing bot. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j8gdby) 11.27: The dragon ghost will always have 100 base AD even if its total AD is lower than 100. [Over 100](http://prntscr.com/j75git) / [Under 100](http://prntscr.com/j75dxa) 2.1.4: Your W can cause your Smite to deal no damage. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ2xg1AM1ok&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y&t=0s&index=7) 12.2: Casting Mordekaiser's W on a Blood Lord Vladimir, then reactivating the spell near minions will cause Blood Lord Vladimir to glitch as if he were wearing a (little oversized) black coat. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL__i0PVUZk) 9.7: Caitlyn's Headshot makes her interact very weirdly with the other bugs, that involve Statikk/RFC/Kircheis/Botrk/Guinsoo. *I)* If a Caitlyn ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, she will only be able to proc it by using her Headshot-empowered attack. Her Headshot-empowered auto won't make her gains Energized stacks for an unstacked Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, though. *II)* Once Caitlyn's ghost gets her first Headshot off, she then starts applying botrk's damage, as physical damage, on every auto-attack. [Video](https://youtu.be/xYm7t325azs?t=8s). --- --- #Changelist since the last post! 1.3: If you use Protobelt while your W is on, your W will be invisible for the remainder of the game. For you, for the allies, for the enemies - but only for the people who had their screen on you as you used the Protobelt. [Example 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfHWIrWQvXk) / [Example 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfM4oT4cftg&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y&index=3?t=11m15s) 2.1.6: A ghost's AA can deal no damage if you recast your W right before. 2.8: The W will only heal an ally off of targets it doesn't kill. [Example 1](https://youtu.be/bqyAyhBe6a4?t=56s) / [Example 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loecf7H5BG4&index=11&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y) 2.9: [Moved from 6.1] The recast of the W can be heard through fog of war. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptbK6FGUzyE) 2.10: If an enemy you've ulted is killed by a disintegrating ability (such as PF Ezreal's attacks), their ghost will be invisible. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfM4oT4cftg&list=PLmAU0t3uD3XuaIzmLmYQGkOyUw_ztE25y&index=3?t=9m49s) 3.14: The W doesn't send Aery to your allies in ARAM. Only in ARAM, though. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j5kn8o) 3.15: Jhin's ghost has its attack speed unlocked. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9f4lG9S6wA) 3.16: Revitalize doesn't work with your passive or E. [Example](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=1m50s) 4.12: The Q deals absurdly high damage when used on a minion that's about to die (up to 12k damage). [Example](https://youtu.be/juF9LadAYng) 4.13: The moment you get the ghost of an Ekko, said ghost will ult on the blue side fountain. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ucNmbm65w4) 5.15: In Twisted Treeline, ghosts will sometimes randomly walk to the enemy fountain. 5.16: The damage of the ghosts' passives isn't counted as Mordekaiser's damage (anymore), and that has huge consequences such as Mordekaiser giving free buffs to his enemies. [Example 1](https://youtu.be/vd-pHB3hzt0?t=18s) / [Example 2](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=9m9s) 5.17: Mordekaiser can disable an enemy’s Press the Attack for the remainder of the game. [Example 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pafU6HM2C8s) / [Example 2](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=37s) 5.18: Mordekaiser can disable an enemy’s Summon Aery until their death. 5.19: Mordekaiser's Q can make him stuck in a weird animation for a second before eventually canceling the Q attempt. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSla7POi10M) 5.20: Mordekaiser's W can heal more than it should. [Example](https://youtu.be/bqyAyhBe6a4?t=1m19s) 5.21: Graves’ ghost has a bunch of issues, from being nigh uncontrollable at times to having a flawed ammo display, going through having its basic attacks deal hybrid damage. [Example](https://youtu.be/iFiQcg0lJ0k?t=15s) 5.22: If an enemy you've ulted is last-hit by a charm, the ghost will only follow you and won't listen to your commands or be able to attack at all. 5.23: Guinsoo's ghost attacks don't work correctly with your Q, activating several times in a row or not often enough. 6.8.6: Kayn's ghost will always come as base Kayn. 6.12: [Updated] The fourth shot of Jhin's ghost won't deal its 25% missing health damage... **but only if Jhin is level 16 or above.** (Updated to add that condition) [Example](https://youtu.be/62TiV_Far30?t=1m8s) 6.13: [Updated] Cho's ghost loses its stacked HP and doesn't give you any HP from it. Veigar's ghost loses its stacked AP but gives you AP from it. Sion's ghost doesn't lose its stacked HP and gives you HP from it. 6.14: You can get the ghost of a ghost, which causes an additional 12 other bugs. Namely, that ghost being counted as a dragon, not giving gold, having +100% base AS, having bonus movement speed, not being ghost-able… [Example](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg) 6.15: Ashe’s ghost cannot get enhanced attacks. 6.16: Ghosts cannot take Thresh’s lantern anymore. 7.18: The ult-passive of a Blitzcrank's ghost can go off while out of combat. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUM1nQvQ9wM) 7.19: The icon of your W isn't highlighted while your W is on. 7.20: Ghosts can't use their Hunter's Talisman. 7.21: Ghosts can sometimes disable their automatic basic attack. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpqY9uVbkg) 7.22: Ghosts can't apply Predator, Scorch or Cheap Shot. [Example] (https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=7m58s) 7.23: Ghosts can't apply Aftershock, Approach Velocity or Font of Life if you don't have a Rylai. [Example](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=4m50s) 7.24: Urgot's ghost comes without any legs charged. 7.25: In One for All, Mordekaiser's W passive gives 0 experience. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j8geqq) 7.26: In One for All, your W on a dragon ghost that isn't yours is minion-sized instead of having a four times bigger radius. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j8gf72) 7.27: In One for All, you can't use two ults on the same person at the same time. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsPToTI8_UQ) 8.13: Blitzcrank ghost's ult-passive will either count or not count towards Electrocute depending on whether it came after or before your other abilities. [Example](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=52s) 8.14: Same with Phase Rush. [Example](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=1m36s) 8.15: Presence of Mind doesn't reduce the cooldown of your ultimate while you have a ghost. [Before](http://prntscr.com/j75gpi) / [After](http://prntscr.com/j75gyo) 9.13: Buying magic penetration during the ultimate will make the damage instantly go up, but selling magic penetration will only make it go down after 5ish seconds. 9.14: If you have a Haunting Guise, ult something and sell the Guise, you'll keep having the buff for being in combat with enemy champions until the end of your ultimate, while not having the item that gives you that buff. 9.15: Adaptive runes don't take the stats granted by the ghost in account. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j7m0qv) 9.16: If you cast your W while there is no ally around just before killing the drake, the W circle of the drake will be small (champion-sized). [Example](http://prntscr.com/j75hez) 9.17: If you ult an enemy without dealing any damage for them yet have them die, you’ll still get the kill credit or the assist despite neither damaging nor debuffing them. 10.14: Sion's ghost cannot stack health with its W. 10.15: I've seen a champion ghost target a ward, and I have no clue how that was possible. 11.17.2: The scaling on the Q3 takes some time to be updated after you put a point in the spell. 11.20: Kog'Maw's ghost uses the passive walking animation. 11.21: Kayn's ghost is base Kayn but uses the SA/Darkin walking animation. 11.22: Arclight Vel'Koz's ghost keeps the colors of the normal Arclight Vel'Koz. 11.23: Zoe's ghost can't make spell/item shards drop from enemy casts. 11.24: Zoe's ghost can't pick spell/item shards. 11.25: While your W is activated, the numbers in its description will go back to their 5.18 values. [Normal W](http://prntscr.com/j8fxxz) / [Activated W](http://prntscr.com/j8fy3n) 11.26: Wukong Bot's ghost is named MonkeyKing bot. [Example](http://prntscr.com/j8gdby) 11.27: The dragon ghost will always have 100 base AD even if its total AD is lower than 100. [Over 100](http://prntscr.com/j75git) / [Under 100](http://prntscr.com/j75dxa) 11.28: The dragon ghost will always have 330 base speed as long as its total speed is above 330. [275 speed](http://prntscr.com/j75h5i) / [375 speed](http://prntscr.com/j75h9r) 14.2: [Updated] A minion shared with Relic Shield will not give you the bonus exp from your W: Confirmed to be a bug now. 14.5: Guardian will proc even if the entirety of the damage is shielded. [Example](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=3m56s) ST1.6: Mordekaiser's W lasts for 6 seconds, not 4. It only goes down to 4 when your circle connects with someone else's. --- --- We're almost **getting started**. Yeah, 8 pages in. Each bug description is made of ~~Liquid~~ four, sometimes five, parts: - Description of the bug - Consequences of the bug (how they affect the gameplay) - Information about the reproduction. Mostly just how to reproduce the bug (... that's often very simple), but also the reproduction rate, and sometimes speculation about what caused the bug, or which other bugs it might be related to. - Sometimes the explanation of the bug. - Examples, be they videos or screenshots, if I have some. The order within each category does not mean anything. From most to least important, here we go! --- --- --- --- --- #**Tier 1 - These bugs will happen in every single game and will make you lose at best 5 minions, at worst a few kills. They can be called gamechanging.** https://puu.sh/Ab9kK/59e0026229.jpg **1.1)** This bug was fixed in patch 7.14, as an undocumented change. ~~The second activation of the W will not damage every enemy, when the skill was bound to another ally and both areas of effect were connecting when the spell was recast. Three most common scenarios:~~ ~~- Two enemies are in range and only one gets damaged. ~~ ~~- Many enemies are in range and only two get damaged. ~~ ~~- Many enemies are in ranged and all but one get damaged. ~~ ~~Based on a sample of 50 attempts, this bug has a 40% reproduction rate.~~ ~~**Consequences:**~~ ~~*1)* This **will** make you miss last-hits in every game. ~~ ~~*2)* It slows your push, and also your jungle clear in Twisted Treeline (because you'll have someone to jungle with you, hence to be bound to you). ~~ ~~*3)* And obviously, I don't have to tell you about the consequences when that happens while fighting champions.~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Go in lane, cast your W to a nearby minion, go inside the enemy minion wave without leaving the connecting range of the Harvesters of Sorrow, re-cast W. The expected result is that all of the minions should take the second part of the damage, the observed result, when the bug occurs, is that not all of them do. This can easily be checked through the damage shown on the enemy minions (and is easier when you put more points in W). If it's inferior to the reactivation damage... a conclusion is easy to draw.~~ ~~**Examples:** [Video 1](https://plays.tv/video/57e7026a28f7569974/the-mordekaiser-bugs?from=user) / [Video 2](https://plays.tv/s/LhCnIOMkNhsA)~~ --- **1.2)** The dragon ghost behaves as well as a young teenager maining Vayne. In other words, it's super hard to control it. Giving the first orders is fine, but the drake will end up at some point resetting its to-do list and will start going where he pleases, and/or will be uncontrollable for a few seconds. So the drake will start attacking the minions around, or going back to you, when it was told to move somewhere, attack a turret, or chase a champion. **Note:** This bug does not involve any enemy leaving sight range. **Consequences:** The dragon puts one or several attacks on the wrong target, thus wasting time on the drake's lifetime, seconds during a fight, and/or drake hitpoints. This is made even worse by the fact that the drake has a 0.5 attack speed and cannot cancel its attack, thus locking him for 2s every time it decides to attack something. **Reproduction information:** One of the sources of this bug is related to Mordekaiser and the minions around him. Him being attacked by minions or killing minions can make the drake glitch like this. This is probably not all of the cause, though. **1.3)** Oh boy, a new bug for this tier! Here it is. If you use Protobelt while your W is on, bound to an ally and with both circles connecting... Your W will be invisible for the remainder of the game. For you, for the allies, for the enemies. But! There is one condition. That bug will only affect the people who see you use the Protobelt. And by that I mean the people who have their screen on you, not just the people who have you out of fog. It will, however, affect you even if you made sure to look away while casting Protobelt. Disconnecting and reconnecting solves the issue. Until it's triggered again. **Consequences:** That bug is rather funny, because it is negative for every single person in the game. *I)* For your enemies: They won't see when you have used your W, and they won't always notice when you've recast it. They also won't see the range, and it's scary to think that this isn't even the most important part of it. *II)* For your allies: They won't know you put your W on them. It's already super hard telling your allies to go next to this jungle camp to get healed by you, it's even harder when they don't even see your W. And the rare people who know how Morde work know what to do when said thing happens - they know they can turn back to the enemies in a skirmish, knowing they'll deal additional damage that way and knowing they'll get a heal. But that requires them to see the W. *III)* For yourself: You won't accurately know the radius of the AoE of your W. And yes, I say that as someone who has played hundreds of Morde games - even with that, you'll miss Ws that you wouldn't have otherwise missed. Aside from that, you won't see which ally you put your W on. And lastly, you won't see whether your W is on or not, because of the thing 7.19 (your W isn't highlighted while it's being used). To know whether you're currently using it, you have to check your buffs bar, and that tends to be filled by many things in a fight. But since that bug only affects the people who see you the moment you cast the protobelt, **you** are the only one who'll be affected in all cases. Unless you're playing ARAM, most allies and enemies won't have the bug on the first case. Also, due to how few conditions there are, this bug will be triggered in every single game in which the Mordekaiser buys a Protobelt. **Reproduction information:** W on an allied unit, make sure the circles connect, use protobelt. Any person who had their screen on you at that moment will now stop seeing your W and won't ever see it again until the end of the game. 100% reproduction rate under these conditions. In spectate mode, the same thing applies. If you have your screen on Mordekaiser at the correct moment, the VFX will be disabled. But also: - If you go back in the replay/spectate after seeing the bug trigger, you'll keep having the bug even if you're before Mordekaiser even bought his Protobelt. - If, however, you restart the replay and skip the trigger part(s), all particles will remain there. - And as I said, if you keep your screen away from Mordekaiser at all correct moments, you won't be affected by the bug. This means that this bug isn't carried over to the spectate mode, as it depends on each player anyway. However, it's triggered in spectate as well. **Examples:** [Video 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfHWIrWQvXk) --- --- #**Tier 2 - Almost as important. Those bugs all happen every game or nearly, and rarely won't be impactful. The two above needed their own category, though. ** https://puu.sh/Aba3R/9d21226a30.jpg **2.1)** Let's start with a pack of other things that go wrong with the Harvesters of Sorrow (W). If you attempt to cast a spell right after reactivating it, the spell has a chance of not dealing damage. Or other similar things. Unlike the bug 1.1, those bugs can occur even when the W was self-cast, or if your circle doesn't connect with your ally's. Here's what can happen: *I)* W -> basic attack: The basic attack can deal no damage. *II)* W -> Q: The Q can deal the damage of a basic attack only. The Q buff will still be consumed. *III)* W -> E: The E can deal no damage to some of the targets, or to those that were hit by the W, or deal no damage at all. *IV)* W -> Smite: The smite can deal no damage. *V)* W -> 3rd Q: The Q can deal no damage. *VI)* W -> Ghost's basic attack: The ghost's AA can deal no damage. **Consequences:** *I)* Mostly makes you miss minions. That's not the worst bug when it comes to fight champions. Still though, when first you leave a minion alive because of the 1.1 bug, and *then* can't finish it either because this bug occurs too, thus end up missing the last-hit, it's sad. Fortunately, this can’t happen anymore as the 1.1 bug isn’t there anymore, but that bug will still make you miss CS too frequently. *II)* Same, but also impactful against champions, 'cause losing a hundred damage in a lane trade is quite the issue. Don’t get me started on the fact that this bug happens against cannon minions much more frequently than it should, while this matters a lot more now. *III)* This one happens less often, which is fortunate because it slows your push as well as making you miss minions and being harmful on trades. *IV)* And here goes the gravest of all when it happens. The Smite not dealing damage. You can imagine that it's not really good to have that happen while you're farming your jungle. But... now, you can imagine what it becomes when you're fighting over a monster, a buff, or worse. A drake or baron. You heard it well, Saintvicious has a champion that he can play if he wants to have an excuse for his... issues. *V)* Got that one twice recently, while I'm not sure I even got it once before the summer. Same as *II)* but with a greater loss of damage, and it's actually pretty impactful when it's a champion that you're fighting (both times happened on my 3rd Q and against champions). It also delays the activation of your Phase Rush if you have that thing. *VI)* Just same as *II)*, *III)* or *V)*. **TLDR:** Make you miss minions and lose trades or kills. **Reproduction information:** *(boring stuff here)* Not much to say, I'm afraid. Just activate your W, then: *I)* Press W again, then basic attack. The attack is expected to deal damage, but won't if the bug happens. *II) and V)* Press W again, then basic attack while your Q is activated. The attack will only deal physical damage. *III) and IV)* Press W again and use E or Smite during the cast of the Harvesters of Sorrow, and that spell won't do what it should. *VI)* Press W again just before your ghost lands its attack on an enemy. **Note:** I get these bugs a total of 3 to 6 times per game on average. **Examples:** *II)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GBYrBMDA_I) *III)* Screenshots: [Before](http://prnt.sc/bzs260) / [After](http://prnt.sc/bzs2v4) / [Zooming on the health](http://prnt.sc/bzs3kc) *IV)* [Video](https://youtu.be/wtYBRBlX5AQ) --- **2.2)** The first two bugs were fixed in 7.14 as another undocumented change, the third one remains. Another bunch of bugs with the W, this time without needing another spell alongside. So the bug 1.1 was about the W not damaging all of the opponents it should affect. But here's a bunch of other things the second activation of that spell can do wrong: ~~*I)* Most common and most important: Deal its damage, but without healing anyone. ~~ ~~*II)* The other way around! Heals, but without damaging. Quite rare.~~ *III)* Heal one second after the ability is used. **Consequences:** These can completely turn fights around against Mordekaiser or his team, and are only not in the first category because they do not happen as super frequently as the bug 1.1. **Reproduction information:** ~~*I)* The reproduction rate is fairly low, yet high enough to at least happen in many games. You can at least try to reproduce the situation to see if there's anything related to one of the parameters involved in it, but I'd consider that unlikely. The more information, the better, though, so I'll tell that I also had this happen on an Aniviaulted by a Malzahar while she was surrounded by allied minions, enemy minions, enemy champions, allied champions and enemy summoned pets (voidlings). ~~ ~~*II)* There, I can't tell much because I haven't seen that often or recently enough.~~ *III)* In the video below, it seemed related to the dashes. Lee Sin dashed away from the drained enemy the moment the W was recast, and then the particle/projectile from the W came late, thus arrived to Lee after his dash, causing a long delay before the heal. You can see later in the video that the heal goes towards Mordekaiser in an earlier stage of the W. **Examples:** ~~*I)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsIDGyYmURM)~~ *III)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfIOifpjKR8) --- **2.3)** Mordekaiser's champion ghosts lose all of their runes, from the base stats to the effects, keystones included. This, here, is one of the uncertain cases. It's impossible to tell whether that is actually a bug or a design choice without getting Riot's word on it. There are points that can be brought up on both sides: You could say that Mordekaiser gets a copy of the champion, including the runes/masteries since it also includes the items, but on the other hand you could also say that the runes/masteries aren’t inherent to the champion but are on the summoner’s side (just like the summoner spells), thus shouldn’t be kept by the ghost. And since in the end I cannot know for sure, I prefer to put that in the list to notify that this potential issue exists. If it ends up not being a bug, then fine, it just means that there’s no fixing to be done. **Consequences:** Most of the ghosts would deal way more damage if it weren't for this. Think of the difference there can be when you simply add the keystones. Now also add the base stats handed by the rest of the masteries as well as the runes: not only is the ghost weaker because of it, but so are you, since you get a portion of the ghost's bonus AP and health. **Reproduction information:** None. Simply get the ghost of any champion using masteries and/or runes. This bug has a 100% reproduction rate. **Examples:** Anything could work. Here's a [video](https://youtu.be/ACI-UziK7Dw?t=27s) though: Count the attacks done by Ziggs' ghost, three of them go on the Amumu and no Thunderlord's. ensues. Or that [video](https://youtu.be/HuK0f4M6g1o?t=32s) if you doubt Ziggs' having of a Thunderlord's. --- **2.4)** The ghosts have inaccurate targeting. If you alt-right-click on the ground less than 100 units away from an enemy unit, the ghost will attack the unit instead of walking on the designed location. **Consequences:** There's many consequences to this. *I)* If you don't know about this bug, you probably won't be able to solo Nashor as Mordekaiser is supposed to easily be able to when he's got a dragon ghost. I explain this in the video below, but basically, you want to move the dragon ghost in melee range of the Baron so that it tanks its attacks, and prevents you from taking the damage debuff it applies. So you'll alt-click right next to the Baron to make the ghost go near it, in melee range, so that it's closer to the Nashor than you are. But if you do so, because of this bug, the dragon will take that as an attack command, and attack the Baron from its max range, thus not tanking it for you at all, and here goes your Nash, let alone your solo Nash. *II)* Moving champion ghosts like you would want them to move. I've lost the count of the amount of times a champion has been stuck under the turret, inside a minion wave or under enemy fire, and has died for it, because I couldn't get them to move as I had planned it. *III)* Same, with the dragons. On one hand, the dragon has less risks of dying from it; on the other hand, every attack channeled on the wrong target is two seconds of the drake wasted, because of its low attack speed. **TLDR:** Makes ghosts way harder to use. **Reproduction information:** Get a ghost, try to make it move near some enemies. The expected result is to have the ghost move near the enemies, the observed one is that it will attack the enemies. This is bug with a 100% reproduction rate. **Examples:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeGd2oaFGfc --- **2.5)** The drake ghosts have a very low amount of health, AD, armor and magic resistance compared to their living brethren. **Consequences:** The drake ghosts will be far less menacing and useful than they would have otherwise been, and are very vulnerable to Smite, Feast or Consume. The third screenshot will show you that their health can be cut down by as high as 75%. Also, theoretically, that should reduce the bonus hitpoints that the dragon ghosts give you, but the next number will add some on that matter. **Reproduction information:** Check the stats of a dragon, kill it (don't forget that you need to be level 6), then check the stats of the ghost. This bug has a 100% reproduction rate. However, I cannot tell you how the stats of the ghost scales... since for the health, for example, it starts at 20-25% of the dragon's health, and ends up going upwards. Also, those stats depend on time, *not* on the drake's level (You can compare the screenshots 1 and 2 for the AD/Resistances part as a proof of this). **Examples:** Hitpoints: [Screenshot 1](http://prntscr.com/frr39d) / [Screenshot 2 with a comparison of both drakes' health](http://prntscr.com/frr3h1) / [Screenshot 3 with another comparison](http://prntscr.com/frr3pe) AD/Resistances: [Screenshot 1](http://prntscr.com/frr6o2) / [Screenshot 2](http://prntscr.com/frr6dq) --- **2.6)** And they also give Mordekaiser a very low amount of health. 60 per drake level, regardless of the health of the ghost. **Consequences:** You get fewer bonus hitpoints than you would have gotten through enslaving the drake, if it weren't for this bug. For example, at a level 6 of the drake, you'll get 360 health instead of the 1k+ that you'd have had if the ghost were a clean copy of the monster. **Reproduction information:** Unlock your ultimate, kill the dragon, and watch how much health you gain on the Child of the Grave buff icon. 100% reproduction rate again. **Examples:** [Level 6 screenshot](http://prntscr.com/frr6o2) / [Level 12 screenshot](http://prntscr.com/frr6dq) (Sorry for the low quality of these two screenshots, but that was a game-side issue that has been introduced around the mid-season and fixed very recently. **Answer to criticism:** Some people have claimed that thing to be normal, due to the drake having a base health plus 240 hp/level. However, the thing that doesn’t compute is that the ghost’s health is completely different from it. The health of the dragon ghost is very different from that of its living brethren, and it scales with time instead of levels. Kill the drake at 3:00 or at 3:30, even if both drakes were level 6, their ghosts will not have the same statistics. But they will both give you the same amount of hitpoints. Hence the issue. This is most likely a consequence of --- **2.7)** Here’s one that I found recently, but a really bad one. If you have a Luden’s Echo, a Runic Echoes or an Elixir of Sorcery, your abilities will only generate a shield based on the damage dealt by the Echo(es) / Elixir, instead of their own damage. **Important note:** The damage from Luden’s Echo / Runic Echoes / Elixir of Sorcery / Liandry’s Torment / Deathfire Touch / Hextech Revolver / Lich Bane is not counted towards the shield generation, nor is it supposed to count towards it. It’s just that the damage dealt by the Echo/Sorcery seemingly overwrites the base damage of the spell and instead is counted instead of the normal damage. But the bounce of the Echo isn’t going to give you any additional shield. Interestingly as well, only the first three trigger the bug, and none of the other effects. This is weird, because: - Luden’s Echo / Runic Echoes / Elixir of Sorcery / Liandry’s Torment / Deathfire Touch are all spell effects. - Luden’s Echo / Runic Echoes / Hextech Revolver all trigger spell effects. So this isn’t related to either of these two categories. Now here are more details: *I) The Echo’s case:* When you have a fully stacked Luden's, the spell that will proc the Luden's will count the Luden's damage instead of its own damage for the calculation of the shield. Your Q deals 800 damage? If Luden's deals 100, then your strike will only generate 25 shield (100 x 0.25). Your rank 5 E deals 400 damage and you have a maximum shield of 300? If Luden's deals 100, then your spell will only generate 100 shield (100 x 0.25 + 300 x 0.25). To give you an idea… [Table](http://prntscr.com/gst5fn) (The E’s values are different due to it also generating a portion of your max shield as an additional effect. This was tested at level 3, or 6 for the ultimate, and with a Luden's only. But that doesn't really matter since in every case, I had the same set-up in the test with Luden's up and in the test with Luden's on cooldown). This example was in case the Luden’s would only hit one enemy. If it hits several targets at once, the bug will only affect the target from which the Luden’s starts. The other units hit will give the correct amount of shield, and the bolt of the Echoes that will land on them will not give you anything. Let’s say you’re casting your W against three enemies, with a fourth one being nearby but out of your spell’s range. Your W deals 340 damage, Luden’s deals 150 (500 AP). - One of the enemies will be hit by the W and the Luden’s will bounce from it. - Another two enemies will be hit by the W and then by the bounces of the Luden’s. - The last enemy will only be hit by the bounce. You will gain 30 shield from the first enemy, 136 from the other two combined, and 0 from the last one, for a total of 166 instead of the 204 that you should have got. *II) The Elixir’s case:* When you have an Elixir of Sorcery, the spell that will proc the Elixir’s true damage will count the Elixir’s damage instead of its own damage for the calculation of the shield. So if your W hits one enemy champions for 200 damage, instead of gaining 50 shield (200 x 0.25), you’ll only receive 6 (25 x 0.25). The Elixir will then go on cooldown on that target for 5 seconds, which will “disable” the bug during that period. Note that this bug doesn’t affect minions or monsters, it only affects champions (and turrets when you have a dragon ghost), because that’s what the potion procs on. And on several units: The bug will affect every target for which the Elixir wasn't on cooldown. Let's say you use your W on three enemies (still 200 damage each). - Case 1: The Elixir wasn't on CD for anyone: You get 18 shield (3 x 25 x 0.25). - Case 2: The Elixir was on CD for one of the enemies: You get 62 shield (2 x 25 x 0.25 + 200 x 0.25). - Case 3: The Elixir was on CD for two of the enemies: You get 106 shield (25 x 0.25 + 2 x 200 x 0.25). - Case 4: The Elixir was on CD for all three enemies: You get the correct 150 shield (3 x 200 x 0.25). **Consequences:** I feel like I’ve explained a lot of the consequences in the precedent paragraph, but I’ll still go back on it with a different approach. The impact of this bug depends on which item it’s the bug of (Luden’s Echo, Runic Echoes or Elixir of Sorcery), as well as which spell triggers it. *I.A) Luden’s Echo:* I personally don’t, but I know that there are many people who like to rush Luden’s Echo on Mordekaiser, because the flat 100 damage of the item will be more impactful early on. In that case, the bug becomes pretty bad because it’ll happen throughout the entire game (whereas purchasing the Echo as a fourth or fifth item means that you won’t have to deal with the bug for the first 30 minutes of the game). - Q: The bug is the worst for this spell. The Luden’s bug is “single-target” as I explained earlier, so if you trigger it with your Q, it’s the entirety of the shield generation of your Q that’s gone, instead of the generation on just one of several targets. Taking resistances in account, it’s rather easy to reach 1000 damage on your 3rd Q when the Luden’s will only deal 150. In that case, you’ll get 37 hitpoints of shield from that Q instead of 250. - W: If you cast the spell with minions around you, odds are that the bug won’t matter – or even slightly increase your shield generation. If you first cast the spell while your Luden’s is already fully stacked, the Luden’s will proc during the first part of the W’s damage, which deals lower damage than the Luden’s. Profit! But if you don’t have allies around, or if you reach 100 stacks at the wrong moment, then it’ll proc on the second part of the damage, which is then negative. But as my earlier calculations showed, the loss of shield isn’t that big on that spell. - E: For this spell, the bug usually doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect the shield granted by the additional effect of the ability (the 15%-25% max shield generation per enemy champion hit), and bug or not, you generally hit enough targets for the spell to fully recharge your shield. - R: Same as Q, it’s pretty bad because it’s single-target. The first hit of the ultimate should refill a big part of your shield, and your ultimate is often a great life-saving tool (Instant health regen + shield generation, and then the same thing – in lower proportions – each second after). The bug is pretty inconvenient in that case. *I.B) Runic Echoes:* Same as the previous case, except that you’re going to rush it much more frequently. And you use the shield way more in jungle than in lane. And the Runic Echoes deal less damage than their Luden’s counterpart, meaning that the shield they generate through the bug is lower even. For this bug, disregard a part of what I said about the W and E: in the jungle, you don’t get the first part of the W, nor do you get the bonus shield on your E, because you’re not hitting enemy champions, save for that enemy jungle Teemo who was hiding in the brush of your blue buff. Wait, wh- *you have been slain*. Anyway, it just means that this case is worse than the previous one. *II) Elixir of Sorcery:* Worse than the Echoes because it procs against all champions and nullifies the shield generation instead of reducing it, it also has the plus side of not happening until late into the game, because Mordekaiser usually doesn’t buy the Elixir that early (he only benefits from the bonus damage and doesn’t really care about the mana regen). But this item deals a fixed 25 damage, so each enemy champion hit with a spell will only make you gain 6 points of shield, which is about half of the damage of a ranged minion at level 1. And then it’s almost the same as the Luden’s Echoes: This bug is most impactful for Q and R, but it’s also gonna matter for your Ws cast without allies around: as the example stated, since the shield reduction affects *every* enemy champion instead of just one, the difference between a bugged and an unbugged W can be big. The issue with this bug is that it’s not random. When you meet the requirements (just have one of the three items and have it stacked – for the Echoes – or off cooldown – for the Elixir), it will have a 100% reproduction rate. But don’t forget that it’s not going to happen on every spell. It’s once every 5 seconds per enemy champion for the Elixir, and once every ~5-7 seconds for the Luden’s – when it reaches 100 stacks. **Reproduction information:** As I just said, 100% reproduction rate so long as the conditions are met. *I.A)* Buy a Luden’s Echo, go towards any kind of enemy, use any kind of spell on him twice in a row (once with Luden’s, once without), and observe that the shield generated isn’t the same. *I.B)* Buy a Runic Echoes and do the same. *II)* Buy an Elixir of Sorcery and do the same against a champion. *Extra:* Buy an Hextech Revolver, Lich Bane or Liandry’s Torment, take DFT or TLD as your keystone, and try to use your Q twice (once with the effects, once without – the DFT part will require to play two different games), and notice that this time there is no difference in the generated shield in both cases. **Examples:** [Without Luden](http://prntscr.com/gshxws) / [With Luden](http://prntscr.com/gshxqa) That one bug took more than three pages and a half to describe. Interesting. --- **2.8)** Mordekaiser's W will only heal an ally off of targets it doesn't kill. When you use your W for yourself, if you damage two targets, you'll get the double heal, regardless of what happens. But **as of recently**, this has been changed for the heal that your ally gets. Say you recast your W when your ally's ring has two enemies within. One of them dies from the explosion, the other doesn't. Your ally will only get one part of the heal instead of both. If both had died from the W, the ally wouldn't have been healed. And had neither died, the ally would have received the full heal, as he should have in all cases. **Consequences:** Oh boy, this bug is such a pain in 3v3. In 5v5, it doesn't have as much of an impact, because here are the cases in which you're healing an ally: *1)* Your junglerganks you top lane and you're 2v2ing. *2)* You're playing bot lane and are casting your W on your support to push the wave. *3)* You're playing bot lane and are casting your W on your support to heal them and you on the krugs. *4)* You're playing support and you're trying to heal your ADC off of two minions. *5)* You're teamfighting and used your W on your diver or on a carry who was gonna get dived on. *6)* You're making an ally heal up on a jungle camp. But here's what happens with those things: *1)* That may matter and cause his death, if you re-cast your W to kill one enemy and your jungler ends up not having enough hitpoints to live through the remainder of the fight. But usually it won't be significant enough. *2)* Usually, there'll still be more than two minions who'll survive your W. Not too important. Otherwise, then yes, you're gonna make your support lose out on up to 80 hp per W cast. *3)* There, this bug might make your support lose up to 400 hp. Usually only 200. *4)* You generally try not to kill the minions you heal your ADC from. And anyway I'm almost the only person to ever play support Mordekaiser. *5)* Usually you'll recast the W for the heal before someone dies. *6)* Your allies never listen to you when you tell them to go near a jungle camp to heal them, because they have no clue how this ability works and would rather lose the game than take the time to look it up. So that won't matter. So, *it doesn't matter as much* yet might still make someone lose up to 400 hp at relatively early levels (7). It goes higher, up to 800, at the later stages of the game. But in Twisted Treeline. In Twisted Treeline, you are constantly clearing the jungle with your support right next to you, support that has to stay as healthy as possible because you're gonna look for fights all the time if you're Mordekaiser - else you'll just lose. So in every single game, there are multiple occurrences of my support missing half of the heal, because the recast of my W will finish off all the small monsters of the camp, so he'll only heal from the big one. **That means that he is losing 200 to 400 hp every 30 seconds.** I'm aware of that bug myself, so I do what I can to avoid it, but that means recasting my W at a bad moment and thus losing out on damage, hence reducing my clear speed. And there is many a case where there simply isn't that option to recast W earlier. **Reproduction information:** Go hug any jungle camp with a wounded ally, make all small monsters low, cast W, recast W so that this spell finishes the babies off (KILL THE ANIMALS), notice that the ally will only get half of the heal they should receive. This has a 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** https://youtu.be/bqyAyhBe6a4?t=56s --- **2.9)** The sound effects of the second cast of Mordekaiser's W can be heard through fog of war, if the enemy Mordekaiser is in the fog that's in your screen. Yes, I *get* that a juggernauty metal suit shouting things while making metal crash on the ground is noisy and that it could be realistic, but go tell that to Super Galaxy Rumble first, and then we can talk, okay? That bug was formerly in tier 6, but since then I realized that it would happen every single time, and how impactful it could be. **Consequences:** So, this bug allows Mordekaiser's opponents to: - Spot aDragon or Herald attempt, - Spot a Nashor attempt, - Track the path of a jungle Mordekaiser. This bug isn't even hard to abuse. Just put your screen where you think he might be in the jungle, go through a few camps with your camera, and since he'll use his W at least once per camp, twice for some (especially early on), you can pretty easily spot him that way, or know where he isn't. And if you suspect him to be on a jungle objective? Just look as if you had vision. Because you'll know as if you had vision. Also works very efficiently in 3v3 when the entire game is about getting picks and when the entirety of the enemy team's jungle fits in your screen. **Reproduction information:** Put a Mordekaiser in the enemy team, put your screen on him, have the Mordekaiser use his W twice (it's only the second part of the spell that matters). You'll hear the sound of this ability despite not having vision. 100% reproduction rate. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptbK6FGUzyE) --- **2.10)** This bug has been fixed very shortly after it was found. As in, it was both found and fixed this week-end. However, I don’t want to cross it out yet, as you’ll probably want to read this one. Very similarly to the bug 3.4, ifan enemy you've ulted is killed by a disintegrating ability, their ghost will be invisible. This affects Pulsefire Ezreal's attacks or abilities, but also Fizz's ult against Yordles, and supposedly Urgot's ultimate. **Consequences:** Same as 3.4, except that it's much easier to reproduce and is also exploitable. You can actually *choose* to put Ezreal and Mordekaiser in the same team, and from there on, it's super easy to trigger it - you just need to make sure that Ezreal gets the last-hit. But basically, it means that your ghost is invincible as only AoEs can affect it, and that your enemies won't be able to react to it. **This also makes an aspect of the game pay to win, as this bug can only be triggered by PF Ezreal and not base Ezreal.** **Reproduction information:** Ult an enemy, have a Pulsefire Ezreal kill it while the ult is on, and see the ghost. Or rather - don't see. 100% reproduction rate, and works with anything that can disintegrate an enemy. Also affects post-mortem passives. --- --- #**Tier 3 - Many of the bugs in there are very impactful, but happen rarely. Some others are not as bad but happen often, if not always, and some others are what prevent items to be viable or good on Mordekaiser. ** https://puu.sh/Ab9rF/76c292a9b7.jpg **A/ Rare but impactful:** **3.1)** If an enemy flashes one of your Qs, the animation will **complete** (Animation, sound effect) but the ability won't do anything. So the animation will continue **after** the flash, but the spell will not work. **Consequences:** That bug just has one consequence: Making you miss kills. Solely. But it's damn good at that. Your third Q has a tendency to hurt, and generally, your opponent flashes it to avoid dying. Seems pretty simple. **Reproduction information:** Try to use your third Q on an enemy, have the enemy flash during the animation. Since the Q cannot be cancelled, the attack is expected to deal damage (especially since its animation goes through entirely), but the observed result is that it will not. **Examples:** [Video 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecEsNvbD5rw&feature=youtu.be) / [Video 2](https://youtu.be/RdbH0XTy3d8?t=5s) --- **3.2)** The drake can be replaced by a normal ghost, the same way a normal ghost can be replaced by the ghost of a drake. **Consequences:** If you kill the dragon while having a champion ghost, the champion ghost will be replaced by the dragon's. This is normal, and fine. But that happens both ways around. If you ult an enemy, then kill the drake, and then have the enemy die by the remaining part of your ult, you lose the dragon ghost for something that will be a downgrade in the nigh entirety of the cases. And that's not something you can play around. Because if a fight breaks out at drake, then you have to either save your ult and hope that you can win the fight without using it, or use it and hope that the ulted target will die before your taking of the drake (or not die at all). Do you avoid ulting someone while fighting over the drake lest he die during the DoT of the ultimate and after the dragon's death? Do you delay the taking of the drake to have that champion die before? Do you avoid attacking the enemy you've ulted so that he doesn't die after the drake dies? In my opinion, having to choose between these options is not really healthy, at all. **TLDR:** Will either randomly make you lose dragon ghosts, or will force you to play very weirdly around your ultimate during dragon fights. **Reproduction information:** Go around the dragon. If you're testing the bug alone, lower the dragon's health. Go find an enemy (have him around or just teleport to him), reduce his health and ult him, teleport back to the dragon (in case you haven't figured, I'm not talking about the summoner spell teleport), kill the dragon before the champion dies, and then as the champion dies, you'll lose the ghost of the drake to get the champion's instead. This has a 100% reproduction rate. Its impact is huge, but such a situation doesn't happen often. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5D7umKkD8I) --- **3.3)** Ghosts do not use the passive of their Runaan's Hurricane if they happen to have one (despite having its yellow orb floating around them). **Consequences:** This will affect you every other or third game, but dangerously so. An AD Carry is generally way more frightening with a Runaan's than without. I mean, if you don't replace the Runaan's with another item. Well guess what, same goes for the ghost. So your ADC pet will not be able to attack several targets at once, will thus deal less damage, and also provide you less shield and less sustain if you happened to have a Gunblade. **Reproduction information:** Have an enemy buy a Runaan's Hurricane, kill them with your ultimate. Expected result, having the ghost hit three targets at once; observed result, the ghost will only attack its primary target, and will not have the yellow orb around it. **Example:** [Video]( https://youtu.be/lallAFHSVDc?t=17s) --- **3.4)** One of the very few bugs that advantage Mordekaiser: If Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave (R) kills someone while they're untargetable and out of the map (Shaco's R, Master Yi's Q and Maokai's W. I don't know if this also works with the other untargetabilities such as Fizz's E or Xayah's R), the ghost will be totally invisible to every player for its entire duration. Extremely rare, but also extremely unfairly powerful. **Consequences:** You can just figure out by yourself on the videos. The only way the ghost can be hit is through AoE and the attack move command, as far as I'm aware, and don't set your hopes too high, you don't get an indication of the ghost's location upon hitting them, not can you use pink wards. So not only is the ghost way harder to take down, it's also pretty damn confusing to face... and to play with. Mordekaiser doesn't know where the ghost is either, until it attacks something. **Reproduction information:** It's not easy to reproduce alone, and it takes some timing and knowledge of Mordekaiser's damage to do it. **Important note:** I don't know if it only works against champion whose spell removes them from the map (Shaco's R, Master Yi's Q and Maokai's W), or if it also works with the other, standard untargetabilities such as Fizz's E or Xayah's R. The reproduction rate of this bug is of 100% when those conditions are met. **Examples:** [Video 1](http://plays.tv/video/585f824c6d8f4c3f72) / [Video 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdbH0XTy3d8) --- **B/ Make items bad on Mordekaiser:** **3.5)** Activating a Titanic Hydra while your Q is enabled will not reset the timer of your basic attack. **Consequences:** Consequence for the Titanic Hydra users: Think of Mordekaiser like Fiora, as far as the way you want to use the Titanic. Fiora has 4 options to use her attack resets: *I)* Basic attack, then Titanic Hydra, then E. *II)* Basic attack, then E, then Titanic Hydra. *III)* Basic attack, then Titanic Hydra and E at the same time, used on the same attack. *IV)* Basic attack, then E, then you use the second E-empowered attack, then Titanic Hydra. Let's now adapt those to Mordekaiser: *Option I:* Not a good idea. Mordekaiser wants to get his Qs off as fast as possible due to them dealing major damage and him not having ways to stick to his target, save for Stormraider's Surge. Using your Q as your 3rd basic attack is pretty risky. *Option II:* Theoretically the best option... without the bug. Because of the bug, if you do that, you waste one of your AA resets. *Option III:* In this case, you lose an AA reset anyway, bug or not. *Option IV:* Opposite issue as the one the first option presents: You'll use the Hydra as your 5th basic attack, and Mordekaiser cannot always stick near his enemies for so long. Buying a Titanic Hydra might mean that you're also interested in getting a Trinity, but even with that attack speed, five attacks in a row is not something Mordekaiser is often allowed to do against champions at the stages of the game when he'll have a completed Titanic Hydra. Actual consequence: Mordekaiser simply will not buy that item, while it could have been interesting on him. This is a consequence of this bug and of the following bug (3.6). **TLDR:** Makes Titanic Hydra a weak item on Mordekaiser, while it could have been great otherwise. **Reproduction information:** Grab a Titanic Hydra and try to do the combo *II)*, which is basic attack -> Q to reset the attack timer -> Titanic Hydra after this attack to reset the timer again. Expected outcome: Your third basic attack's timer is reset, observed outcome: your third basic attack's timer isn't reduced at all. This has a 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/o89dPvSbOa8) --- **3.6)** When a minion has less current health than the magic damage dealt by this ability, the physical damage won't be applied. This also means no life steal, no on-hit effects, no Titanic Hydra, etc. **Consequences:** As I said, when that bug occurs, your attack will not apply any on-hit effects, nor will it regen you from life steal, and will deal less damage than it should. On many aspects, it could do little. On others, though... from most to least impactful: *I)* No Tiamat / Ravenous Hydra / Titanic Hydra proc. *II)* Less heal from Gunblade. *III)* No stack gained on the Guinsoo's Rageblade. *IV)* Just like for the Gunblade, no lifesteal (and let's ignore the case of the regen granted by an Ardent Censer). *V)* No MR gained with a Wit's End. And commenting the other way around: The point *V)* does not really matter as I've yet to see a Mordekaiser build that item. Point *IV)* is mostly the same, I've happened to build a Bloodthirster on Mordekaiser and you do grab a Cutlass at some point if you plan on buying a Gunblade, but still, the situations are rare enough. Point *III)* is not that important either, because even though I am a fan of Guinsoo's on Mordekaiser, it still doesn't really impact the game - it'll take you one to three additional attacks to stack the item while you're attacking minions. So it's not much. Moving on where it's actually impactful: Point *II)*: As Mordekaiser, if you have a Gunblade, you'll have from 150 to 200 AD. Your Q removing the damage of the basic attack means that you will lose 15% of 150-200 as a heal, hence 23 to 30 hitpoints per time the bug happens, and it does happen a lot. And to finish with point *I)*: I think I have expanded enough on how much the interaction between Titanic Hydra and the Mace of Spades was an issue for the Iron Revenant. Guess what, that adds up to it! This bug, alone, has made me opt away from Tiamat when I was considering purchasing it. Because in lane, you want to use your Tiamat/Hydra on minions to deal collateral damage (hi Graves) to champions. And in lane, this bug has plenty of occasions to occur. Also, aside from just removing you that option to poke through Hydra, this can also considerably reduce your pushing power, as shown in the video below. **TLDR:** Makes Tiamat items rather bad on Mordekaiser, reduces his sustain. **Reproduction information:** Check the damage dealt by your Q, and use your Q on a target whose current health is lower than this damage (past resistances). The Q is expected to deal physical and magic damage, but will only deal its magic portion. Reproduction rate of 100%. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/o89dPvSbOa8) --- **3.7)** You cannot bind a Knight's Vow to Mordekaiser's champion ghosts, even though they are technically allied champions. **Consequences:** Knight's Vow is a pretty neat item on support Mordekaiser, and by support Mordekaiser I'm not just referring to the role, but also to the playstyle. There are builds for Mordekaiser mid, jungle and top that make him support a carry... and the Vow compliments them pretty well. Mordekaiser always has a big portion of his shield that simply goes to waste because it constantly decays. The Knight's Vow allows you to just stack up your shield while you stay back, and use it on the damage "share" of the Vow. Additionally, adding a part of the carry's damage to Mordekaiser's already great sustain does him wonders, and I don't need to talk about the stats of the item that include movement speed. Now all of this sounds great... but even greater when Mordekaiser can be on both ends of the item by himself. Have his ghost bring him the regen on top of the shield it generates and on the health you get back thanks to a hypothetical Gunblade, and gaining movement speed so long as the ghost is alive (you tend to make your ghost kinda clingy). These things should be super good on Mordekaiser, but cannot be due to the fact that you cannot bind yourself to the ghost, that is a copy of a champion, and considered as an ally champion. Lastly: There's a consistency issue when you can bind Zeke's Convergence to a ghost, but not Knight's Vow. **TLDR:** Makes Knight's Vow considerably weaker than it should have been for Mordekaiser. **Reproduction information:** Buy a Knight's Vow, get a champion ghost, try to bind the Vow to the ghost, it won't work despite being expected to. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/vzboFF3LMqU?t=9s): You can see that after binding the Zeke, I try to bind the Vow as well, and the HUD reads "Invalid target selected; select a valid target." when I try to put it on the ghost. --- **3.16)** Revitalize works neither with the passive, nor with the E. Which is kinda weird because Runic Armor used to at least somewhat work with your passive (but not E - refer to 7.16). Well, "somewhat" as in... it actually changed the passive's tooltip from 25% to 27% (refer to 11.16). But anyway, whether you have that rune or not, your passive shield generation from all sources will remain the same (both the generation from damage and the flat one on the E). **Consequences:** This rune should have been core on Mordekaiser. This champion has insanely low base stats *because* of his passive, because that ability is at his core. Ultimately, it's just a flat 25% spell vamp that doesn't get reduced on AoEs or by Grievous Wounds, with some other tweaks (ability to overheal but cannot exceed a certain amount of shield), and 25% is insanely high. Having that increased by 5-10% should have been super good, especially when your W's and R's healing also get amplified. But alas... In the end, Revitalize isn't even really good on Morde, even if you opt for the Resolve tree as your secondary. All because of this bug. **Reproduction information:** Take that rune, use spells on things, and you'll see that the number on the rune will not rise. It will if you use your W or R, but your shield amplification done will stay on 0. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=1m50s) --- **C/ The bugs that didn't belong above but couldn't fall below:** **3.8)** The dragon ghost doesn't gain Mordekaiser's bonus AD. **Consequences:** The dragon ghost's AD is pretty low, and most of the damage of that thing comes from the percent health damage that it inflicts with every hit - especially when it comes to hitting turrets early on. By pretty low, I mean that it can be between 50 and 80 AD early into the game. Ghosts are supposed to receive 100% of your bonus AD, so you could almost double that amount by solely using Gunblade, AD marks and the Natural Talent mastery. Basically, without the bug, the drake would on average deal 30% to 50% more damage... which is an estimation based on calculations that can be flawed because I have no clue of how the drake ghost's damage is actually calculated. I should, but it just appears not to go that way. **Reproduction information:** Get some bonus AD, unlock your ult, kill the drake to grab its ghost, see that its AD remains gray. If you want the proof that it's not just visual, buy 100 AD. **Example:** [Screenshot](https://puu.sh/rUgTY/e437ce2e4b.jpg) (I had 65 bonus AD from the Scimitar). --- **3.9)** Mordekaiser does no longer get any of the gold that the ghosts receive. When a ghost kills a minion or a champion, Mordekaiser gets the kill credit, so this is not affected by the bug, but every other way the ghost would receive money does not make Mordekaiser gain any. **It used to**, at least around Spring 2016. This affects: *I)* Mordekaiser's Relic Shield (and other items of this category). This is a bug on its own: Sharing a minion gives a minion kill to your ghost. Minion kills of the ghost belong to you, though – if your ghost kills a creep, you get the last-hit credit and the gold, yet it’s still the ghost that killed it. Proof of that being that Tristana’s E passive works even when she’s a ghost. *II)* The passive gold generation of the ghost's support items. *III)* Skarner's shrines. If two champions (and only two) stand on one to capture it, each will be given 15g. If it's Mordekaiser and a ghost, he will only get 15g instead of 30. *IV)* The ghost's Cull. *V)* The 5g gained in ARAM every time an enemy minion dies without being last hit. **Consequences:** The consequences aren't hard to guess: you lose gold compared to what you'd have got without this bug. With a Relic Shield or Targon's Brace, it's fair to estimate that you'll get an average of 5 minions executed thanks to this item, per ghost. Which means an average of 100 gold over the course of the game. And Mordekaiser bot lane does buy a Relic Shield, so that's 100 gold gone per ghost with that item already. Besides, your own support might have his own Shield/Targon/FotM. In which case, his executed minions have a chance to be shared with the ghost, and their money to be lost. The other things matter less. Note that this bug should also affect other things... if they weren't bugged themselves. I'm referring to Draven's passive, to TF's, or to the ghosts' support items (Their own minion share thanks to the Relic Shield line, the coins of the Ancient Coin line, the on-hit of the Spellthief line). **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a champion, and attempt to share gold with it through any of the four aforementioned means (so, the afourmentioned means?). This is expected to make the ghost give you back the gold it'd earned, but will not. Reproduction rate of 100%. **Example:** [Video for *I)* and *IV)*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_r1waCbaGI) / [Another video for *I)*](https://youtu.be/6yG4Sv3dwBA?t=29m31s) --- **3.10)** The ghosts attacks only apply some on-hit effects from the items, and not all of them. Here's a list of what does not work, sorted by importance: *I)* Zeke's Convergence (this should have gone in the category 3.B). **Its visuals appear, though.** *II)* Energized attacks (the charges are never consumed, and the bonus damage is never dealt). *III)* Guinsoo's Rageblade. *IV)* Blade of the Ruined King... or not always. *V)* Executioner's Calling and the upgrades. You might say that it's because the attacks of the ghost deal magic damage, but to that I'll reply that they apply Black Cleaver stacks, and that when a ghost has a way to deal physical damage (Jarvan's passive, Recurve Bow, etc.), the Grievous Wounds still don't apply. *VI)* Charge of the Energized attacks (attacking does not charge them). **Consequences:** *I)* Here's time to go back on what I wrote about the bug 3.7. Zeke's is also a fun item on Mordekaiser, working as a great replacement for the nerfed Rylai's once you get close to the target, because of the ignited storm applying a slow twice as good as the Scepter's... if the conditions can be met. It appears that, similarly to the Knight's Vow, using the Convergence with your ghost could be very useful, especially the ghost of an AD carry. It appears that you have a way to activate your own Zeke's Convergence once you have a ghost, by simply pressing R to move the ghost (cf. bug 3.11, the next one, which is actually still in a pretty long while considering how much I have to say about the current one). You can actually bind the Convergence to the ghost, unlike the Vow. You can also then activate it by pressing R (note: if that weren't the case, this bug would have stood here due to allies being supposedly able to bind the ghost). It will put a storm around you and the red thingies around your ghost. It will attack its target, which will be set ablaze... but will not take any further damage. Only the visuals of the Zeke's will be applied, without any damage being done. Furthermore, you cannot ignite your own storm by attacking that target, either. So what are the consequences? It thwarts that entire strategy and cuts down the damage of your ghost by a large margin (which always means that it also reduces your shield generation), as well as denying you the ability to get your 40% slow thanks to your firestorm. *II)* Now that bug comes with one downside, and one plus side - note that in my opinion, the downside is greater. When your ghost has a Statikk Shiv, a Rapidfire Cannon or a Kircheis Shard (I'll ignore that item later on, just include it with the others) and has 100 Energized stacks, their following attack will not deal any additional damage. Nor will it consume the stack, so they'll just have the little Energized particles around them, will stay at 100, and will never deal their additional damage. That's where the positive aspect comes: if that Zeal item happened to be the RFC, from the point when it's charged on, it will always give the ghost bonus range, as it will never lose its stacks. *III)* Give a ghost a Guinsoo's rageblade (... or so to speak) and it will not be able to stack it, meaning that it will not: \- Get the bonus AD, thus deal more damage. \- Get the bonus AS, thus deal more damage. \- Reach 6 stacks, thus deal more damage. Just a loss of damage overall. *IV)* And if the ghost has a botrk, it will not deal its bonus damage either. This just means a raw loss of damage, and it's not hard to figure out by how much: think of the difference between an ADC with this effect, and without. Also, that means generating less shield - as always. *V)* More situational, but would still be rather handy to have these Grieving Wounds, considering that Mordekaiser very rarely builds GW-inflicting items himself. Morello makes mana wasted and he won't invest so much just for CDR, Exec's Calling is not an item Mordekaiser can update - armor penetration is not really what he needs at all. *VI)* It doesn't matter much considering that the ghost cannot use the Energized stacks, but it should gain 10 stacks per attack it issues (potentially amplified by RFC's passive), and will not. This can matter in Caitlyn's case, that I point out below in 9.7 (she can use these items in some circumstances). **Reproduction information:** For the Zeke's, just buy one as Mordekaiser, don't bind it to anyone (you'll put it on cooldown by ulting), grab a ghost, bind it to the ghost, press R to have it activate, then get the ghost to attack something. You'll expect the ghost to apply a DoT to the target and your storm to be set ablaze by hitting this target, but instead, only the burning particles will be shown without any actual effect being applied. For the rest, just buy the item on the champion you want the ghost of, grab its ghost, and follow the steps, this should not really need any further development - I'm already at almost two entire Word pages for this one bug. **Examples:** *I)* [Video](https://youtu.be/vzboFF3LMqU?t=22s) *II) and VI)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh03O3HFVBs) *IV)* [Video](https://youtu.be/xYm7t325azs?t=8s) (what happens after the headshot will be addressed later and is specific to Caitlyn.) Haven't got any recording for the other two, sorry! --- **3.11)** Mordekaiser has two different options in order to control his ghosts: he can either hold alt and right-click, to make the right-click control the pet and not himself, or he just presses R while hovering the direction or target he wants the ghost to go to. If he does the latter and presses R, this will activate his Zeke's Convergence (if he has one, of course). If he uses the alt way, it will not. **Consequences:** That is probably not intended to work that way, and certainly not this exact way. I doubt that Riot planned for champions to be able to activate the Zeke's by controlling their ult-pets... let alone by only making that work with one of the two ways to control them. But the consequence here is that Mordekaiser can keep his Zeke's unbound, then kill an enemy to grab their ghost, then bind the Zeke's to someone, then activate it literally whenever he wants (since he just has to rely on alt to control the ghost before he wants to make use of the item). This should also allow you to activate your own Zeke's on your ghost, if it weren't for the bug 3.10.1. **Reproduction information:** Buy a Zeke's Convergence, don't bind it, grab a ghost, bind the Zeke's to anyone (ghost included), try pressing alt, then R, and watch the result for either. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/vzboFF3LMqU?t=22s) --- **3.12)** Mordekaiser can heal an enemy Braum when the heal particles go through his Unbreakable (E). **Consequences:** It could make sense for Braum to block the heal, but not to receive it in lieu of Mordekaiser or his ally. Braum cannot steal Sona's heal, nor could he take the projectile of a Mikael's Crucible or of Soraka's Q buff. Now even though the conditions are fairly rare in Summoner's Rift, being a 3v3 player made me put this in tier 3 instead of 4. When this bug occurs, it will completely turn the tide of a fight. For the many of you who don't know, Mordekaiser's W heals himself and one ally for a tremendous amount. We're talking of 500ish hitpoints at level 9, on two people. Well guess what? Braum can deny your healing of this amount, and take on himself **both** heals, meaning that neither you nor your teammate will get the +500 hp, but Braum will instead get a +1000, which is basically a full restore (except that it doesn't cure poison, paralysis, burn, sleep or other status effects). In 5v5, that bug will not happen so often because most Mordekaiser players don't go bot lane. In 3v3, however, Braum is currently at the top of the meta and Mordekaiser and him go in the same lane, which happens to be a 2v2 lane. So this has a lot of ways to happen again. **Reproduction information:** For once, the reproduction is a bit tricky. If possible, do that when Mordekaiser doesn't have any ally minion around. Find an enemy minion wave (so, Braum's wave). Kill two melee minions and two rangeds. Put Braum between those two minions, facing Mordekaiser. Have Mordekaiser press W and Braum E. Both minions must be inside the AoE of Morde's W. Reactivate W before the shield wears off, and watch as Braum steals one of the two heals. To sum up the situation, you must have in a very close line: The ranged minion > Braum > Braum's shield > Mordekaiser > The melee minion. By the way... That bug will not happen if the bugs 1.1 or 2.2 decide to occur at this very moment. **Examples: WARNING, WATCH WITHOUT SOUND!** [Video 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCpoY2c3Hsw) / [Video 2 that you can watch with sound but that doesn't have any sound anyway](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVsRKPRxzBU) --- **3.13)** Something is off with the range of your E. I didn't really know where to put that one, but I think it should fit there. [Here's](https://imgur.com/a/ZJOcm) a list of all of the things that are weird. Your E has 675 range, your ultimate and Caitlyn's basic attacks have 650. *I)* Mordekaiser's E has more range than Caitlyn's basic attack, but she can attack him when he's far from being able to hit her with his E. *II)* The indicator is very deceiving compared to the actual range. *III)* Your E doesn't seem to be able to hit a target that can't be targeted by your ultimate from where you're standing. **Consequences:** A loss of range is something very impactful, especially in the bot lane. Not being able to match the range of your opponents can hurt a lot. **Reproduction information:** I think the imgur album is self-explanatory. **Examples:** Again, [the album](https://imgur.com/a/ZJOcm). --- **3.14)** Mordekaiser's W doesn't send Aery to his allies in ARAM. Targeting allied champions with abilities is going to send Aery to them to give them a shield. Mordekaiser's W targets an ally, gives them a speed boost if they walk towards you, speed boost that can linger for up to 8 seconds under the right conditions (lasts for two seconds after the W ends and the W can be extended to 6 seconds), and heals them after up to four seconds. This means that the Harvesters of Sorrow can send Aery to an ally up to 4 times over its duration. In practice, when you use your W while your ally is in melee range of you, they'll be shielded three times: once originally, once after 2s (melee range so Aery has about no travel time), once after 4s during the lingering speed boost. Yet in ARAM, none of that works. You can attach W to your allies, Aery won't shield them. You can speed boost your allies, Aery won't shield them. You can heal your allies, Aery won't shield them. **Consequences:** Aery is an incredibly efficient rune when you're laning with other people. In Twisted Treeline, for example, this makes your support invincible in the jungle and really tanky in trades: you shield them three times and you can then heal them for a ton - as well as healing yourself. In ARAM, you're always near other people - pretty obviously - and besides, you're... well... not very useful. You can only do things if your team is pushing into the enemy, and that doesn't happen all so commonly. So, when you can't do anything with your own spells, being able to at least protect your teammates with them would have been quite nice. Especially when that's exactly what you are **supposed** to be able to do. **Reproduction information:** Go in an ARAM as Mordekaiser with the Aery keystone, use your W on an ally, have that ally do whatever you want - walk towards you to get sped up, go next to enemies to get healed - and see that your Aery stays on yourself without doing anything. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j5kn8o) - Aery was never used on allies. --- **3.15)** Jhin's ghost has his AS unlocked. I'd really want to put that one in category 4 just because Jhin, but that's a pretty crazy one. More impactful than the one that people usually know - unlimited 4th shots !1!!1! - and much, much more frequently happening. This is only about Jhin, Graves' ghost is still capped at 0.89 AS and cannot go further than that by any means. **Consequences:** That becomes a scary ghost. Jhin is nice and all, but now imagine him attacking twice as fast, out of nowhere. Without losing the other parts of his passive, of course. With two Zeal items, and potentially Berserker's Greaves, you get a Jhin attacking up to 1.5 times a second, and with how hard that thing hits for every shot, that's guaranteed to hurt. A high AS Jhin's ghost is hands down the scariest ghost you can find. **Reproduction information:** Get some AS on a Jhin and kill him, as simple as that. 100% reproduction rate. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9f4lG9S6wA) --- --- #**Tier 4 - The bugs that are also very impactful but happen even less commonly, or are slightly less important when they occur. ** https://puu.sh/Ab9sQ/76a7ca9fca.jpg **A/ Rare but impactful:** **4.1)** Jhin's ghost does not lose bullets upon attacking. Also notice the placement of this bug in the list. 4.1. 4 for Jhin, and 1/4 for the amount of bullets he has left. Huh. I'll pretend it was totally planned and I didn't realize it 9 months after writing it. **Consequences:** That one has two consequences and is pretty well-known for the second one, because it completely has the potential to be gamechanger. But if the second one is a really positive consequence, the first one is negative for Mordekaiser. *I)* If Jhin dies while he had zero, two, three or four shots remaining, he will never have access to his fourth shot, because he will be stuck on the amount of bullets he had left upon dying (except if he had zero, where he'll simply reload to four, and *then* be stuck on four). *II)* If Jhin dies while he had one shot left, he will always be stuck on the fourth shot, thus get the forced crit ~~and missing health damage~~ on every single of his attacks, which is pretty devastating. It's also funny when paired up with the RFC bug (3.10.2). However, the second bug comes with a drawback: Jhin isn't necessarily indefinitely stuck on his last bullet. After 10 seconds of being out of combat, Jhin fully reload and so does the ghost, so you need to be wary of that delay and keep him in combat regularly enough lest he lose his Super Sayan form. And there's a second drawback caused by the bug 6.12: Jhin's ghost does not get the missing health damage upon attacking with his fourth shot. So if you get that bug on a Jhin that already had 100% crit chance, it will not change anything. So, as I said, this bug can be gamechanger, but goes down in tier 4 because for it to happen, you need to: a/ Face a Jhin, b/ Get the ghost of the Jhin, c/ Do so while he has his last shot (the first consequence of the bug would otherwise belong in tier 6), d/ Have all of this happen without dying because it would make you lose the ghost, e/ Have things to make Jhin shoot at after the fight, f/ Not kill a dragon right after the fight, g/ Have Jhin be strictly below level 16 or not have 100% crit chance. **Note:** Graves' ghost loses pellets and reloads normally upon attacking. **Reproduction information:** Ult a Jhin, kill him when he has whatever amount of bullets you want to see the bug for. The ghost will have the same amount of those. Expected result of Jhin consuming one bullet for every of his attacks, observed result of him, well, not consuming a bullet for any of his attacks. 100% reproduction rate. I suppose that this bug is due to Jhin's ammos working as an on-attack effect. And the ghosts proc about half of the on-attack effects only (Other example: Runaan's Hurricane). **Examples:** [Video 1](https://youtu.be/IwwGrhFe7YI?t=30s) / [Video 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JC0bE9rhfE) / [Video 3](https://youtu.be/6yG4Sv3dwBA?t=29m40s) --- **4.2)** Mordekaiser's W causes FPS issue to some people. **Consequences:** It seems to have gotten better lately, but I've seen someone complain about it only a few weeks ago. This can affect literally anyone. The Mordekaiser player, his teammates, the enemies, can create unfair advantages or disadvantages, and surely isn't really fun for the person or the people on the receiving end of that issue. **Reproduction information:** Nothing I can really tell to help here. I've personally never had that bug, but have seen it complained about so many times - be it by people on chats or forums, or by teammates or opponents, aware of the issue or discovering it as a sour-tasting surprise. So I can't even tell if that's only affected people with bad computers or with a certain setup, nor can I speak about the reproduction rate. --- **4.3)** Lulu doesn't seem to like Mordekaiser, at least when it comes to her E. Here's why: *I)* If Lulu uses her Help, Pix (E) on an ally Mordekaiser, Pix will not attack alongside Mordekaiser when he has his Q activated. *II)* If she uses it on a champion ghost, the ghost will not get a shield. *III)* If she uses it on a champion ghost, Pix will not attack alongside the ghost. **Consequences:** First of all, let me get this out of the way: in duo lanes, Lulu is bad with Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser needs a support that will go forwards, CC, get close to the enemies and stick to their faces. This comes from numerous reasons: Mordekaiser has a hard time reaching ranged targets (and even some melee ones) on his own, so having someone to keep them where they are is very appreciated by him (I mean... the player. Knowing the lore, I'm not so sure that the champion would feel that way. Anyway.). Secundo, that allows Mordekaiser to make use of the movement speed buff granted by the Harvesters of Sorrow. Then, still about this spell, Mordekaiser can bind himself to the ally that's in the faces of the opponents to have it start dealing damage before he can arrive (and potentially allow him to activate his Stormraider's when paired up with his E), and lastly, he can heal his ally thanks to this very spell. Since I've just written ten lines about something that wasn't about the bug, this just goes to explain why this issue isn't one tier above: you don't wanna pick Mordekaiser bot when the support is a Lulu, and vice versa. And the consequences are just that Mordekaiser loses damage. He loses Pix's damage for every Q-enhanced attack that he casts while he's shielded (so up to three times per Lulu shield), and that damage easily goes past 120 for a support Lulu, and 200 for an AP one. Same for what's lost on the ghost, except that it will affect more than just three attacks, and will also deny you a good amount of passive shield. The second part of the bug doesn't matter much, except that it prevents Lulu from applying Athene's, Ardent Censer or the Windspeaker buff to the ghost. **Reproduction information:** This bug is **not** related to the bugs 3.6 (for the first part of this bug) or 3.10 (for the third part) because Pix's attack is an on-attack effect, and not an on-hit. However, the third part might have something to do with the fact that ghosts cannot use the passive of the Runaan's (3.3). As to how to reproduce the bug, here again, nothing complicated, just follow the steps of the bug description: Shield a Mordekaiser as Lulu, have Mordekaiser activate his Q, watch as Pix's attacks do not follow his in spite of the fact that they should. Then shield a Mordekaiser's ghost, and it will just move Pix to the ghost without actually doing anything (aside from preventing Lulu from using her own passive). Reproduction rate of 100%. The first part of the bug goes alongside something that happens on your Q if you have a Guinsoo’sRageblade – its effects don’t work correctly during your Q. As those are the only two on-attack effects that a melee attack can trigger, we can’t have more data to come up with a general explanation about that. The parts 2 and 3 of the bug are probably due to ghosts being hybrids of champions and non-champions. Lulu can use her E on minions, but will not shield them or make Pix attack with them. This is probably what happens in this case. The third part of the bug may also simply be another of these on-attack effects that the ghosts do not manage to proc, just as I mentioned before, like the Runaan’s passive. --- **4.4)** The Harvesters of Sorrow will not grant an assist unless they actually damage the enemy. This means: If your bound ally turned back towards you and got 75 bonus movements speed, you won't get an assist. If you activated the second effect of the W when he had minions around, thus healing him, you won't get an assist. **Consequences:** Every few games, you'll lose assists because of this. For me, I would say that it happens on average every four games, but that's because I am aware of the bug, thus try to do something besides simply healing or speeding up when I try to get the assist, and also because I do lots of things on my own. I saw someone say that it was normal and not a bug, and was similar to Janna not getting an assist for her passive, but that's wrong. Janna's thing is a passive, Morde's an active, so I will rectify their statement: It's as if Soraka wouldn't get an assist for healing someone with her W, or as if Sona wouldn't for speeding someone up with her E. This bug is now slightly less important than it used to be, because of the new runes, with Aery. Aery generally allows you to shield the person you use your W on, and Aery won't fail to give you an assist. Still, though - even though this keystone is great, you won't take it every game. **Reproduction information:** Find a teammate and bind your W on him. Then: *I)* Have that person walk towards you for just a fraction of a second, then kill an enemy you haven't damaged yourself, and/or: *II)* Re-cast W when that person is near enemies other than the one you want to test the bug on, then have them kill a champion you haven't damaged. You'll see that you won't get an assist despite being expected to receive one. Reproduction rate of 100%. **Example:** [Screenshot proving that Mordekaiser gives movespeed to Lemonnation](http://puu.sh/wDbbS/f32303e287.jpg) / [Screenshot showing that he didn't receive an assist in spite of Lemon getting his](https://puu.sh/uuJ8m/3442e30ae1.jpg) --- **4.5)** VII) and VIII) have become outdated as their champions have been slightly reworked. There are many, many, many bugs when some ghosts lose one or several of their passive abilities. Putting all of them here would defeat the purpose of this list, so here go the most important: *I)* Teemo doesn't have his poison. *II)* Fiora's ghost doesn't generate vitals around her enemies (anymore?). *III)* Jax's ghost doesn't have his attack speed passive. *IV)* Kled's ghost doesn't use his W. *V)* Kled's ghost doesn't gain courage. *VI)* Quinn's ghost doesn't mark her enemies as vulnerable (... and, thus, doesn't get bonus damage from her passive). ~~*VII)* Xin Zhao doesn't have the passive of his W.~~ ~~*VIII)* Cho'Gath doesn't get his E.~~ **Consequences:** I'll deal with all of them at once since it really is mostly the same issue with all of them: That reduces the damage of your ghost by a very large amount. They're already ranked by importance, but you see how much impact that can have in Teemo's or Fiora's case. When it comes to Jax, Kled (*IV)*) and Xin, it also affects your damage to turrets. And again, in all of those cases, since a part of the ghost's damage is given back to you as shield, those bugs also make you less tanky. You might read that a lot. In Kled's case, for the part *V)*, it just prevents him from remounting, which means regaining a third of his total health (on average) and regaining its former movement speed. ~~In Cho's case, it's probably going to become outdated in one patch (or, will be outdated by the time I finish this list), but the idea is the same, except that the causes can be different due to Cho's E being a toggle and not a passive.~~ **Reproduction information:** There's nothing to say, just get the ghost of every of these champions and try attacking with every of them. **Examples:** *I)* [Screenshot](http://puu.sh/rWKV0/85674f3470.jpg): There is no poison icon over the minion with the purple cloud. *II)* [Video](https://youtu.be/VnvDmtAAMbg) *III)* [Video](https://youtu.be/2SCLD-SpK24?t=19s) (You don't need to watch all of it, just the first dozen of seconds or a bit further, the rest is used later). *IV and V)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5d-jaEEfzY) *VI)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS13jsimgHE) --- **4.6)** Sometimes, when an enemy dies to your ultimate, you will not get their ghost. **Consequences:** That bug is pretty rare. Rare enough so that I've never had it myself over hundreds of games. But apparently common enough for dozens of people to report it to me. So it's somewhat uncommon, but eh, the consequences can be pretty rough, as in tier 2 or tier 1 levels of rough. There's a *slight* difference between getting a ghost and not getting it, especially when you ulted specifically for the ghost and not for the damage or the sustain. So when it happens, this bug is consequent enough to be called gamechanger. **Reproduction information:** I have no clue of what triggers the bug. When I've asked some other people to give me an estimation of how often they encountered the bug, the answer I've got was "as frequently as facing Trundle", which I keep as a quote because I found that funny. So let's just pray for Riot not to buff the troll too much. **Examples:** WARNING, WATCH WITHOUT SOUND! [Video 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCUw_alT0uo&feature=youtu.be) / [Video 2 that you can watch with sound](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk0ZmmipyKo). In both cases, you can see that the enemy still has the ult on them when they die, and [by far](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/OOXrGR20yR0/maxresdefault.jpg). --- **4.10)** Weird numbers, but I don't think I had a choice. The ghosts will sometimes give lower stats than they should. **Consequences:** Can be a great loss of AP or HP. Think about it: a Veigar's ghost can give you around 400 AP. That AP can just never come to you, would that bug decide to occur. **Reproduction information:** This bug seems pretty rare. Maybe it's occurred more than I thought and I just didn't notice it (pretty likely), but so far all of the help I can provide is to tell you to kill things over and over again until it happens. Also, both times I saw that bug, it affected the hitpoints granted by the ghost, and in both cases, the ghost was giving me exactly 98 hitpoints instead of the normal amount. **Example:** [Screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/hHzRO#lZTyaqh) --- **4.13)** Upon being turned into a ghost, Ekko will cast an ult on (0;0) (blue team's fountain), with that ultimate being Mordekaiser's damage. **Consequences:** It usually doesn't do anything because even though Ekko'sult is powerful, Ekko needs to die right after some of his low health teammates recalled - say, up to two seconds after their back. Then: *I)* If you're in the blue team, it won't do anything because the ult will land in your base. *II)* If they had Homeguards, it'll only disable them without killing them, in nearly every case. *III)* If they moved to the edges of their fountain after recalling, they'll dodge the ult (because the center of the ult being on (0;0) meaning that the center of the fountain barely gets hit). *IV)* **If** you were in the red team, **if** it happened pre-20 minutes, **if** they didn't move towards the steps and **if** they were still low enough, then and only then might that bug kill them and grant you another kill. Afterwards, Ekko immediately teleports back to you. Ekko doesn't need to have his ult up for that to happen, so it'll happen every single time you'll get his ghost. **Reproduction information:** Play Mordekaiser against Ekko, ult him, kill him. If I recall correctly, Ekko needs to have ult *unlocked*, but it can be on cooldown without preventing the bug from happening. That bug started happening in late 2017, probably at the 7.22 patch. It has a 100% reproduction rate. Interestingly, the damage from Ekko'sult is based on Ekko's magic pen and not on Mordekaiser's - unlike any other Mordekaiser ghost. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ucNmbm65w4) --- **B/ More common, less serious** **4.7)** The ghosts will attempt to attack enemies that are in range, even when they're in a bush the enemy doesn't have vision of. **Consequences:** You're sitting in the botlane bush with your Nautilus ghost. The enemies think you've already gone back to base fifteen seconds ago, but little do they know! You are actually patiently waiting in the bush for that enemy ADC who is very soon going to pick up that juicy minion wave that's just in front of- NAUTILUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Ngh, let's try something else, your thoughts go as Nautilus revealed you by attacking that nearby minion. Mordekaiser certainly doesn't have the speed to catch a super hero on the run, so your Nautilus is not gonna become a villain number one. All of this to say that this ghost will gladly reveal your position when you'll attempt to ambush with it while near a minion wave. All of this combines with the fact that you cannot tell the ghost to stop its actions! If you press S, that will not interrupt the ghost's actions, and there is no alt-S command (cf. Special Tier 1.3). Oh and you can try to move the ghost around in the bush, but... I now have to take you back to the bug 2.4, which means that by doing so, you might tell your ghost to actually attack a minion without wanting any of it. **Reproduction information:** Put your ghost in a bush while there's a minion wave nearby, watch as the ghost will attack the minions. Even with auto-attack activated, a champion will never do this if the enemies have no vision of the bush he's in, which is actually a way to check if the bush is warded, and a plus of keeping auto-attack on. --- **4.8)** If Mordekaiser attacks someone with his Q, if the said someone dies even at the very beginning of the animation, at its first tenth, the animation as well as the sound effects will complete, even though nine tenth of it didn't have a target. **Consequences:** Two consequences here: Commonly makes you miss minions because it will delay the next attack you'll be able to cast, and more rarely puts you at a disadvantage in trades if your enemy decides to engage you at this very moment. Yes, the Q takes a hell of a long time to cast. **Reproduction information:** Find a minion with very low health and under the fire of other minions, Q it and watch as you'll lose most of a second for it. --- **4.9)** If Mordekaiser flashes during the cast of his E or (second) W, the animation of the spell will be issued from his post-flash location, but the effect will not be moved and will be applied from where Mordekaiser was prior to his flash. **Consequences:** Flashed spells are a fun trait of all of the champions that have one. Not only do they feel better than flashing before casting the spell (See Riven's R, Cassiopeia's R, anyone's Tiamat, Amumu's Q, E or R, among numerous other examples), they also are better by giving the opponent less time to react to the spell. Having that option taken away from Mordekaiser removes an opportunity to have him be funnier and a bit smoother. **Reproduction information:** Press E then flash immediately, or press W, wait a second, then press W and flash immediately. 100% reproduction rate. Note: Annie shares this bug with her W, that can be suspected to work similarly to Mordekaiser's E. --- **4.11)** The Nashor's debuff only applies to the physical damage dealt by ghosts. **Consequences:** Usually, you don't necessarily want to tank the Nashor with the ghost of a champion who's not a tank, because it'll die very fast. And if it's a tank, the damage reduction (or lack thereof) won't matter much. But... in most cases, ghosts only deal magic damage, the exceptions being some on-hit effects (Jarvan's passive, Recurve Bow) or some weird cases (the damage dealt by Graves' additional pellets hitting the same target). So they can simply soak up the Nash debuff without being affected by it at all. Yes, that's a positive bug for Mordekaiser. **Reproduction information:** Get a ghost, send it to attack the Nashor. Its first attack will hit the Nashor before the monster can put its debuff on your pet, but then the next attacks will hit the Baron with the debuff. Compare both instances of damage and see that they dealt the same damage in spite of the debuff being applied inbetween. **Examples:** Thanks Vandiril! [Video]( https://youtu.be/62TiV_Far30?t=1m10s) Jhin's damage stays the same after every shot, instead of being halved after being debuffed. --- **4.12)** The Q can do weird things when used on a very low health target the moment it dies. The main part of the bug is that its damage will be multiplied by... say, 3 to 10. But that bug is inconsistent with itself. So here are the things that are wrong: *I)* The damage of the Q will be absurdly high. *II)* The damage of the Q is amplified in an irregular way (Second Q dealing 11918 damage, third Q dealing 12008 damage in the same circumstances). *III)* The heal given by that Q (with Gunblade and Ravenous Hunter) is also irregular. *IV)* Sometimes none of this will work and your Q will just deal the damage of a basic attack. *V)* Only the second and third Q can do all of this. **Consequences:** *I)* The main part of the consequences is there, all the rest just comes from that. So this is not a major bug in itself, due to the restricting conditions, it is, however, a positive bug for Mordekaiser for the most part. But here's the thing. It implies using your Q on a unit the moment it is dying. I've never managed to get that on a champion (which is not surprising because of how hard it is to get that bug off), so if you get that bug off on a minion, it means that you're not getting the money from last-hitting the thing. So, the consequences of that bug aren't in the damage dealt. They're in the heals and shields. Your passive converts 25% of your magic damage dealt as a shield, and Gunblade + Ravenous Hunter heal you for a combined maximum of 30% of the damage dealt by your abilities. Now some more things are to be taken in account - your shield generation is halved against minions and your Q is counted as an AoE thing thanks to some other spaghetti - refer to 14.3. So we only get 12.5% shield generation and up to 10% healing. But when your Q deals 12000 damage instead of 1800, it means that you get 1200 hp and 1500 shield instead of 180 and 220, respectively (those are values that the Q can actually take with this bug). *II)* Can't even say whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Normally speaking, Q3 deals twice the damage of Q2, but in the case of this bug, it's not the case. Two Q2s that you get to bug in the same circumstances (same level, no item changes) will do the same damage, and so will two Q3s, but the difference between a Q2 and a Q3 won't make any sense. But since I can't really calculate how this bug works, I can't tell if Q3 deals less damage than it "should" or if Q2 deals more. Yep, I'm using the word "should" within the context of a bug. *III)* Same as above. *IV)* That's straight up negative right there - losing the magic damage part means not getting any shield or heal (except in the Gunblade's case, which still heals you for 15% of that basic attack damage). **Reproduction information:** This has a 100% reproduction rate but is really hard to do. I've trained a lot to be able to reproduce that more consistently in the hopes of being able to test it on a champion - aka outside of sandbox - to be able to see how it makes the death recap looks like. I mean, given how death recap usually is in normal circumstances, I'm not sure I want to know. Back to the point though - to reproduce that bug, best thing to do is to go in sandbox, in any lane, and to **block your minion wave with enemy dummies before it can reach your outer turret**. This bug is easiest to reproduce when involving a turret, so you want the enemy wave to reach yours without meeting your minions in the meantime. Now, you want use your first Q on anything, because you need to have the 2nd/3rd Q to pull that off. You then want to have your turret reduce that minion to low health so that the turret can kill it in one last shot (that's the name of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, but I don't think this matters all that much). And you want to attack the minion so that your Q hits it right after the turret does. If you hit too early, you'll kill the minion normally, if you hit too late, your Q animation will go off but no damage will be done, and no Q stack will be consumed. It's really tricky, because: - The window between too early and too late is really short. - The time you have to use your Q is of 4 seconds only (which is also a huge weakness of Mordekaiser against champions with CC or things such as Kayn who can make the buff basically disappear). - You can't trigger the bug with your first Q. So you need to use your first Q on something before getting ready for the attempt. Combine this with Morde's low AS (that you have to keep low if you want to have an easier time recreating the bug, or at least I find it easier on low AS) and with the fact that you only have 4s, and you end up with many situations in which you'll just fail to get the attack off on the right thing at the right time. If that wording doesn't make it sound hard, try it for yourself. **Examples:** [Screenshot 1](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/373438047053807626/419274400806993950/unknown.png) -3rd Q dealing 1750 damage without any items. [Screenshot 2](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/373438047053807626/419282456068489217/unknown.png) - 2nd Q with 1771 AP, dealing 11918 damage. [Screenshot 3](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/373438047053807626/419294332537929728/unknown.png) - 3rd Q in the exact conditions, dealing 12008 damage, meaning that this 3rd Q dealt 0.76% more damage than the previous one instead of 100%. [Video](https://youtu.be/juF9LadAYng) --- --- #**Tier 5 - You know the story, same but less important.** http://puu.sh/Ab9ux/599a599904.jpg **5.1)** If Mordekaiser casts his W when he is alone, if a champion then enters the binding range, they will have their own W circle. If however, it is a minion that joins, it will not get bound by the spell. **Consequences:** It's funny. Sometimes, you would want to be able to self-cast your W without binding it to anything, because you want to wait a slight bit before recasting it, and there is a very low life minion near you and nothing else around. But here it's the opposite! Minions and champions will behave differently towards your W, and if you happen to cast your W while you're alone but have a minion wave come towards you with its first minion just barely outside your binding range... There, that issue will matter a lot. That's obviously not the only situation, just the most annoying one. Overall, it just matters when you want to start casting your W as soon as possible, slightly before the minion wave joins, or slightly before you join the minion wave. It just denies you access to the first part of your W's effect (or well, to a part of it, since both units will not be close to each other from the very start of the ability, in the cases involved here). **Reproduction information:** Cast your W while you're over 1000 units away from the nearest minion or champion, then walk closer to get into that 1000 range. No minion will be bound by your W, while it would have been the case if you had tried the same thing with a champion instead. --- **5.2)** Mordekaiser can stop trying to attack targets when his W pops at the end of the 4s of the effect (despite having auto-attack enabled). It might also have something to do with the Q, it happened to me before the third strike of the Mace of Spades. Similarly, when Mordekaiser re-casts W while having his Q enabled, that Q can take longer than normal to come. **Consequences:** This mostly makes you miss minions. It's perfect when combined with the bug 1.1, because you start by missing the minion because your W fails to damage it, and then you miss it again because your attack arrives too late. More rarely, it also comes as a downside in trades by making you miss about half a second. **Reproduction information:** Re-cast W while having your Q activated, and the attack that comes after the W might bug in either of the two aforementioned ways. Fairly low reproduction rate, it doesn't happen every game, and requires either to be used to Mordekaiser, or to pay attention to it, to notice it. --- **5.3)** Mordekaiser's E can fail to generate any shield. **Consequences:** That is fortunately fairly rare, because when you used it against champions, your E is your tool to regain a lot of shield (see an example [here](https://youtu.be/6yG4Sv3dwBA?t=37m5s), watch carefully for when Altec casts his E). It will hit the champion(s) as well as the minions around, give bonus shield thanks to its effect; all around, that spell can fill your shield bar on its own, which is an entire quarter of your health added. Well when that bug occurs, you don't get that shield. **Reproduction information:** That bug seems to be pretty rare. I've only noticed it once. It doesn't mean that it's only happened once though, for it's hard to see during an actual game, as you often chain your spells thus don't use the E alone. I can't tell much about how to reproduce this bug as, well, I have no clue. I can only do wild guesses: is it related to the W? does it make it so you only generate shield off of some of the targets, instead of being an all-or-nothing thing? Maybe and maybe not, I'm not the one with the answer to this question. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/OhRPByzZQhU) --- **5.4)** The dragon ghost loses 100 movement speed when ahead of Mordekaiser. **Consequences:** The drake is sloooooooow without that. And it's an absolute ahead: You can be on the opposite side of the map as the drake's, it will have 100 fewer movement speed if it goes further from you, and will be back to the higher speed if it goes towards you. It means that you want to stay ahead of the drake if you want it to have a decent speed, it means that you cannot just stay behind the drake, W it and rely on it to speed you up because you'll be faster than it. Note: A member of the support once told me it was intentional. But that person was not a member of the dev team, and on the same message, he told me that [the other bug that I mentioned there](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4r6xkk/psa_mordekaiser_received_two_quite_big/) was intentional as well. And this bug was that [the dragon now had a leash range when Mordekaiser was using a skin other than the classic skin](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4s1wfo/only_classic_mordekaiser_has_a_global_dragon/). So... I do not really trust it. At all, actually. **Reproduction information:** This was brought by patch 6.11, [without anything in its notes mentioning it](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-611-notes). Just get the ghost of the drake, click on it to see its speed, do not cast your W, and compare the drake's speed depending on the direction he's moving towards. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTUDieXuxpk&t=6m28s) / [Before 6.11](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF9ndmqiSq8&feature=youtu.be&t=36m39s) / [Other video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zsY072Gz4&feature=youtu.be) --- **5.5)** The attacks from ghosts can't deal the bonus true damage on the Rift Herald if they attack him on his eye, even if it's champion-ghosts. **Consequences:** It's less impactful now that the Herald's been changed, but still, it makes you less flexible as you should have been while taking this objective down. If you want to take it quickly, you must get your ghost to tank it, even when it's a squishy ghost, which isn't necessarily what you'd want. So this bug can make you lose a ghost or will slow you down. **Reproduction information:** It's probably another of these on-hit bugs, so you might wanna check if it's related to any of the 3.10 bugs, codewise. As for how to reproduce that bug, grab a ghost, attack the Herald with it, and tank the Herald's attacks yourself to have the ghost attacking on the back of it. 100% reproduction rate here. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/64pv3uAQ_Kk?t=6s) --- **5.6)** Ghosts can't use lifesteal **anymore**, even off of physical components of their damage. However, Death's Dance functions properly on a ghost (as in, will heal them off of the physical damage they deal). **Consequences:** This makes your squishy ghosts squishier, and prevents many solo Nash possibilities. An ADC's ghost is supposedly a very powerful weapon, but it not being able to lifesteal makes it way easier to take down in fights (and when ghosts tend to be less focussed than their living counterparts, so lifesteal was even more valuable). And when it comes to the solo Nashes, since you want your ghost to tank all of the damage at the beginning, not having this lifesteal anymore makes the task a lot harder. **Reproduction information:** Nothing interesting, get the ghost of a champion with lifesteal, have it take damage than attack a unit, watch as it doesn't get any health back despite being expected to, 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYm7t325azs): The ghost has a botrk but doesn't gain any health back from its attacks. --- **5.7)** Mordekaiser's opponents can see the drake glitching. Staying still when it moves, apparently. It happened numerous times, but I couldn't get a video because I am rarely on the far side of the mace and because this doesn't affect the spectate client. **Consequences:** It's disturbing for the team facing Mordekaiser, and I don't think they can react to the dragon's movements as fast as they would have without the bug, if the animations are bugged. **Reproduction information:** You've gotta face a Mordekaiser for that, then I don't know what triggers the bug. I can't even say whether it's rare or common, but it has started appaearing just a few months ago. --- **5.8)** Ghosts cannot use the passive of their support items **anymore**, except for the *new* Coin line. The passive just isn't here. Two cases: *I)* Relic Shield line: No blue orbs around the ghost, so nothing happens when it attacks minions. *II)* Spellthief line: The ghost doesn't get the bonus damage or the gold upon hitting enemies. **Consequences:** Prior to the occurrence of this bug (so, when ghosts could still make use of their Relic Shield) was another one, that would make it so that they would not lose the Relic Shield stacks upon using them, meaning that you could get 26 CS out of two waves of minions, by executing all of them with the ghost. Obviously, that was also a bug, and it probably isn't fixed yet. Its reproduction conditions just got wiped away. But this bug put aside, here's what the 5.8 issue takes away from you. For every ghost having one of these items, you lose on average (depending on the level of the item): *I)* 120 - 140 gold (4 to 5 stacks, two on cannons and two-three on melee minions) as well as some pushing power. *II)* 48 - 90 gold (6 stacks), as well as 60 - 90 premitigation damage to champions or turrets. Of course, this is all supposing the 3.9 bug to be fixed (the one that prevents you from gaining the ghost's gold). But were those two bugs corrected, you'd get an additional 50% gold on killing a support with your ult. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of any champion with either of those two items. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** *II)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxtABsFrHTg) --- **5.9)** Attempting to get a champion ghost to attack a unit near a turret will cause it to attack the turret instead. It doesn't really affect the drake ghosts because they're way too buggy for that to be noticeable anyway. **Consequences:** Another issue, adding to the others, that makes ghosts harder to use and manipulate efficiently. Like, don't expect to pull of the sick 420 mlg mechanical outplay by your ghost (involving insane orbwalking and eye-popping jukes) when it's that hard to control. More accurately, this is mostly about hitting minions under the enemy turret, and more rarely champions (it matters less, because when you attempt to hit a champion, you can afford to click a bit further away from the turret, whereas for a minion, when you do that, you might hit another minion instead, while you were aiming for a last-hit). So that's another thing that makes you miss last-hits, and sometimes (rarely) kills. **Reproduction information:** Grab a ghost, go near an enemy turret while there are enemy minions around it, and try using your ghost to attack a minion just under the turret. Expected result: The ghost will attack the minion. Observed result: The ghost will attack the turret. Reproduction rate of 100% so long as you click close enough to the turret (the ghost just prioritizes the turret, and then the bug 2.4 applies, I think). 100% reproduction rate. --- **5.10)** If you have a ghost, champion or dragon, and tell it to attack an enemy inhibitor by using alt-click, it works fine. If, however, you use R instead, the ghost will either refuse to move, or go in melee range before attacking the inhibitor, or even go in melee range without doing anything. If you press R on the inhibitor while having the ghost in melee range of it, it works fine. The same bug happens on the Nexus, but everything is fine against turrets. (crosses fingers) **Consequences:** This is an issue for those who aren't aware of how the bug exactly works, because you might think that the ghosts cannot attack inhibs/Nexuses, and you might not know how to get the ghosts to attack those structures. Needless to say that since they are supposed to add a lot to your pushing power, especially when it comes to dragon or ADC ghosts. **Reproduction information:** That's gonna look similar to the previous bug: Grab a (ranged) ghost, press R on an inhibitor or Nexus to tell it to attack this structure, and watch what will happen. It can be various things, but the ghost will not go and attack the structure from its max range. --- **5.11)** The passive of Varus's ghost doesn't work. You could argue that it's because the ghost doesn't actually kill things by himself since the kill credit is given to Mordekaiser... but a Tristana ghost can use the passive of her E without any problem. **Consequences:** That's already a small inconvenience when you're using the ghost to push a turret, because you would benefit from the passive used on minions in that case. But it's even worse in teamfights, where the ghost isn't going to get its huge boost of attack speed for killing champions, which severely reduces your damage potential. Of course, all of this requires to have a Varus's ghost, which doesn't happen in every game. But now... let's look back and write a summary of how much these bugs add up, just to Varus's case. So the ghost doesn't benefit from: \- Varus's passive \- Blade of the ruined king \- Guinsoo's Rageblade \- Runaan's Hurricane \- Fervor of Battle \- The stats from his runes and masteries \- Lifesteal Doesn't that start mattering a little bit? And we're talking about an ADC without Statikk/RFC, so it avoids some other things there. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Varus, try to get it to kill minions or champions (without an emphasis on the "try", it shouldn't be that hard). The ghost is expected to gain some attack speed, but it will not get any. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **5.12)** Ghosts don't have the Dragonslayer stacks that Mordekaiser and his team have. Note 1: Shaco's clone has those Dragonslayer stacks. Note 2: The note 1 might be outdated thus wrong, but there has been one moment when this bug and the note 1 were true simultaneously. **Consequences:** Five types of drakes, two categories! *I)* Ghosts don't get the bonus AD (thus damage) and AP (thus AP for you) granted by the Infernals, don't get the speed of the Clouds, don't get the objective damage of the Mountains, and don't get the regeneration of the Oceans (that's ranked by priority order). *II)* If you have an Elder buff, the ghosts will not use it. Not only won't they have it, visually or factually, but they won't use yours either. You have an Elder buff meaning that all instances of damage that you deal are going to apply a DoT on your opponents, the ghosts' damage are a part of your damage (and can heal you through your own Gunblade), but the ghosts' damage are not going to apply that DoT despite the fact that they should being pretty clearly highlighted by the way I worded this sentence. **Reproduction information:** Get Dragonslayer buffs and a drake, and you can then check: \- The ghost's buff list (no Dragonslayer icon anywhere), \- The ghost's visuals (no small fire / pale trail / watery effects / I don't know the visuals for the Mountains / big fire), \- The effects on the ghosts. All of them will be missing with a 100% reproduction rate. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SCLD-SpK24&feature=youtu.be) / [Later in the same video](https://youtu.be/2SCLD-SpK24?t=28s) / [Even later in this video](https://youtu.be/2SCLD-SpK24?t=1m7s). The rest of that video is for two other bugs, the 4.5.3 and 9.9. --- **5.13)** Ghosts will sometimes not give Mordekaiser any stats despite being intended to (and despite having the necessary stats for it). **Consequences:** Exactly like 4.10, but one tier below because even though you lose more stats than in the previous case, this bug seems to be even less common. **Reproduction information:** Same as 4.10, I don't know at all! **Example:** [Picture](https://imgur.com/a/BsfUW#O6UYU8r) Viktor apparently had 810 AP, so the ghost should have given over 200 AP (taking in account the things that the ghost doesn't keep), instead of nothing. Also, that still works as a proof even without seeing Viktor's items: Viktor cannot have 0 AP due to his passive. --- **5.14)** If Mordekaiserults an Aatrox and makes him proc his passive that way, Aatrox is cleansed from the ultimate. *Note 1:* This wasn't the case before and only appeared a few months ago. *Note 2:* Zilean's ultimate doesn't behave that way, the ultimate will keep going through the revive. **Consequences:** Makes the match-up much harder for Mordekaiser. It forces you to choose: - Either you decide to ult Aatrox early into the fight because, well, your ult deals damage and heals you, then you won't be able to get his ghost. In lane, it can mean losing a first tower (Your first kill with ultimate in top lane gives you the turret if the opponent doesn't have TP up and if the jungler doesn't show up in time). Later on, it's still very impactful because Aatrox's ghost is rather strong (it's an AD/AS-based champion). - Or you decide to wait for his passive to ult him... at the risk of not being able to kill him at all. **Reproduction information:** Ult an Aatrox who activated his passive, and see that your ultimate will disappear after this **even if its time wasn't over**. --- **5.15)** In Twisted Treeline, ghosts will sometimes randomly walk towards the enemy fountain for absolutely no reason. Apparently even they don't like this game mode. **Consequences:** Just another thing making ghosts harder to control, when they start doing whatever they want on their own. Especially when what they want follows their suicidal thoughts. **Reproduction information:** Try getting ghosts in 3v3 in the enemy base, and let your ghost do what it wants at some point. No idea about the reproduction rate, I just know that it's happened a minimum of three times, and it wasn't because the ghost had sighted something on the enemy's fountain, it was in the fog. --- **5.16)** The damage ofghost passives (including the items) is **no longer** counted as Mordekaiser's damage. Oh boy. I had to find a good bug for a good number. What was 5.16? The patch of Mordekaiser's rework. The patch that introduced so many bugs. Over fifty lines were spent to talk about that rework. Quite sure I can do more, with longer lines, for a single cluster of bugs. Here is a full list of what that bug is about: **A) Magic attack enhancers** - No list for those are there are 22 of them. **B) Passive spells** *a)* Aurelion Sol's passive *b)* Blitzcrank's ultimate passive *c)* Ekko's ultimate (cf. 4.13) *d)* Tristana's E passive **C) Passive DoTs** *a)* Darius's passive *b)* Fizz's W passive *c)* Gangplank's passive *d)* Twitch's passive **D)** Others** *a)* Any ghost's Sunfire Cape (or Bami's Cinder, Cinderhulk or Lord Van Damm's Pillager) *b)* Any ghost's Thornmail (or Bramble Vest) So, the damage that they deal is not considered as being yours. **Consequences:** What does that imply? Well... lots of things. *I)* Runes. Many runes should amplify the damage dealt by a ghost, or interact with it. *a)* Press the Attack - Damage amplification *b)* Lethal Tempo - Timer trigger *c)* Conqueror - True damage conversion *d)* Coup de Grâce - Damage amplification *e)* Cut Down - Damage amplification *f)* Last Stand - Damage amplification *g)* Predator - Effect end *h)* Cheap Shot - Effect trigger *i)* Taste of Blood - Effect trigger *j)* Summon Aery - Effect trigger (for the things with spell effects) *k)* Arcane Comet - Effect trigger (for the things with spell effects) *l)* Scorch - Effect trigger (for the things with spell effects) *m)*Minion Dematerializer - Damage amplification Exceptions: Phase Rush and Electrocute are bugged in a different way (with Blitzcrank and Aurelion Sol, I didn't try the other things). (Example: Conqueror won't change a part of ghost Darius's bleed into true damage.) *II)* Sustain effects. Since it is not your damage, you don't gain anything from it. This prevents the following. *a)* Passive shield generation *b)* Omnivamp with Gunblade *c)* Heal with Ravenous Hunter (Example: Ghost Aurelion's stars will not generate any shield for you.) *III)* Post-game stats. The damage dealt by those abilities of the ghosts is not added to your damage. (Example: If you only deal magic damage during a game yet get the ghost of a Darius and get it to attack thus use its passive that deals physical damage, you'll still only have magic damage in your post-game stats.) *IV)* Penetration or lethality. As none of this is your damage, it will be based on the stats of the *ghost* when it comes to ignoring defensive stats, and not on yours. (Example: Ghost Blitzcrank's lightning will count all of the opponent's magic resist if Blitz doesn't have any magic penetration, yet its basic attacks will ignore a part of it if you do have penetration.) *V)* Sandbox dummies. They will not take any damage from these abilities. (Example: Dummies will look very fireproof when you'll put a ghost with Sunfire right next to them for over a minute, without them taking any damage. They'll also look manythingsproof when you'll try the other cases.) *VI)* Announcer/chat. They'll show something unintended when a ghost will take down an objective with one of those effects. (Example: Kill a drake with Rammus's Sunfire and it'll read "a minion (Rammus) has slain the Ocean Drake!".) *VII)* Turret aggro. These abilities will not drag the aggro of the turrets onto you. This is particularly convenient for the Morde player - I'll just paste here what I previously wrote in 8.9. Ghosts give you lots of freedom under enemy turrets: they can attack enemy champions without being attacked by the turret (it will always prioritize minions). Except if you were also under the turret, in which case you will take its aggro. But anyway, the point of this is that when you play something with a Sunfire, you can't push a turret if there's an enemy coming to hug you, without taking that turret's fire (speaking of Sunfire... *cough*). It should be the same for a ghost. Put it under a turret, have an enemy walk nearby, the ghost will damage the enemy, meaning that you will damage the enemy... but the turret won't care. This also applies to the cases of Blitzcrank and Aurelion Sol, the other six not mattering as much due to requiring a basic attack to be procced anyway. (Example: That whole paragraph is an example so just go ten lines higher, you baka.) *VIII)* And the crazy consequence: **You can give buffs or objectives to the enemy team.** It's mostly about Darius, Twitch, Gangplank and Fizz, as the others require a crazy timing, but the idea is that if your ghost has a DoT, applies it to the buff or epic monster (or anything else really), dies while its living brethren has respawned and while the DoT is still ticking, and has the monster die from the DoT... the enemy champion the ghost was from will get the kill credit. I'll explain that once more in the reproduction part. *IX)* All other spell effects. Those ghost abilities will apply none of the followings: *a)* Luden's Echo / Runic Echoes *b)* Elixir of Sorcery *c)* Morellonomicon's Grievous Wounds *d)* Liandry's Torment *e)* Rylai's Crystal Scepter The damage is, however, amplified by Abyssal Mask. **Reproduction information:** So everything here is straightforward, except for the last part, which is the only one I'll be talking about. Here's what you have to do: *1)* Get the ghost of a Darius (for example) *2)* Wait for it to fall low-ish on time *3)* Start attacking the red buff (for example, again) *4)* Make sure the enemy Darius has respawned *5)* Have your ghost die *6)* Have the bleed of your ghost finish off the monster after all these steps. **Examples:** *II)* [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=9m9s) *V)* [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=9m9s) *VI)* [Screenshot 1](http://prntscr.com/j7m01c) / [Screenshot 2](http://prntscr.com/j7m0ef) *VIII)* [Video](https://youtu.be/vd-pHB3hzt0?t=18s) *IX)* [Screenshot](http://puu.sh/A8oa8/1852648d5a.jpg) --- **5.17)** Mordekaiser can make an opponent’s Press the Attack keystone be disabled until the end of the game. **Consequences:** Do I really need to explain how impactful it can be to be forced to play without a keystone? **Reproduction information:** First of all, I need to point out that this bug could be outdated. We found out about it a while back, obviously no patch stated any change since then, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been fixed. I can’t really test again, because that bug was hard to reproduce to begin with. I don't even really know how to reproduce that. Vandiril explained it better than me, so go watch the first video. **Examples:** [Video 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pafU6HM2C8s) / [Video 2](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=37s) --- **5.18)** Mordekaiser can make an opponent’s Summon Aery keystone be disabled until their death. He can also lose his own Aery the same way. However… **I am not certain that this bug exists.** It was merely a guess due to Illaoi and Wukong sharing that bug with their summoned champion-like units. But that bug is very hard to reproduce, and you only get one attempt per Mordekaiser ult. So, one attempt a minute. While Illaoi and Wukong are around 6 to 8 chances per minute. **Consequences:** Do I really need to exp… Well, creativity/10. Same thing as above. At least you can get it back, in that case. **Reproduction information:** As I said above, I am not certain that this bug exists, and I am also not certain that it *still* exists. Wukong and Illaoi can make someone lose their Summon Aery if it is sent to their summoned unit the moment it will expire. Aery will disappear with the summoned thing and never come back to you, until you die and it respawns with you. **Example:** You can see it on Illaoi's E and Wukong's W, in this [video](https://youtu.be/42qrHPq9YVg?t=57s). --- **5.19)** Mordekaiser's Q can... make Mordekaiser be stuck in a weird animation for a second, then get canceled without doing anything. **Consequences:** That's just a free 1+ second self-stun for you, what could go wrong with that! In other words, it can totally get you killed while you should be the one getting an elimination. Among other things. **Reproduction information:** I have no idea! But I think it's the same thing as what can happen to Nasus. Note that Nasus's Q and Morde's Q3 have similar animations to begin with. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSla7POi10M) --- **5.20)** Mordekaiser's W can heal for more than it should. **Consequences:** I can't even tell because I have no idea of how it can be reproduced, or of how often. It seems extremely rare, though. **Reproduction information:** No idea either. This was the only time I noticed such a thing. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/bqyAyhBe6a4?t=1m19s) - Compare to the heal Leona receives [there](https://youtu.be/bqyAyhBe6a4?t=2m40s), while both heals are supposed to be the same (I mean, because of some other bugs...). Leona had no heal amplification effect anywhere. --- **5.21)** Graves’ ghost has a whole bunch of issues. *I)* It’s insanely hard to use. I don’t know why, but it has a higher fail rate than the dragon ghost and that goes to say a lot. If that would be on every champion instead of just Graves, it would be tier 1, and this bug only falls five tiers below because it will only matter if you can get the ghost of one specific champion. *II)* Its additional projectiles on the same target deal physical damage instead of magic. *III)* These additional things are also affected by the bug 5.16, and as such don’t heal you, don’t use your (potential) lethality, can’t damage dummies, etc. *IV)* The way the ammo is shown for ghosts is downright ugly. This also affects Jhin. *V)* The ammo displayed doesn’t go down when Graves attacks. But he does lose bullets while doing so and has to reload after two hits. *VI)* The attacks of this ghost make no sound. *VII)* The ammo display shows one full bar instead of a bar cut in two. Notes: Jhin’s ghost has the same amount of bullets that living Jhin had upon dying, doesn’t lose them upon attacking and has its AS unlocked. Graves’ ghost goes back to two bullets, loses one with each attack, and keeps its AS capped at 0.89 like its living brethren. **Consequences:** Saying that this makes this ghost hardly useful at all is not even a real exaggeration. It screws over this ghost badly. The ghost can: \- Attack minions when you tell it to attack a turret, \- Attack minions when you tell it to move (while clicking away from the minions, I should know how to work around Mordekaiser's other bugs - refers to 2.4), \- Not attack instantly sometimes in spite of its basic attack being up and ready to use (and the enemies fully in range). And that's not even really all of it but you get the point: this ghost will hardly ever listen to what you tell it to do. Attacking instead of moving, or the other way around, attacking something else than what you wanted, not attacking... For the ghost of something that hurts with its basic attacks and whose sole goal is to use those basic attacks (since you don't get a Graves' ghost for the stats it gives you - Graves isn't known for building tons of health or AP), that's a real shame! **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Graves and just try to use it. Watch what happens and compare it with what you wanted. Reproduction rate of about 70% per command issued. **Examples:** [Video](https://youtu.be/iFiQcg0lJ0k?t=15s) *II)* (Screenshot)[http://prntscr.com/ftj8t2] --- **5.22)** If you ult an enemy, and that enemy is slain by a charm, their ghost will only follow you and ignore all of your commands. It also won't attack. This lasts until the ghost's death. **Consequences:** It suppresses your ghost, making it entirely useless. At least, if it's an AP ghost, you still get some AP from it, but that's, well, still a big inconvenience. Fortunately, at least, it won't happen often. **Reproduction information:** Ult an enemy, make them go low, and cast a charm on them, making sure the charm last-hits them. Fun story: When I was trying to reproduce that bug, I was playing both Morde and Ahri and facing a Soraka bot. It took me four attempts to reproduce this. Attempt 1: My charm did too little damage. Soraka survived it. Attempt 2: While my charm was in the air, Soraka ulted. She survived it thanks to that. Attempt 3: I straight up missed my charm on a bot. Attempt 4: Yay. I was already depressed. --- **5.23)** If you have a Guinsoo fully stacked while you try to use your Q, the Guinsoo's will randomly proc or not proc with your Qs. It can proc on the attack before your Q *and* on each of the three Qs *and* on the attack after those. That's five attacks in a row instead of every other attack. On the other hand, it can also proc on none. **Consequences:** It'll either give you damage or make you lose damage. Guinsoo giveth, Guinsoo taketh away. Guinsoo's not an item you'll frequently see on Morde, but it's not a bad item by any means either. Really good at destroying tanks, especially when paired up with a Nashor's Tooth. And when it decides not to proc on 4 attacks in a row, it's a great loss of damage. **Reproduction information:** Buy a Guinsoo, go up against a training dummy, stack it, and experiment multiple attacking patterns. It's almost consistently reproduced if you AA -> Q Q Q with that first AA applying the Guinsoo's ghost attack. This relates to the bug 4.3.1, I think. Guinsoo's empowered attacks and Lulu's Pix bolts are both on-attack effects, and the only two on-attack effects that Mordekaiser can apply. It would just seem that the Q doesn't interact with on-attacks well. --- --- #**Tier 6 - Some of the bugs there can still ruin your game! They're just rare.** https://puu.sh/Ab9Ad/96432afdf0.jpg **6.1)** This bug was moved to 2.9. ~~The sound effects of the second cast of Mordekaiser's W can be heard through fog of war, if the enemy Mordekaiser is in the fog that's in your screen.~~ ~~**Consequences:** I spotted a Mordekaiser doing Herald thanks to this while not having vision of him. I stopped him because of this, while I wouldn't have known otherwise. So, this was one example, but theoretically, anyone aware of that bug could be able to: ~~ ~~- Spot any dragon or Herald attempt, ~~ ~~- Spot a Nashor attempt, ~~ ~~- Track the path of a jungle Mordekaiser. ~~ ~~Granted that the last one isn't entirely certain, because I don't know if that requires the W to not be self-cast or not. But anyway, if someone decides to exploit this bug, they can do wonders with him. Well, not wonders for Mordekaiser, I'll let you imagine.~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Have an enemy Mordekaiser use his W in the fog of war, and put your screen where the Mordekaiser is, still without having vision on him. Now there are three guesses that I can make, without any certainty of them being true. Just three **potential and completely uncertain** conditions that my example cannot deny: ~~ ~~- Mordekaiser might need to be bound to an ally and to have both circles connect,~~ ~~- Mordekaiser might need to be damaging an enemy with his W, ~~ ~~- This bug isn't guaranteed to have a 100% reproduction rate.~~ --- **6.2)** Mordekaiser's E can be delayed by a full second without a reason. I only got that once and it was quite weird, but I know that my ping didn't change the slightest. What happened was: I cast my E, while having my W on, keep walking up to the target I was aiming for, hit him once, and finally my E goes off. I only pressed E once and my other keys were pressed *after* it. The delay was about one second, if not more. **Consequences:** Two possibilities: *I)* Make you miss last-hits because of the E ending up being cast after the minion's/minions' death. *II)* Make you lose a fight. And by lose, I don't mean just coming out on the losing end of a trade, but dying instead of killing your enemy. **Reproduction information:** I do not know at all. I've only had that bug happen once (even though I am really sure of that I saw), and I suppose that I would have noticed it if it occurred another time too. I don't have any footage of this, and cannot give any further information as to how it's reproduced or if it involves any special circumstances. Just remember that I had my W on while this happened. Oh, I don't say that this played a role into it, I just say that this is a possibility that isn't to be overlooked or forgotten. --- **6.3)** If an ulted target dies by the fountain turret, it will not generate a ghost. **Consequences:** It shouldn't matter much because, well, it involves killing someone on your fountain, so the game has a high chance of having been decided already by then. However, this bug has a 100% reproduction rate, while even a 20% reproduction rate would have made that jump to tier 1 if it didn't thankfully have that condition of the target having to die from the fountain. To sum this up, this is a bug that makes your chances of coming back from a grim-looking situation dwindle further. **Reproduction information:** Ult someone, then have him die by the fountain's obelisk. Expected result: The champion generates a ghost upon dying, observed result: the champion does not generate a ghost upon dying (that's a boring sentence). This has a 100% reproduction rate (I might have already said it just a few lines before). Note: I wrote "by the fountain", not "on the fountain". If you kill it by yourself inbetween two obelisk's ticks of damage, you should get the ghost. **Example:** [Video](https://plays.tv/video/5a9c0e702853432ca0/nice-mordekaiser-ult-ghost-by-the-way) --- **6.4)** There's an issue with the drake generating less shield than it should. **Consequences:** Honestly, this is just going in tier 6 because I'm used to it being that way, but it might deserve being higher. This makes you less tankier, not by a lot, but still a handful of hitpoints after every attack of the drake. **Reproduction information:** Get a dragon ghost, attack things with the pet, watch your shield before and after, and do some math. **Example:** [Screenshots and math](http://imgur.com/a/fVh4F) --- **6.5)** A ghost drake's attack cancels if the target moves too far from the pet. The drake is made so that its attacks cannot be cancelled, and so works the ghost. **Consequences:** This makes you lose an attack from the drake, in spite of it being very valuable. The drake has a low attack frequency (0,5 AS) but all of his attacks hit a lot (and massively refill your shield), so all of them count. **Reproduction information:** Have the drake channel an attack on an enemy that's running away from it, and if it's going far enough, the attack will be cancelled. --- **6.6)** The drake doesn't do the damage it should do. More, less, I don't know, but I've tried many another way to calculate, and anyway, something's off. I even tried counting the Nashor's Tooth passive being added to the Drake's attacks. **Consequences:** I don't know! Since I don't know how that damage is calculated, I don't know how far off it is from the reality. And this isn't even caused by the amplified damage of the drake against targets with Dragon Slayer stacks, as I've also tried counting against enemies without any dragon buff. And I counted the damage that's based on a percentage of the current health of the target. **Reproduction information:** Uh, simply attack something with the drake and watch how much it does. Then get lost in the math. --- **6.7)** Ghosts can apply on-hit effects to turrets (or at least some of them, for example the damage from Recurve Bow). **Consequences:** Slightly increases the damage of some ghosts against the turrets. It's positive for Mordekaiser, yay! **Reproduction information:** Take a champion ghost with a Recurve Bow, have it attack a turret. This item is the best for reproduction purposes, because it deals physical damage when the rest of the attack issued by the ghost is magic, so the effect is pretty easy to notice. Now, however, I'm not sure of which on-hit effects work and which don't. I know for sure that some don't (for example, a Jax's ghost will not deal the bonus damage granted by its R passive on turrets... even though I'll go back on that later). This has a 100% reproduction rate for the effects it affects. --- **6.8)** Champions that have forms will always have their ghost use one certain form. Which means that: *I)* Udyr's ghost will always be in Bear stance. *II)* Jayce's ghost will always use his hammer. *III)* Jinx's ghost will always use her minigun. *IV)* Elise's ghost will always use the human form. Also, after giving Mordekaiser her ghost, Elise will respawn in human form. *V)* Nidalee's ghost will also always use the human form. *VI)* Kayn’s ghost will always come as base Kayn. **Consequences:** Positive in some cases and situations, negative for others. *I)* Maybe that stance is the most useful, for a ghost, so that's a plus side in many situations: you get a stun bot with lots of tankiness, meaning that it also decently increases your own health pool. However, this is mainly positive, but can will come in as a downside in some rare situations, when you'd instead want the burst of the Tiger stance right after getting the ghost, or the DPS of the Phoenix stance. The Turtle one, however, seems pretty useless. So don't get me wrong, in nearly every situation, this is a plus, or at least something neither good nor bad. *II)* Now this one is negative. That ghost doesn't have anything to gain in being melee, considering that it cannot use abilities, so you just trade a ranged character for a melee one without any compensation. *III)* I guess it's even here. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, since both weapons are useful. Potentially slightly more of a plus side, but just slightly. Things would be different if she could use her Runaan's, though. *IV)* This one is bad. Being AP, Elise doesn't do much damage with her basic attacks, so she would be much more efficient as a spider, dealing bonus magic damage, and having spiders alongside her. You lose about three quarters of the damage that this ghost would have had without this bug (would have had every time she'd die in spider form while being ulted). *V)* And this one doesn't really matter. It's slightly better that way, but she deals little damage anyway. Unless she's AD, but I haven't seen anyone but Erick do that, and I don't play on the same server or level as him. *VI)* That doesn’t matter for a Rhaast. But SA Kayn has a very interesting passive that this bug makes you lose - you lose out on a great part of Kayn's damage, since the passive deals up to 44% bonus damage (before reduction, as it would then be mitigated by the squared magic resist of the opponent). **Reproduction information:** For every single of them: Try to get the ghost of all five of these champions by killing them on all of their stances/forms/weapons, and you'll see that their ghost will always only use the aforementioned "form". --- **6.9)** If a champion has a stacking mechanic, the ghost will lose all of the stats. [Those bugs would all belong in different tiers, and only two of them should be here. The deserved tier is written before the bug description.] This means that: *I)* **Tier 6:** A Bard ghost can't use his meeps. [Video](https://youtu.be/IxtABsFrHTg) *II)* **Tier 6:** The ghost of a Veigar loses the AP from the passive. *III)* **Tier 7:** (would have been 6 before the small rework) Kindred's ghost doesn't have any Hunt stacks. However, they can mark camps... and killing them doesn't give a stack. *IV)* **Tier 7:** Thresh's ghost loses the souls of the "living" champion (quotation marks because... well... he isn't that much alive to begin with. What does using the revenant of an undead resemble?). *V)* **Tier 7:** Zed's ghost doesn't have the AD granted by the ultimate's passive. *VI)* **Tier 8:** Ghosts lose the AP and armor from the Seeker's Armguard. However, this item still shows that it gives them AP and armor. It doesn't. *VI)* **Tier 9:** Sion's ghost loses the stacks on his W. *VII)* **Tier 9:** Ghosts lose their Jaurim's Fist stacks. *VIII)* **Tier 12:** Ghosts lose the Tear stacks. *IX)* **Tier 12:** Nasus's ghost doesn't have any Q stacks. **Consequences:** *I)* You all know, or should know, that Bard can hurt a lot through his basic attacks, because of how much his meeps empower them. He gets bonus damage, AoE damage, slow, AoE slow, bonus damage and more bonus damage... Here again, I would say that this bug cuts down one half to three quarters of the damage of the ghost. *II)* It could seem useless, but not at all! Here, it's not about the damage the ghost will deal. It's about how much AP you'll have. For the entire duration of the Child of the Grave, you gain 30% of the AP of the ghost. Considering that a Veigar can get up to 250 bonus AP when not more, and that 250 can be further amplified by 35% thanks to a Deathcap, that's already 100 AP that Mordekaiser loses access to. It is huge. Those two bugs are obviously only here and not above because they only apply when the condition is met, which is getting the ghost of one of those champions, so that really won't happen every game, but rather once every... let's say 15 games for Bard and 40 for Veigar. *III)* This means that Kindred doesn't get her bonus range. Nothing else, the rest goes on her abilities. It was way more important before her last big set of changes, when the loss was actually a damn high amount of on-hit damage. *IV)* This case is similar to Veigar's! Except that the AP lost is lower. However, that also makes Thresh very squishy, as he doesn't get any armor per level and only relies on what he builds and what he gains from the souls. Being deprived of having the latter and not having much of the former due to being a support and not a bulky tank, this ghost isn't the best at soaking damage. But the primary loss in this is the AP from the souls. *V)* The ghost will deal less damage. Not *that* much, but still a fair amount. And well, the exact amount will obviously depend on what the Zed had killed. *VI)* It means that you get less AP (... up to 5 less) and that the ghost is slightly less tanky. But nobody keeps this item all that long anyway. *VII)* You get less HP and the ghost is slightly less tanky. But once again, this item is kept for an even shorter time usually. *VIII)* None. Ghosts don't use mana. *IX)* None. Ghosts don't use active abilities. You could argue that it's normal for the ghosts to lose the stacks that their living brethren had, because it's not fair for them to have what they worked for turn against them. And if you do, your point is straight up invalid, because that's the principle of that ultimate, and every level you gain and every item you buy turns against you anyway. **Reproduction information:** None, just grab those ghosts and watch as their stats will be lower, depending on the case. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** *VI)* [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j75awn) --- **6.10)** If Mordekaiser has a high attack speed, his Q will go on a lower speed than his normal attacks. **Consequences:** Mostly none because you don't have a high attack speed. But sometimes you do. I've build Nashor's Tooth **and** Guinsoo's Rageblade more often than you'd think, and Triforce is also a good item for the Kaiser. So when you happen to reach that breakpoint, your Qs will go off slower than they should, and this has a wide range of possible consequences: as always, it can make you miss minions, but the most likely things are that it can make you lose a fight because of the reduction in DPS that ensues, or that it can allow an enemy to escape when they wouldn't have otherwise been able to. **Reproduction information:** Pack lots of attack speed (by the way, did you know that Mordekaiser doesn't reach 2,5 AS with six Phantom Dancers?), and compare the speed of your attacks and the speed of your Qs. Or just count how many Qs you can get per second, or in ten seconds (without CDs, of course). 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO3D7bJMHns) --- **6.11)** Moved to 5.21 alongside the other Graves bugs. ~~Graves' ghost is insanely hard to use. I don't know why, but it has a higher fail rate than the dragon ghost and that goes to say a lot. If that would be on every champion instead of just Graves, it would be tier 1, and this bug only falls five tiers below because it will only matter if you can get the ghost of one specific champion. ~~ ~~**Consequences:** Saying that this makes this ghost hardly useful at all is not even a real exaggeration. It screws over this ghost badly. The ghost can: ~~ ~~\- Attack minions when you tell it to attack a turret,~~ ~~\- Attack minions when you tell it to move (while clicking away from the minions, I should know how to work around Mordekaiser's other bugs - refers to 2.4), ~~ ~~\- Not attack instantly sometimes in spite of its basic attack being up and ready to use (and the enemies fully in range). And that's not even really all of it but you get the point: this ghost will hardly ever listen to what you tell it to do. Attacking instead of moving, or the other way around, attacking something else than what you wanted, not attacking... For the ghost of something that hurts with its basic attacks and whose sole goal is to use those basic attacks (since you don't get a Graves' ghost for the stats it gives you - Graves isn't known for building tons of health or AP), that's a real shame! ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Graves and just try to use it. Watch what happens and compare it with what you wanted. Reproduction rate of about 70% per command issued. ~~ --- **6.12)** If Jhin is level 16 or higher, if he gives you a ghost with the fourth shot up, the fourth shot will not deal its 25% missing health bonus damage. If Jhin is level 15 or below, it will work correctly. **Consequence:** Removes a great part of the damage dealt by this ghost when you manage to kill Jhin on his fourth shot. It also means that the bug 4.1 does not do anything (*what's your point, he literally doesn't do anything*) if Jhin has 100% crit chance and is level 16+, so it means that the bug 4.1 doesn’t do anything in the late game. **Reproduction information:** Get a Jhin's ghost stuck on its fourth shot and above level 16, attack enemies several times in a row, you'll notice that the damage they take from your attacks is always the same. This bug is one of the many cases where on-hit effects of ghosts aren't applied (other example: Teemo's poison). Still though… why. Why does that bug happen. That part of Jhin’s passive doesn’t even change when he reaches level 16, so why was it coded differently anyhow? **Examples:** Thanks Vandiril again! [Video](https://youtu.be/62TiV_Far30?t=1m8s) --- **6.13)** I didn't really know where to put that one. The stats you gain from the ghosts are taken from the original unit, not from the ghost. Except that... this doesn't always hold true. **Consequences:** *I)* On dragons: The dragons' ghosts have very weird stats that are based on time, and on time only. The actual dragons have stats that depend on their level (save for the Elder). For example, kill the dragon at point A in the game, it'll be level 6 and give you 360 hp, but the ghost will have 1310 hp. Kill it at point A + 20 seconds, it'll still be level 6 and give you 360 hp, but this time the ghost will have 1360 hp. So the health of the ghost isn't related to the health you gain at all (one is based on the dragon's level, the other on the game time). *II)* On champions: I said in 6.9 that if you get the ghost of a champion who uses stack, the ghost loses all of the stacks. Rabadon's, Mejai's, Rod of Ages, Veigar, Cho'Gath, Seeker's Armguard, any rune, the base stats from the runes... Well the ghost comes without the stacks. In... most cases. But the stats you gain either take the stacks in account, or don't. Great consistency, right? It's always gonna be the same in the same circumstances, but you can find funny variations between two different things. *a)* The ghost of a Veigar loses its stacked AP, but the AP you gain is based off of its AP + stacked AP. So say a Veigar has 700 base AP + 300 from stacks, the ghost will only have 700 AP but you'll gain 0.3 x 1000 = 300 AP while the ghost is alive. *b)* The ghost of a Cho'Gath loses its stacked HP, and the HP you gain is based off of its HP without the stacked HP. So if a Cho'Gath has 500 bonus HP + 1000 HP from stacks, his ghost will only have 500 bonus HP and you'll only have 0.25 x 500 = 125. *c)* The ghost of a Sion both keeps its stacked HP and gives you HP based off of the total bonus health. So right there, you've got all different possibilities covered. I also need to point out that you don't gain anything from the stats that the champion you've killed gained from their runes. **Reproduction information:** Kill a champion who has any stacking mechanic, or kill a drake, and compare the stats you gain and the stats it has. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j75awn) - You can see that in that case, Fiddle is giving me 20 AD, which is 0.3 x 65, and not 0.3 x 71 = 21. Big difference, right? --- **6.14)** Mordekaiser can get the ghost of a ghost. And lots of things are wrong with that. *I)* The fact that you can get that ghost. You can't get the ghost of Wukong's Decoy, for example. *II)* Mordekaiser can apply Dragon Force to an enemy dragon ghost, but won't get the ghost's ghost for killing it. *III)* The 2nd ghost doesn't have the stats of the 1st ghost, but the stats of the player the 1st ghost is from (so if the person bought items, so will the ghost). This also means that if you get the ghost of a Jhin on his fourth shot, and get the ghost of that ghost after the respawn of Jhin, the 2nd ghost will have the same number of bullets as the respawned Jhin. If Jhin hasn't respawned, it takes the ghost's number of shots (because it's the number of shots the real Jhin still has as long as he's dead). *IV)* The 2nd ghost has +100% base attack speed. This is perhaps a consequence of the previous point. *V)* That AS bonus is only gained after one attack. *VI)* Other stats are only gained after one attack. *VII)* For some reason, ghost2 is counted as a dragon ghost, and shows the dragon ghost icon on your abilities. *VIII)* As a consequence of that, the ghost2 gains +100 MS while moving towards you, like the dragon ghost does. *IX)*But unlike the dragon, the ghost of the ghost doesn't have a modified range or movespeed (except when moving towards Mordekaiser, for the latter). *X)* The ghost2 doesn't keep the bonus AD that the normal ghost had. Same for the bonus HP. Related to bug 6.9, most likely. *XI)* In spectate mode, the ghost2 control icon shows the dragon ghost icon... but on cooldown. I'd normally put that one in the Spectate tier, but this is a package about ghost2 bugs, so it has to stay there. *XII)* The ghost2 doesn't give any gold for being killed, while it should give 25. *XIII)* You can't get the ghost of the ghost of the ghost. **Consequences:** Well, not much because you're not likely to get two Mordekaisers in the same game. And usually, even when that happens, you don't try to ult a ghost. Now, you might want to. **Reproduction information:** Make two Mordekaisers face each other, and reproduce these steps by ulting ghosts. **Examples:** *I)* [Video](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg) *IV)* [Video](https://youtu.be/lR4yZO0npI0?t=6s) *V)* [Video](https://youtu.be/lR4yZO0npI0?t=3s) *VII)* [Video](https://youtu.be/_9f4lG9S6wA?t=14s) *VIII)* [Video](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg?t=24s) *IX)* [Video](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg?t=38s) - You can see both Mordes being able to attack from the same range. *XI)* [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpqY9uVbkg&feature=youtu.be) *XII)* [Video](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg?t=43s) *XIII)* [Video](https://youtu.be/8xpqY9uVbkg?t=43s) --- **6.15)** Ashe’s ghost cannot deal her bonus damage on targets that she attacks more than once. **Consequences:** That amplified damage is the equivalent of crits for a standard ADC. So losing the passive also losing the ability for Ashe to land critical hits. **Reproduction information:** The reproduction is simple, you only need the ghost of an Ashe, and then an enemy with an apple on their head. This should just be another one of those cases where an on-hit effect cannot be applied by the attacks of a ghost, which is like half of the on-hits of the game. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **6.16)** Ghosts cannot use Thresh’s lantern anymore. They used to be able to. **Consequences:** It usually doesn’t mean much, because, well, you’re not always playing with a Thresh. And most Morde players don’t use him bot lane, so you won’t be near your Shadow Isles coworker all the time. But if you’re bot lane or in grouped times, that ability to send the ghost in the face of the enemies was a damn convenient thing. If you’ve already gotten the ghost of someone, it means that you’re likely in the midst of a teamfight thus don’t have all of your abilities still available to you – for example, your ultimate is down (if it’s not, while you have a champion ghost, then you have found a bug that I haven’t discovered yet). Because of that, you don’t always want to throw yourself right next to the remaining enemies. On top of that, AD ghosts really benefit a lot from being ~~catapulted~~ trebucheted (gotta use the superior siege weapon) into the enemies: they hurt **a lot**, but often have trouble reaching the enemies, since they can’t use their abilities, thus can’t use any movement abilities, so they can end up being kited before they can even reach the opponents. Even if they’re ADCs. On the other hand, you can totally send them on suicide missions, as they’re gonna die after a minute anyway. Needless to say that trading a ghost for another kill is a really good trade. But now, that Dark Passage follow-up engage is no longer an option, and that sucks. Also, note that it was always hilarious to see the reaction of people to a ghost taking the lantern. … Especially if you took the lantern to save your ghost while it was supposed to be your ADC’s escape plan. But who am I kidding, the ADC would have flashed over the lantern instead of taking it anyway, you know how it goes. **Reproduction information:** Get a Thresh to use his lantern on a ghost, and try alt-clicking that lantern. Nothing will happen. I’m kinda skeptical about this one, as I don’t know how or why they would have recently changed the way the lantern is coded, but well. That’s not on me to know. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- --- #**Tier 7 - Just like the tier 6, we are still in a category where if the conditions are met, the bugs here can be a big inconvenience.** https://puu.sh/Ab9qP/a494746e25.jpg **7.1)** Kha'Zix's ghost doesn't keep the evolutions, thus losing the ability to become stealthed in bushes. **Consequences:** It almost just matters for the R upgrade, so not so much because Kha doesn't always evolve that spell (The loss of range due to not having the evolved Q doesn't really hurt you that much). But the difference between having and not having that passive is that you cannot make your Kha sneak from a bush onto someone with your W on him, nor can you refresh the passive of the ghost for entering bushes the enemy has vision of (the stealth would remove their vision on Kha's ghost, thus granting it its passive again). **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Kha'Zix with Q and R evolved, and watch as the ghost gets neither the bonus range nor the passive Void Assault in bushes. --- **7.2)** Jhin's ghost doesn't have the passive from the Captive Audience. **Consequences:** Situational. It'd matter in skirmishes or teamfights, involving at least three enemies (Jhin, one person for Jhin to kill to trigger the passive, and one last person to be affected by it). These explosive flowers can snowball the fight in your favor, by slowing the enemies and forcing them to focus on moving out of the explosion's way, or to take a serious amount of damage. So that bug can lose Mordekaiser teamfights, when he gets the ghost of a Jhin. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Jhin, have it kill an enemy champion. It's expected to spawn a flower on the enemy's corpse, but will not do anything. Reproduction rate of 100%. Note that Tristana’s E passive does correctly work. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/IwwGrhFe7YI?t=30s) --- **7.3)** If Mordekaiser attempts to ult Elise the moment she turns back into human form, the ultimate's animation and sound effect will play, but the spell won't be cast. **Consequences:** Can make you lose a kill when you're trying to chase an Elise. The ultimate has a pretty long cast, during which you cannot move, so this gives Elise a decent amount of time to get out of the range. All of this considering that the Children of the Grave is Mordekaiser's way to apply the Rylai's slow from the longest distance. **Reproduction information:** Use your R on an Elise, and have that Elise transform from spider to human form a tenth of a second later. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **7.4)** A drake ghost's attack won't deal any damage if you level up ult while the attack casts. **Consequences:** That's generally not much of a problem since the conditions are pretty specific, and you also won't have any trouble avoiding that bug if you're aware of it. But if you aren't (well... like me when I found out about it), you may lose one drake attack, and that means a lot (as I've already said, on champions or turrets, every drake attack matters). That bug will not happen frequently, fortunately, due to its condition. **Reproduction information:** Get to level 11 or 16, don't use your skill point, get the ghost of the drake, have it attack something, put a point in your ult while the attack is flying. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **7.5)** That's actually not a bug, as physical damage doesn't count towards shield generation. ~~The damage dealt by a ghost's Tiamat doesn't generate any shield for Mordekaiser.~~ ~~**Consequences:** That's pretty obvious, you'll have less shield while you have one of those ghosts. In terms of numbers... so long as you're fighting inside an enemy minion wave, your ghost's Tiamat should give you 22% of its AD as a shield for every of its attacks, considering that the Tiamat hits three minions in melee range and two from further. So if you've just killed a 200 AD Fiora and are trying to take down her jungler right after, for every of the ghost's attacks (or, let's say, its first five attacks because the minions will die from your and its AoEs), you'll lose 44 hp (as in, will not save 44 hp). ~~ ~~Now if you're in the middle of a teamfight, that's probably gonna be a higher loss, because the shield generation is halved against minions. So that bug doesn't so rarely matter after all. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a champion with Tiamat, have it attack a minion in the middle of a minion wave. You'll get 12,5% of its AD as a shield, instead of 12,5% + 2,1 to 6,3% per minion around. Reproduction rate of 100%.~~ --- **7.6)** Kalista's ghost can't dash, regardless of how I try to do the command. All the other parts of the passive work fine - those that have negative effects on her. **Consequences:** That would mostly be useful in order to catch up to people. Sure, you could also use it during a teamfight, but if you focus on making your ghost jump around, you might kinda get distracted from your own champion. So that bug actually mainly just prevents you from chasing people by either dashing while attacking the champion you chase, or using minions as a way to gap close towards them. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Kalista, try all of the buttons or combinations of buttons that could make a ghost of Kalista dash, but nothing will happen. This also has a 100% reproduction rate. --- **7.7)** Tryndamere's ghost can stack Fury, but he does not seem to be able to crit off of that fury. Either that, or I am really, really unlucky, but since it happened two days before Critmas, I’ll go with the first option. **Consequences:** Pretty straight-forward here again, the ghost loses some of its damage. Let's give some math: After the fury bar is charged, the ghost would deal an average of 21% to 35% more damage (21% at 65% crit chance, 35% at 0% crit chance). Considering that a Tryndamere ghost is all about bringing you a huge DPS if you manage to snag this Pokémon (since his ult is a pretty big counter to yours, as you can't use yours for both the highest shot at getting the ghost and the highest damage), when that DPS gets reduced that much, it kinda defeats its purpose. And once again, I have to point out the fact that this... reduces the shield you are going to generate through your ghost (what, have I already said something similar before? Naah). **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Tryndamere with 65% critical chance, have it go up to 100 fury, and watch as the ghost will not always crit in spite of its theoretical 100% crit chance. Reproduction rate of 100%, unlike the actual crit chance. --- **7.8)** Teemo's won't turn invisible, nor will it gain the attack speed boost. Even if both Teemo and Mordekaiser stand still without being damaged. **Consequences:** The stealth part isn't that important, it's mostly about the fact that it makes the ghost lose access to the attack speed passive. Even though that doesn't matter as much as if Teemo's ghost weren't bugged on another aspect already and would have access to its poison, but it still loses access to a pretty sweet buff that gives him up to 80% bonus attack speed. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Teemo, stay immobile for as long as you want, try to put the Teemo ghost in a bush if you want, it'll never turn invisible. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **7.9)** Lulu's ghost comes without Pix. Don't tell me it's because you only take one soul, Sejuani is still on her pig, and Nunu comes with Willump. And by the way, why do you get both their souls? Okay, the ability is called Childr*en* of the grave, but the ghost is called *Child* of the grave. Anyway, Lulu's ghost doesn't have a passive. **Consequences:** Same as with the bug 4.3. You lose the damage of the passive for every attack of Lulu, which can easily go up to 120 to 200 damage per hit, making the ghost lose more than half of its damage (And it still feels like Lulu doesn't like Mordekaiser). **Reproduction information:** Get a Lulu's ghost, have it attack something, watch as Pix won't attack. And even beforehand, as soon as you get the ghost, you'll see that Pix won't even be there to begin with, which arguably makes it hard for it to attack. 100% reproduction rate. **Explanation:** Lulu and Pix are coded as two different champions, having two different folders in the game files. Mordekaiser's ultimate is probably coded to only copy one champion. **Example:** [Screenshot not even with Lightshot](https://puu.sh/wE74e/2e50132984.jpg) --- **7.10)** Mordekaiser's ghosts don't apply stacks of Braum's Concussive Blows. **Consequences:** Usually doesn't matter, even though it matters more in Twisted Treeline, once again due to how often Braum is played (as a duo laner, like Mordekaiser). Because of this bug, you'll have the Braum's stuns delayed after you get a ghost (in comparison with when they should have come), and that can (rarely) get a fight turned around. However, there's one point in particular that can matter: when you have the ghost of a ranged champ, Braum Qs an enemy and you cannot get in melee range of that enemy. Your ghost should be able to add the missing three Concussive Blows stacks, to stun the target even if you cannot get in range for it yourself, thus to eventually allow you to get in range. **Reproduction information:** Get a ghost while you have a Braum in your team, have Braum attack something, have the ghost attack said thing, and the something will not gain further Concussive Blows stacks, despite being expected to. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **7.11)** Kog'Maw's ghost has more attack speed than the normal Kog... even when the latter has one more point in Q. This is perhaps due to the ghost counting too many points in Q. (And this does not rely on *my* points in Q) **Consequences:** I don't know much about that bug, so I could be wrong here, but from what I've seen, the effect is basically to give Kog'Maw something like the bonus AS from the rank 5 of his Q even if this rank wasn't reached. If so, then the impact is rather small, as it will be a 20 to 0% AS boost (scaling down with Kog's points in Q). **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Kog'Maw early on, and see that his attack speed is higher than that of its living brethren. Now try again with a Kog'Maw with five points in Q, maybe the problem won't be there anymore. It's just a guess, even though this time it's more likely to be true than the last suppositions. So far, that bug has always applied so long as the Kog'Maw only had one rank in his Q. **Example:** [Normal Kog'Maw](http://i.imgur.com/lgeqm8m.jpg) / [Ghost Kog'Maw](http://i.imgur.com/TXvLtrD.jpg) --- **7.12)** Nocturne's ghost has a higher attack speed than the normal Nocturne. Same explanation as for Kog'maw. (Note: There was no problem with the old Rek'sai) **Consequences:** Again, if that bug works the way I think, that will not do anything past the fifth rank of Nocturne's W. Anyway, it's a small positive bug for Mordekaiser, giving the ghost slightly more AS. **Reproduction information:** Same as the 7.11, replacing Q with W, including the part about the reproduction rate of the bug. **Examples:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/fswpm5) --- **7.13)** If Mordekaiser has a Titanic Hydra, if he Qs and flashes during the cast of his Q, the animation of the Titanic Hydra will be moved, but its damage will neither be dealt in the pre-flash corner, nor in the post-flash one (so it won't deal any damage, save for the one on the target of the Q). **Consequences:** This doesn't really have any consequences because that bug has to bypass another bug to occur, as well as meeting three other conditions. So here are the four final conditions: *I)* Mordekaiser must have a Titanic Hydra, which, as I said earlier, is unlikely as a consequence of the bugs 3.5 and 3.6. *II)* Mordekaiser must want to flash his Q for some reason. *III)* There must be other enemies around, otherwise you don't care about the Hydra not hitting anyone. *IV)* Mordekaiser must not trigger the bug 3.6, as this bug would negate the effect from the Hydra. If all of these consequences are met, then Mordekaiser loses some AoE damage. Yes, that's very little. This bug should go further down... except that if the bugs 3.5 and 3.6 were fixed, it would go up instead. So it'll go here. **Reproduction information:** Find any kind of target with other allies around, Q it while you have a Titanic Hydra, flash during your Q, and watch as nothing gets damaged around. Reproduction rate of 100%. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QtnSQ6hryI) --- **7.14)** Zilean's ghost doesn't have his passive. **Consequences:** That depends on the level of the Zilean, there, thus on whether he's gone support or mid. It mostly shouldn't have that much impact, given that after a minute, a level 11 Zilean only stores 60 experience in his passive. However, if you manage to get the ghost of a level 18 Zilean (so, assuming he's a mid laner, I don't think you should have many people below this level if their support is already maxed out on experience), it goes up to 144 after 60 seconds. It's not much, but it can still matter. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Zilean, and you won't be able to use its passive. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **7.15)** Mordekaiser's E will not generate any shield against invulnerable targets (Taric's ultimate, Kayle's ultimate, as examples). And it should. Yes, your ability won't deal any damage, so you're not going to gain any shield from your passive. But your E also reads "For each champion hit, Mordekaiser gains 25% max shield", and that part is ignored. **Consequences:** More impactful in Taric's case, where you could want to use your E through his ultimate just to gain 50-75% of your shield (by hitting two or three enemies). Same for Kayle, but the bug will only affect one person at a time. **Reproduction information:** Play a sandbox against Kayle, make her reach level 6 by teleporting in front of her and in the fountain while you're level 18, reduce her health to about 30% for her to ult, and then E and see that the E did not give you any shield. --- **7.16)** This bug has been outdated since 7.22 with the Runes Reforged update. ~~The Runic Armor mastery doesn’t increase the bonus shield granted by Mordekaiser's E (the 15%-25% per enemy champion hit). Every other shield-enhancing ability works fine.~~ ~~**Consequences:** It's not much, it just means that your E will give you 15-25% max shield per enemy champion hit instead of 16-27%. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Get the Runic Armor, go in Sandbox mode, spawn a Dummy, use your E on it, see how much damage you dealt to it, calculate how much 27% of that damage is (Runic Armor still works on your passive), calculate how much 15% and 16.2% of your max shield are (if your E is level 1, otherwise if you put it at level 5, replace these values by 25% and 27% respectively). See how much shield you had before (25% of your max shield if you didn't take any damage), add the three values in the 15% case and in the 16.2% case, and you'll see that it's the former that is equal to how much shield you have right after using your E. ~~ ~~**Explanation:** This bug is probably related to the bug 11.16: The Runic Armor mastery affects your passive in a pretty unique manner. Instead of actually increasing the shield given, it changes the tooltip of the ability to read the enhanced value, and is then disabled on the passive (in order not to increase it twice). I guess it was also disabled on your E at the same time. ~~ --- **7.17)** The dragon ghost doesn't give the proper amount of shield when attacking turrets. Even if I don't have a Luden's Echo / Runic Echoes / Elixir of Sorcery :p **Consequences:** It's only a small loss of shield, and it's irregular, so it doesn't matter so much. It's usually about 20 points of shield lost per drake attack. **Reproduction information:** Get a dragon ghost to attack a turret and be ready for lots of math, and lots of patience. **Examples and calculations:** [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/fVh4F) --- **7.18)** Blitzcrank’s ghost can use its ultimate’s passive while not being in combat. The normal Blitz cannot. **Consequences:** This was specifically patched as a QoL change for Blitz, so that the lightning wouldn’t reveal him in a bush with a nearby minion wave, or while clearing wards near a jungle camp. Same things apply in our case. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Blitzcrank and **walk** next to jungle monsters. Or sit in a bush 300 units away from minions and spam R in place. Ghosts are going to attack whatever enemy they can find even if they aren’t supposed to, and there is no S command for them. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUM1nQvQ9wM) --- **7.19)** The icon of the W isn't highlighted while the W is being used. So there is no difference between W (activate) and W (currently being used, recast). **Consequences:** Usually, that should belong in tier 11, but I'll keep it there. I didn't notice that... until I played One for All. And all of a sudden, it was "Wait... is *my* W currently going?" Aside from that, it combines with the bug 1.3 in a very bad fashion. It's just often more confusing than you expect it to be. There's a reason why every single spell has been changed to be made that way. **Reproduction information:** Cast W. --- **7.20)** Ghosts can't use Hunter's Talisman if they have one. **Consequences:** It's not gonna matter much until you start fighting an objective relatively early into the game. It does matter if you're trying to take an early Herald, for example, especially if you're a laner. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of the enemy jungler with either Talisman or a Smite upgrade, and have it attack a monster, see that nothing happens. --- **7.21)** I've seen a ghost randomly not attack automatically, while those things are normally as bloodthirsty as Draven since the loss of his old passive. In this case, the ghost was simply not attacking anything even though an enemy champion was practically tickling it. Practically. Because I don't know if you've ever tried tickling a ghost, but I can tell you it's not easy. **Consequences:** Can be a real issue if it happens in the middle of a teamfight. You kill someone, expect ghost of said someone to start punching your enemies in the face (yeah, even if it's a Vayne, you know Vayne has to be in melee range to attack her enemies anyway - or at least that's what her players believe). But, the ghost won't do that and will instead be thinking about the meaning of life, now that he has the hindsight granted by not being alive anymore. Maybe he's doing something else, but either way, it's not attacking, which is the main issue. And during a teamfight, you don't necessarily notice that instantly - especially when you're used to your ghosts not really working anyway. Losing the attacks of the ghost for just a few seconds in the middle of a teamfight can change the outcome of the game. Besides, when I got that bug, I didn't try issuing any command for the ghost, as I wanted to see if that inaction would fix itself. It did, but after 20ish seconds. Point being, maybe that bug also prevents the ghost from attacking at all during that time. In which case it's much worse and would go up in tier 5 or 4 depending on if I can find the causes and reproduction. **Reproduction information:** I have no idea yet. It just happened as I killed a ghost and there was seemingly no particular reason. It happened on the ghost of a ghost, but shouldn't be related as those ghosts2 didn't show any problem in particular regarding that. Only this case had an issue, as far as I can tell. Low reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpqY9uVbkg) --- **7.22)** Ghosts can't proc Predator, Scorch (with an ability) or Cheap Shot. Those runes are supposed to be triggered by **any** instance of damage, thus aren't supposed to require on-hit or spell effects (except Scorch). **Consequences:** Usually, you'd manage to proc those runes anyway, so it shouldn't matter too much. But sometimes, you can't. For example, when you're sending a Yasuo ghost to chase and kill an enemy, that ghost should use Cheap Shot (if you have a Rylai) on its own but won't be able to. Predator is even more noticeable as it gives a great bunch of damage, but is not something that you passively have. **Reproduction information:** *I)* Predator: Get any ghost, activate Predator, attack an enemy - minion or champion - with the ghost, and you'll keep the Predator effect. *II)* Scorch: Get any ghost that should be able to use spell effects (Blitzcrank, Aurelion Sol, Jax, Tristana, etc.), use the thing that'll make them trigger spell effects, and see that Scorch won't be applied. *III)* Cheap Shot: Get a Rylai, get a ghost, get that ghost to attack an enemy twice in a row, see that they won't take any true damage. 100% reproduction rate everywhere. **Examples:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=7m58s) --- **7.23)** Ghosts who can slow or stun an enemy can't proc Aftershock, Approach Velocity or Font of Life. **Consequences:** *I)* You're not exactly supposed to take Aftershock on Mordekaiser, even if you're facing an Udyr, Swain or Nautilus, so that shouldn't matter much. *II and III)* It only matters as long as you don't have a Rylai, and you're expected to rush it if you take one of these runes. If, however, for match-up reasons, you end up having to delay it, then it'll be impactful if you're facing something such as a Udyr or an Ashe. And the difference between having Approach Velocity and not having it is pretty noticeable. **Reproduction information:** *I)* Aftershock: Get the ghost of an Udyr/Nautilus/Swain, attack an enemy (Udyr's ghost always uses Bear Stance), and you won't get Aftershock proccing despite stunning an enemy. In Swain's case, you also need an ally to CC the enemy in the first place. *II)* Approach Velocity: Get the ghost of an Ashe/Udyr while not having Rylai, attack an enemy with that ghost, see that you won't be moving faster towards them. *III)* Font of Life: Get the ghost of an Ashe/Udyr while not having Rylai, attack an enemy with that ghost, see that the healing rune won't show and that you won't heal anyone. 100% reproduction rate everywhere. **Examples:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=4m50s) **7.24)** The ghost of an Urgot comes without any leg charged regardless of how he died, so you have to wait for each of them to cool down. Well technically not to cool down, since they look kind of warmer when they're ready to shoot, but you got what I meant. **Consequences:** In lots of cases, when you get a ghost, you need to use it right after. If you're 1v2ing, if you're in a teamfight, if you're in a skirmish... And since Urgot's passive is a big part of his damage, losing it at the beginning - so, once again, when you need it - is a big inconvenience. You can lose fights because of this. **Reproduction information:** Simply get the ghost of an Urgot. 100% reproduction rate. --- Morde has three bugs that are specific to One for All, so I just decided to put them in this tier. They can be *very* impactful, but can't go higher because it's only about One for All. Here they are! --- **7.25)** The passive of the W gives no experience. It's not even the same thing as in ARAM (cf. ST1.1), as in this case, the passive is still listen in the spell, and will pop up with every minion you kill. Normally, slaying a minion near an allied champion will show "+x exp" with a purple crit icon. In One for All, it'll instead show "+0 exp" with that same icon. **Consequences:** You're just losing an entire passive. Passive that normally gives Mordekaiser hundreds to 1000+ experience. It increases the experience you receive by ~22% in a duo lane, and by about 133% while you're as a team of five. Not having that passive is pretty huge, and it's not like Mordekaiser was really strong in One for All thus needed a nerf. **Reproduction:** Pick Mordekaiser in One for All, kill a minion while having an allied champion nearby, see that you'll gain +0 exp. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j8geqq) --- **7.26)** Using your W on a dragon ghost that isn't yours will make the circle minion-sized, instead of having a four times longer radius. **Consequences:** Relates to that whole talk on Sunfire and Abyssal on Cho'Gath: They're not very useful when their AoE is smaller than their hitbox. Same applies there: the area of your W under the dragon ghost is supposed to be huge, much bigger than on a champion, which is a great part of the strength of the dragon ghosts, and you're losing that for no reason. **Reproduction information:** Pick Mordekaiser in One for All, kill a dragon, have another Mordekaiser use his W on the dragon ghost, and watch the size of said W. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j8gf72) --- **7.27)** Mordekaiser can't ult someone who was ulted by someone else, despite what was specifically changed for this iteration of One for All. The ult will be cast, the animation will go off, but you'll simply get a message reading that the "Spell can't be stacked". Well guess what, that One for All specifically made it so that *debuffs could be stacked*. But Riot forgot to change a property that they added for the Sandbox mode. See more in the reproduction section. **Consequences:** In many circumstances, it means that you lose access to your ult. Five Syndras are able to pile their ults on the same person, but not five Mordekaisers, because of something that was not brought for balance reasons. **Reproduction information:** Pick Mordekaiser in One for All, ult an enemy, have an ally ult that same enemy while the first ult is still running. It won't work. Alternatively, pick Mordekaiser in Sandbox mode, remove your cooldowns, and try ulting the same person twice in a row. Same thing will happen. Which leads me to what I was speaking of in the main description of this bug - *Because* they coded it that way for Sandbox, they forgot to change it again to adapt it to One for All. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsPToTI8_UQ) - You can see a second Mordekaiser try to ult Nidalee, but to no avail. --- --- #**Tier 8 - Mostly ghost bugs that have little impact and in rare situations. They can still deny cause Mordekaiser's team to lose a buff, or his ghost to deal 20% reduced damage.** https://puu.sh/Aba1O/96316c3e4f.jpg **8.1)** Zac's passive doesn't cleanse him off of the Children of the Grave. However, Zac takes no damage from it while in passive form, despite being intended to lose a part of his health every second. **Consequences:** As I wrote, the ultimate is supposed to be damaging Zac so long as this spell and Zac's passive are both ongoing. But instead, while using the passive, Zac is completely protected from it, meaning that Mordekaiser may miss kills or even lose fights because of it. It not only lowers the damage that Zac will suffer, but it will also affect Mordekaiser's tankiness a lot. Every second, the ultimate **drains** a portion of the enemy's full health. He heals for 100% of the damage dealt and shields himself for an additional 25% of it. And considering that Zac tends to have a lot of hitpoints, this does mean a lot. **Reproduction information:** Ult a Zac with his passive up, make him use his passive while your ult is still up. As his passive gets activated, he is expected to keep losing a portion of his maximum health every second, but will not lose it. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **8.2)** If a ranged ghost throws a basic attack and dies during its travel time, the attack will deal physical damage, thus reducing the damage it will deal because you are pretty likely to have more magic pen than armor pen. **Consequences:** That only affects one attack, so it's not much. It'll just reduce the damage of this attack by 40% on a 120 armor/MR target if you have Void Staff, Liandry's and Sorcerer's Shoes, or 27% on a target with 42 armor/MR target. For an ADC dealing 600 damage, that's a difference of 240/162 damage. But just for one attack. **Reproduction information:** Find a ranged ghost, throw a ranged attack at it to take it down, and have the ghost cast its own attack while the opposite one is flying to it. Reproduction rate of 100%, if I'm not mistaken. --- **8.3)** If a ghost has a Raptor Cloak (or Talisman of Ascension / Ohmwrecker / ZZ'Rot Portal), they will constantly get the movement speed bonus, not only near turrets. **Consequences:** Very slight. It's something positive for you, makes your ghost faster, but will only matter if it can get to catch someone thanks to it (and then to apply Rylai's slow with its attacks), but the 20% boost is rarely enough. Still something positive though! **Reproduction information:** Nothing to say, I don't even think it's because Mordekaiser is considered as a turret for them (well why would he, after all), because the ghosts can be further to him than the Point Runner passive should allow them, without losing the speed. --- **8.4)** Moved to 5.21 alongside the other Graves bugs. ~~The attacks of Graves' ghost will do both physical and magic damage, to minions, champions, monsters or turrets. The first pellet hit on any unit will apply its normal magic damage, but every other besides this will deal physical damage. Also, the ghost has a cigar. ~~ ~~**Consequences:** It means that this ghost will deal less damage than it should, because of your own magic penetration. Every of its attacks. When Graves attacks from close range, it's more or less of a 50-50 split. So you just have to halve the calculations in 8.2, and you get a 20% and 14% damage loss, in those cases. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Graves, have it attack something... I guess it's not hard to guess. ~~ ~~**Example:** (Screenshot)[http://prntscr.com/ftj8t2]~~ --- **8.5)** Putting at once three bugs with Ivern's ghost (all on the passive): *I)* Ivern's ghost can use his passive. However, he will use it through clicking, not alt-clicking. *II)* When Ivern's ghost frees a blue/red buff, Mordekaiser can pick up both the normal buff and the buff granted by Ivern's "crystal" left on the ground. *III)* (?) Smiting something marked by Ivern's passive will do a normal smite instead of fully freeing the monster. **Consequences:** *I)* That is just weird and totally not the way this should be. All normal click actions are meant to be Mordekaiser's, and alt-clicks ghosts'. The main consequence of this is that if you are not aware of how the bug makes this work, you are either not going to manage to use the ghost's passive, or will waste quite some time experimenting during your game before you can finally get it right. It also means that in order to mark a camp, you also have to attack it as Mordekaiser, since your right click inputs two different orders at once. And it also means that right-clicking anywhere else will both make you stop attacking as the Kaiser and cancel the channel of the ghost's passive. *II)* Both buffs are most likely to go to Mordekaiser in every case, due to him being melee and picking the crystal before he gets enough time to leave the range. Except if there was someone else there. So that makes you miss a buff every time you get one thanks to the passive of Ivern's ghost. *III)* Disclaimer: I am not sure whether this is a bug or not! It would probably rather fit in the Special Tier 1, but let's put everything about Ivern just here. I don't think that if Ivern has someone else in his team having a Smite, the someone else can use the smite to activate Ivern's passive. I don't think it works like that and I think it makes sense the way it currently works. However, in the case of a ghost, Mordekaiser is the one owning Ivern, and works... together with Ivern, in a way. So this just prevents Ivern from using his passive to its full extent. **Reproduction information:** Take a smite on Mordekaiser for good measure, and get a ghost of Ivern. *I)* Try using Ivern's passive in the way you feel is most logical considering that telling the ghost to click on something is done with the alt + right click command. And try to press both alt + right click and simple right click on the camp, and see that only the latter does something, as opposed to the former being expected to be the one and only one working. *II)* After you've done the step 1 **on a buff** and done it again in order to free the camp, just watch. You don't have anything to do. You'll get the buff first for "killing" the monster by yourself (ghost's kill credit -> your kill credit), then another time because of the crystal (instead of just picking up the buff once and leaving the crystal for any of your teammates). *III)* Use Ivern's passive on something then smite it and watch as the smite deals damage instead of completing Ivern's passive. **Examples:** Thanks to Vandiril for this! *I)* [Video](https://youtu.be/dcUtV-qmalc?t=8s) *II)* [Same video with a suited timestamp](https://youtu.be/dcUtV-qmalc?t=1m37s) *III)* [Same video with a suited timestamp v2](https://youtu.be/dcUtV-qmalc?t=1m45s) --- **8.6)** The damage on Mordekaiser's Q can come out later than the animation's completion. **Consequences:** Little outside of niche cases where that extra time could allow an enemy to get a kill off. In this case, I don't know if Mordekaiser's damage still goes through or not. If yes, it means that in the very situation I've described, it turns a fight around for Mordekaiser's opponent, by literally stealing the kill the Kaiser should have grabbed. If not, it means that he will be allowed to get a trade kill, while without the bug, the Master of Metal would have received his kill credit and survived. **Reproduction information:** No clue. Sorry. That bug seems very rare. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/6yG4Sv3dwBA?t=22m20s): I actually got tricked into thinking that Altec's third Q did not deal any damage in this fight, while what actually happened was that the damage came super late. You might wanna watch this in 0,25 speed, but here's what happened: Morde's Mace of Spade's animation went through without any damage being dealt to Apollo (who still had heal up at this very moment), then LemonNation's basic attack went through alongside its own damage, then Altec flashed, heal and took the Morgenstern's damage exactly at the same time, not losing or gaining any hitpoints in the process. --- **8.7)** The ghost of the drake, like the other ghosts, can't attack wards (I'm going back on this in Special Tier 1). However, it can decide to attack a ward by itself if you attack it too. **Consequences:** Little in terms of gameplay (it will just make the dragon waste one attack), but potentially interesting about the code. **Reproduction information:** I'm not entirely sure, but try attacking a ward while your dragon is nearby and supposedly not told to do anything. In that way, the drake should try to attack the ward alongside you. Reproduction rate unknown. I'm just wondering what it matters in terms of code, and that's why this bug was important to mention: I suppose that all ghosts and other kinds of "superior" pets are specifically coded to not be able to attack entities that aren't champions, buildings, minions or monsters. What does it mean that a dragon ghost actually *has* a way to attack those wards? I have never seen this happen with a champion ghost. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La_Hi3942zY) --- **8.8)** Related to the previous one: The drake ghost has a way to cancel his attacks, as you could see if you watched the video. **Consequences:** Goes alongside the previous bug, but it also had to go in this category to have both of them stay tied. **Reproduction information:** Same as the previous bug. I put that bug as a distinct bug from the previous one because of what it implies codewise. Here, it's not about what ghosts and pets can do, but about what drakes can and can't do. Drakes cannot cancel their attacks, yet it's the second case in which I've seen one do it (cf. 6.5). For this and for the 8.7, I'll let Riot conclude about what it means. **Example:** [Same video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La_Hi3942zY) --- **8.9)** This bug has been moved as one of the consequences of the bug 5.16. ~~When Mordekaiser gets the ghost of a champion that has a Bami Cinder / Sunfire / Cinderhulk / Bramble Vest / Thornmail, if the Sunfire/Thornmail effect damages an enemy champion while you are under an enemy turret (that is currently attacking minions), it will not make you take the aggro of a turret.~~ ~~**Consequences:** That's also positive for Morde right there. Ghosts give you lots of freedom under enemy turrets: they can attack enemy champions without being attacked by the turret (it will always prioritize minions). Except if you were also under the turret, in which case you will take its aggro. ~~ ~~But anyway, the point of this is that when you play something with a Sunfire, you can't push a turret if there's an enemy coming to hug you, without taking that turret's fire (speaking of Sunfire... *cough*). It should be the same for a ghost. Put it under a turret, have an enemy walk nearby, the ghost will damage the enemy, meaning that you will damage the enemy... but the turret won't care. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Take a ghost with one of these items, go under a turret with your ghost (with allied minions), have an enemy walk near the ghost or attack it (depending on which item we're gonna be talking about). The turret won't focus you.~~ --- **8.10)** Jhin's ghost can randomly lose damage. I have no clue of how, I don't know what triggers it. It just can. **Consequences:** I wish I'd have more information on the bug for that. Because right now, I don't know what consequences it really has. I only know that it can reduce your damage output. **Reproduction information:** Same issue, sorry! **Example:** Did I already thank Vandiril for this one video that made me discover three bugs? [Video](https://youtu.be/62TiV_Far30?t=1m41s) You can see that Jhin's third shot deals 0.33% less damage than the other two, and this wasn't due to it losing one of its buffs. --- **8.11)** When Tahm Kench eats an allied Mordekaiser's ghost, he will spit it out as if it were an enemy minion/monster instead of acting around it as a champion. **Consequences:** It can be pretty useful for Mordekaiser. You can throw a Yasuo in the middle of the enemy team, and Yasuo's ghost is pretty devastating. But I rarely see that bug being any impactful. **Reproduction information:** Get a ghost while you have a Tahm in your team, get the Tahm to eat the ghost, spit it out. **Explanation:** It's probably one of the bugs that are caused by ghosts being hybrids of champion and non-champion units. Counted as champions for many cases, but not as such for others. --- **8.12)** If you have a Rylai's Crystal Scepter and a ranged ghost, if the ghost attacks an enemy but dies during the travel time of the projectile, the attack will not slow the enemy upon reaching them. **Consequences:** Can make you lose a kill in very, very nice cases. Because you need to: a/ Have a Rylai's (Okay that's checked in lots of cases). b/ Have a ranged ghost. c/ Be engaged in a fight while you have that ghost. d/ Have the ghost die. e/ Have the ghost time its last attack to be in the air at the moment of its death. f/ Not be in range of the enemy champion / Not be able to apply any other slow by yourself. **Reproduction information:** Go in Sandbox against one ranged bot, buy a Rylai's, put a Dummy near an enemy turret, put the ghost under the turret, attack the dummy right before dying. If you want that to be easier, take a champion with a ~non-existent~ slow basic attack such as Karthus. --- **8.13)** If you have Electrocute, some weird things can happen if you try to proc it with the ghost of a Blitz or of an Aurelion. - If you hit an enemy with Blitz's ult passive then with two attacks or abilities, Electrocute won't proc (Blitz's hit won't count as a hit). - If, however, you attack first and then use the Blitz lightning, Electrocute will proc counting the lightning. - Blitz's lightning and Aurelion's passive work the same way regarding this. **Consequences:** This will usually not matter, but you may still lose your Electrocute proc in some rare situations. And Electrocute deals a huge burst of damage. **Reproduction information:** Just follow the bug description, it's clear enough there. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=52s) --- **8.14)** Same thing as in 8.13, but with Phase Rush. **Consequences:** This should matter even less, as the situations I was thinking of for the consequences of the previous bug kind of implied that you'd die right before getting the Electrocute proc, in which case having it earlier could have saved you. But Phase Rush will rarely save you in those circumstances. **Reproduction information:** 8.13. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=1m36s) --- **8.15)** Presence of Mind doesn't reduce the cooldown of your ultimate while you have a ghost. **Consequences:** Makes the rune pretty much useless on Mordekaiser. But, it's not like it was very useful in the first place. **Reproduction information:** Take Presence of Mind, ult an enemy, kill it. **Example:** [Screenshot before killing the enemy](http://prntscr.com/j75gpi) / [Screenshot after killing him](http://prntscr.com/j75gyo) --- --- #**Tier 9 - Mostly ghost bugs that will slightly affect Mordekaiser, denying Mordekaiser up to 50 to 100 hp. ** https://puu.sh/Ab9ZM/ccc82aaee1.jpg **9.1)** If a Braum ghost has 3 stacks on an enemy and kills the enemy with the 4th attack, if the damage of the passive is enough to kill the unit alone, the base damage of his attack won't be applied (nor will the on-hit effects). **Consequences:** Little and that's a word I'll use a lot from this point on (that's kind of the point of those tiers). It will simply mean that if Mordekaiser has a Gunblade, he will be healed less from this attack than he should have if that bug hadn't been here. Also, he will gain less shield off of it. What do I mean by "less" here? Something between 10-20 hitpoints (level 9 to 18 Braum) and 18-36 shield, estimating some damage reduction from resistances. This adds up to a best total of an additional 28 mitigated damage if Braum is level 9, and 56 if Braum's level 18. I can't believe I just wrote 6 lines about this bug. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Braum, have it stack 3 Concussive Blows on a target and simultaneously put that target around 20 hp, then land one final basic attack on the ghost. Watch as no bonus damage will be taken from Braum's passive, unlike what was expected. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **9.2)** Aatrox's W gives additional physical damage. The Blood Price of Aatrox's ghost will instead give him additional magic damage. Yet Jarvan's Martial Cadence and the Recurve Bow both add physical damage as they're said to do, even for ghosts. **Consequences:** I suppose it makes it so that for ghosts, Jarvan's and the Recurve Bow's passives will deal a proportion of their intended damage that will be lower than the Blood Price of an Aatrox's ghost. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of an Aatrox using Blood Price. Attack a minion three times. Get the ghost of a Jarvan. Attack a minion. Get a ghost with a Recurve Bow. Attack a minion. Watch as only Aatrox's attack will have its damage be fully magic. 100% reproduction rate. --- **9.3)** When a Kassadin's ghost kills an enemy without needing the bonus damage from his W, he doesn't deal that bonus damage (thus generates less shield for Mordekaiser). The normal Kassadin always deals this damage. **Consequences:** Exactly like 9.1, with a loss of 3 hp + 5 shield (100 AP Kassadin) to 10 hp + 18 shield (800 AP Kassadin). Not very big numbers. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Kassadin (that has W unlocked), reduce a minion to single digits of health, attack that minion with the ghost, watch as Kassadin won't deal as much damage as it should have. Reproduction rate of 100%. --- **9.4)** Twisted Fate's ghost has no passive. (E works fine.) **Consequences:** None so long as the 3.9 bug exists and that prevents the ghost from sharing its money with you. If that bug were to be fixed, then you'd lose 1-6g every time the ghost would slay a minion. **Reproduction information:** Get a TF's ghost, kill minions with it, watch as nothing special happens. Reproduction rate of 100%, and what a boring description. --- **9.5)** Mordekaiser can't W a Wukong clone, while it's considered a champion for the purposes of targeting. **Consequences:** Little, because in most situations you can still W the original version of Wukong anyway. But sometimes, for some odd reason, you'd want to W the decoy (for example, if Wukong is 1010 units away from you without any other ally - even minion - nearby, would he cast W, you'd catch up with the decoy and be able to use your Harvesters of Sorrow on it to gain some movement speed). And I like the fact that I chose for my example the least impactful case possible. **Reproduction information:** Have a Wukong use his W, try to W his Decoy, it won't work. Reproduction rate of 100%. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/cTfO_jUrS5c) --- **9.6)** But Mordekaiser can use his W on... Jayce's Acceleration Gate. He can actually use his W on [all the things Gnar can bounce off](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu6iyYO4JPI) (thanks to Vandiril for the second time). However, if he uses the W on the Acceleration Gate, it will be invisible yet still deal damage. **Consequences:** Inconsistency galore! There are some things that you should completely be able to W according to logic (Wukong's decoy as mentioned, but also Maokai's saplings or Zed's shadows, I think - at least not Syndra's balls and Jayce's gate and not those, for sure). It doesn't have that much impact since it's rare not to have any other unit that you can W and that is in a good position for it (except that Syndra's balls are a great way to use long-range Harvesters). However, that Acceleration Gate thing is very confusing. I mean the fact that it just becomes invisible. I've seen many people, even among Mordekaiser mains and Mordekaiser mains that are clever and know the game, who ended up thinking that the Gate was negating your W (since it becomes invisible), without noticing that it was still there and working, just invisible. **Reproduction information:** As shown in the previous and future videos. Just W those things. Reproduction rate of 100% for all of these. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/S31eZcGykQs) --- **9.7)** Caitlyn's Headshot makes her interact very weirdly with the other bugs, that involve Statikk/RFC/Kircheis/Botrk/Guinsoo. *I)* If a Caitlyn ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, she will only be able to proc it by using her Headshot-empowered attack. Her Headshot-empowered auto won't make her gains Energized stacks for an unstacked Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, though. *II)* Once Caitlyn's ghost gets her first Headshot off, she then starts applying botrk's damage, as physical damage, on every auto-attack. I don't know how it works with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Perhaps the same, perhaps not. **Consequences:** I don't even know how I should put the consequences. Negative if you consider how Mordekaiser should work as a whole (aka with the fact that the ghost loses RFC/Statikk/Botrk procs), positive if you compare that to how other ghosts work. So in the first point of view, you lose several RFC/Statikk/Botrk procs, and in the second one, you gain some. That's about all I can comment on this. **Reproduction information:** You can use the ghost of a Caitlyn with all of those items at once. Then you have to try to: *I)* Attack minions. The Botrk will only start doing anything on your first Headshot and on every attack that will come after it. *II)* Try to stack your Energized stacks. No matter what you do, it'll only work by moving. *III)* Try to use those stacks. It'll only work on Headshots. 100% reproduction rate! **Examples:** *I)* [Video](https://youtu.be/yh03O3HFVBs?t=1m) *II)* [Video](https://youtu.be/xYm7t325azs?t=8s) --- **9.8)** The ghost of a Jayce does not get any bonus from transforming his weapon from cannon to hammer upon being turned into a ghost. He should: *I)* Get a movespeed boost and become ghosted thanks to his passive. **II)** Get additional damage thanks to his R. Note: Udyr does get the movespeed from his E and stats from passive upon being turned into a ghost. **Consequences:** Little again. You just lose a little bit of movement speed, but also one burst of damage (the damage of Jayce's R). Which is not nothing, as 20/60/100/140 + 25% bonus AD can be quite a lot. **Reproduction information:** Kill with your ultimate a Jayce that was using his cannon. The ghost will instead use the hammer (cf 6.8.2), but will not get any of the bonuses obtained from switching forms. 100% reproduction rate. --- **9.9)** Jax's ghost does something weird with its R's passive on turrets. Instead of doing normal attack - normal attack - R-attack - R-attack - R-attack - R-attack (and R-attack for every blow afterwards), it will do normal attack - R-attack - R-attack - normal attack - R-attack - R-attack. The video below will explain everything! **Consequences:** Not that much. A normal Jax will always have access to an empowered attack on his next hit after attacking a turret (if he had at least issued two hits on the turret), and this ghost will not. That's just it. **Reproduction information:** Attack a turret with Jax's ghost and watch the pattern that unfolds. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video with a supposedly clear explanation](https://youtu.be/2SCLD-SpK24?t=34s) --- **9.10)** The attacks of champion ghosts against inhibitors or Nexuses will deal physical damage to these structures, instead of magic. **Consequences:** I don't know. I don't know if that changes the amount of damage the ghost will deal to these structures. If yes, it goes up to tier 8, if not, falls down to tier 11. And if it's uncertain, it'll stay there. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a champion, have it attack an inhibitor or Nexus (despite some aforementioned bug). The damage it deals is expected to be magic, as is all of the damage of the ghosts' basic attacks (which means the main damage of their attacks, disregarding all on-hit effects), but is observed to be physical, with a reproduction rate of 100%. --- **9.11)** When Tahm Kench does the thing that it does in the bug 8.11 and throws a ghost far away with his W, he will also damage the ghost. So Tahm Kench can do friendly fire! **Consequences:** You can kill an allied unit. Or you can do it the DotA way and deny 25g to the enemies. But very little impactful consequences overall. **Reproduction information:** Same as 8.11. --- **9.12)** If Azir's ghost attacks a Braum with his E up, its attacks will go through Braum's Unbreakable without being affected by it. Even if the attacks are fired from the right direction for the shield. Azir's normal attacks are properly affected by the shield. Ranged ghosts' attacks are properly affected by the shield. Even the Vel'Koz's ghost's attacks (had enough apostrophes yet?) are properly affected by the shield, despite looking similar to Azir's. **Consequences:** Can be positive, can be negative. Azir's basic attacks aren't very important without his soldiers, so the damage gained by ignoring the Unbreakable is little. However, it means that you can't use Azir's attacks to break his invulnerability. **Reproduction information:** Kill Azir, get its ghost, face Braum with his E, attack the Braum, and see that there won't be an interaction between Azir's attack and Braum's shield. --- **9.13)** Buying magic penetration during the ultimate will make the damage instantly go up. Selling magic penetration will only make it go down after 5ish seconds. **Consequences:** You're rarely going to *sell* magic pen items, unless you want to sell your boots for something else, for example. And even if you do so, you'd be well advised to wait for your ult to end before selling them (the death timers are long enough, when you plan on selling your boots). **Reproduction information:** Ult something, buy magic pen, sell magic pen, and you've got everything tested. --- **9.14)** If you have a Haunting Guise, ult something and sell the Guise, you'll keep having the buff for being in combat with enemy champions until the end of your ultimate. **Consequences:** There again, this isn't supposed to happen in a game. You don't sell Liandry's. Not on Morde. NO! You don't. **Reproduction information:** Buy a Haunting Guise/Liandry, ult something, sell it, you keep having the buff. You shouldn't **refresh** the effect of an item that you don't have. --- **9.15)** Adaptive runes don't change when you get the AP from a ghost. This means that if you had 10 bonus AD and 0 bonus AP, but get a ghost that gives you 15 bonus AP, you'll now have 10 bonus AD and 15 bonus AP but you'll still gain AD from your adaptive runes instead of AP. **Consequences:** Little. I can pretty much only see that be impactful if for some reason you had a Long Sword at level 6 and got the ghost of an enemy with 40+ AP. In that case, it'd be sad, because you want your runes to give you AP and not AD. So you're losing some AP because of that bug, but only in very, very niche circumstances. **Reproduction information:** Pick runes giving adaptive stats, buy a Cull and no AP, get the ghost of an enemy with 28 AP or more, and see that you're still gaining AD from your runes despite having more AP (and Mordekaiser's runes are defaulted to AP, so you can have the same amount of bonus AD/AP without this making the test invalid). **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j7m0qv) --- **9.16)** If you cast your W while there is no ally around just before killing the drake, the W circle of the drake will be small (it'll be champion size while a dragon's size is much bigger). **Consequences:** It will only matter if enemies are coming for you right as you're finishing soloing the drake. In which case you might lose a part of your damage. But that's pretty much about it, really. **Reproduction information:** Attack the drake until it falls low, use your W and kill the drake while your W is still on. Make sure no ally is nearby while doing so, so that your W isn't bound to anyone until you get the ghost. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j75hez) -- **9.17)** If you ult an enemy (without Rylai) and kill that enemy **without damaging them**, you’ll still get the assist from ulting them. Or you’ll get the kill credit instead of having them executed. **Consequences:** That’s pretty much never going to happen. **Reproduction information:** - Face a Morgana - Make sure that the black shield can block all of the damage - Have her fall low and go under an enemy turret - Have that Morgana black shield herself - Ult her so that she dies to the turret without taking any damage from you. You’ll still get the kill credit / assist. --- --- #**Tier 10 - Mostly ghost bugs that affect the hitpoints of the ghost, or the damage they can take, without directly affecting Mordekaiser. Or bugs that affect items that Mordekaiser will more than rarely buy.** http://puu.sh/Ab9Xv/24c83e6cdf.jpg **10.1)** A Cho'gath ghost doesn't have a passive. **Consequences:** Prevents Cho'gath from regaining health upon killing minions. **Reproduction information:** I may skip the reproduction thing from now on when it's really trivial. It is trivial, here. --- **10.2)** Outdated because of her rework. ~~The passive of Irelia's ghost gives her 10% tenacity even with no enemy around.~~ ~~**Consequences:** Irelia has 10% bonus tenacity for Mordekaiser's 1v1s (as in, Mordekaiser and Irelia's ghost against one champion).~~ --- **10.3)** If a ghost has a Banshee's Veil, the veil will only activate one or two seconds after the ghost is spawned, regardless of the cooldown on the veil for the original champion. **Consequences:** That's just pretty illogical. The Veil should activate as soon as you get the ghost... or at the very list, 45 seconds later. Those two seconds can't have any rational reason (I mean, in the code, sure, but that's not what I mean). --- **10.4)** A Sivir ghost doesn't use her passive. **Consequences:** Won't gain movement speed upon attacking champions, reduces the chase potential of the ghost, hence Mordekaiser's chase potential. I think the kiting aspect of this passive can be ignored. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lallAFHSVDc) --- **10.5)** If Mordekaiser has a RFC fully charged, activates his Q and right-clicks an enemy minion, he will just use the RFC (without casting the attack afterwards) and will cancel his attack order. This will be similar with the bug 14.4, but the difference between those is in that attack being cancelled against the player’s will). This bug doesn’t have a 100% reproduction rate. **Consequences:** You shouldn't have a RFC to begin with. Consider that bug without consequences. **Reproduction information:** Follow the description. Buy a RFC on Mordekaiser, stack it, activate your Q and right-click on an enemy minion (or any kind of unit). Reproduction rate below 100%. However, this bug is interesting because Mordekaiser's Q isn't meant to be cancellable, whereas this issue may force a cancel of your attack after the RFC gets used. --- **10.6)** If Mordekaiser has a Death's Dance and the ghost has any way to deal physical damage (Jarvan's passive, Recurve Bow, for example), this physical damage won't heal Mordekaiser. **Consequences:** Little to none. Although this item has a passive that could be really cool on Mordekaiser, the other one is pretty useless. And the heal that this bug makes you miss isn't that high anyway. **Reproduction information:** Use one of the cases I quoted as examples (Jarvan / Recurve Bow). --- **10.7)** Malzahar's ghost doesn't have a passive. It doesn't activate, and isn't shown as being on cooldown either. **Consequences:** Will make that ghost easier to kill, and will remove it its ability to block a CC. Considering that ghosts are well used as meat shields against skillshots, that this one ghost is pretty squishy and that you'd need it alive to keep some of its AP. **Explanation:** Could be caused by the fact that the ghost is in the *state* of the champion the moment he died, meaning that he doesn't get the passive, much like Jhin spawns with the amount of bullets the champion died with. Could also not be. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/_wWmTyo9xc8) --- **10.8)** When the ghost of a Wukong activates his passive, he gains bonus armor and magic resist... and *loses* base armor and magic resist. **Consequences:** Little. The ghost only gets ever so slightly squishier. **Reproduction information:** Put a Wukong ghost near enemies and check its armor and magic resist stats before and after. By that, I mean the gray and yellow numbers in the detailed resistances stats. --- **10.9)** Vayne's ghost doesn't have her movement speed passive (the Silver bolts work though). **Consequences:** Same as Sivir's case in 10.4, except that it also reduces her chances at catching up with someone, which is actually fairly important since she can apply your Rylai's effect for you. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/nUAg0PZMRaQ) --- **10.10)** Trundle's ghost doesn't have his passive. **Consequences:** The ghost isn't as tanky as it should be (in terms of sustained tankiness). --- **10.11)** Nidalee's ghost doesn't have her "On the Prowl" hidden passive, giving experience to lower-leveled allied nearby champions. **Consequences:** If her level is above yours, you should get 5 exp every 5 seconds (or was it 10?) while this ghost is alive and near you. And so should your teammates if it's above theirs. --- **10.12)** If a ghost has a black cleaver, their attacks will put cleave stacks on the enemy champions. If Mordekaiser has a black cleaver, only his attacks will add a cleave stack on the enemy champions, his ghost's won't (unless both have one). So far, everything's alright... or is it? If Aatrox and Mordekaiser both have a black cleaver and if Aatrox's ghost attacks an enemy champion, his attacks will put one cleave stack on him. Except the attack empowered with Blood Price (his W). With further tests, it appeared that if a standard Aatrox attacked an enemy, his W-empowered attack would only put one stack on him, not two. What does that mean? The ghost's empowered attack, despite dealing purely magical damage, put one cleave stack for his cleaver, and one for Mordekaiser's cleaver. Kinda weird. **Consequences:** None. You don't have a Black Cleaver. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/aZ3u6O1OxTc) --- **10.13)** THAT BUG ACTUALLY GOT FIXED, like nani? This is the ONE bug that would NEVER be reproduced and Riot fixed it? At this point it really feels like they're mocking the entirety of the Mordekaiser playerbase and there are DOZENS of us! I so badly want to put this bug higher up just for the sake of its description. You cannot E before you land on the ground after a flashed Q on a plant followed by a QSS. W works fine, though. I suppose this doesn't require any clarification. **Consequences:** None. This situation will never happen. You need to: a/ Have a QSS, b/ Be in front of a blast cone, c/ Have your flash up, d/ Have your Q up, e/ Think about doing the trick of attack-flashing the plant to gain some time, f/ Know that you can only do this on Mordekaiser if the said attack is a Q, g/ Have your QSS up, h/ Be willing to use your QSS for this, i/ Have your E up, j/ Have an enemy that you need to hit with your E before landing on the ground. **Reproduction information:** Just follow the instructions \*malefic grind*. Oh well. a/ Walk in front of a blast cone, b/ Q the blast cone, c/ As soon as the Q start, press flash on the other side of the blast cone, d/ QSS while in the air. e/ Try pressing E. It will only work when you land on the ground. If you tried to use your W instead of your E, it would have worked. Oh, and from what I recall, if you don't flash, it works fine. Also, don't ask me how I found this. **Example:** Of course there's one, take this [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwIHq39oLQ8). I took an entire page to describe a completely useless bug. --- **10.14)** Sion's ghost cannot stack health by killing units. **Consequences:** Well the ghost could have a couple more hitpoints but that's about it. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Sion with points in his W, use the ghost to attack minions, it won't gain health. --- **10.15)** I've seen a champion ghost target a ward, while that's supposed to be bugged thus not possible (cf. 14.1). So we reach the areas of bugs within bugs of bugception. **Consequences:** It can make the ghost lose an attack, but it's mostly just a weird thing that it happened. **Reproduction information:** I don't have any. --- --- #**Tier 11 - Now the bugs don't affect the gameplay anymore. They are just clarity issues.** https://puu.sh/Ab9Gg/55ac7330b1.jpg **11.1)** Mordekaiser's Q lost its 1! / 2!! / 3!!! thing. **Consequences:** Clarity. Harder to read which stack of Q you're at. It actually matters when it's not always so clear whether one of your Qs was consumed by attacking a minion who died in the meantime (cf bug 4.8). --- **11.2)** When Mordekaiser has a ghost, his ultimate icon often remains normal instead of being highlighted as it should. **Consequences:** It makes you sometimes think that you can use your ultimate, while you still have a ghost alive. Even if it sounds somewhat stupid, in practice, it can be confusing, and you can have that thought during one or two seconds. Sure, you understand that it was only a bug after that period of 1-2 seconds. But sometimes you've flashed into someone in the meantime, expecting to be able to ult them. And it was at this moment that he knew... he fawked up. **Reproduction information:** Reproduction rate below 100%. Perhaps around 50, I'm not sure at all. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/cttokm) --- **11.3)** Ghosts can crit, but the crit damage will be displayed as standard damage. **Consequences:** Very little. Just clarity details. **Examples:** [Video](https://youtu.be/63FUWfY924E?t=33s): A Jhin is forced to crit on his fourth shot, and he does crit, but it's not displayed as such. --- **11.4)** The ghost of the drake doesn't have his buff bar anymore (showing that he has armor pen and buffs against teams with Dragonslayer stacks). **Consequences:** It's pretty impactful here. Few people know about this Ancient Grudge passive. --- **11.5)** See [that indicator](https://puu.sh/s7kua/d58b850a13.jpg) on the Scuttle Crab? It's from Mordekaiser's champion page and should be a ghost-targeting icon. I had to take the screenshot from there, because I never saw this indicator ingame. **Consequences:** Damn that indicator would be super convenient. I think I've talked enough about how bad of an experience it is to try and control the drake. Well that indicator would at least give you an idea of what it's gonna attack beforehand. --- **11.6)** Ghosts' attacks can... lag? **Consequences:** Just weird visuals. **Reproduction information:** No clue. I've only seen that once. It was quite bizarre, though. **Examples:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYm7t325azs) --- **11.7)** How can ghosts have 1% crit chance when they don't even have runes/masteries? **Consequences:** I'd say none because nobody has ever cared about this 1% crit on ghosts. It took me almost a year to notice this, so... **Reproduction information:** It's pretty funny. For this to happen, your normal champion must have 1% crit chance from their runes to begin with. But the ghosts don't use their champions' runes. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/dngits). --- **11.8)** Ghosts can appear as not having items. Unless it’s just that Nocturne decided to become spookier. **Consequences:** At least that clarity issue matters more than the one above. Still not so important though. **Reproduction information:** I don't really know. It happens somewhat frequently, but not always. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/dngi6z) --- **11.9)** The armor number should be yellow if it's increased by something. **Consequences:** None. **Example:** [Not gray.](http://puu.sh/sYHTq/2c66bc591e.jpg) --- **11.10)** Ghosts have very weird base armor and magic resist stats, check the examples. **Consequences:** None as well, the total numbers remain the same. **Examples:** [Ghost's armor](http://puu.sh/sYHDW/9f2d539794.jpg) / [Normal armor](http://puu.sh/sYHDf/3747bb2053.jpg) [Ghost's magic resist](http://puu.sh/sYHEE/7d617f69be.jpg) (A level 5 melee champion has 36 magic resistance… certainly not 5). --- **11.11)** Ekko's ghost has the sound of some of his attacks played a bit before the attack applies (damage, passive proc). It did it for the first 3 attacks, then every third one. **Consequences:** Slightly weird.Consequences range from very little to none, though. --- **11.12)** Some values are missing on [Mordekaiser's champion page](http://gameinfo.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/mordekaiser/). Technically, that cannot be referred to as a "bug", just as an issue, but hey, since I don't make a count this time, I can just not call it as such and it won't change anything. **Consequences:** At first thought, you'd suppose that this page should give useful information about the champion. Well as a consequence of this, it doesn't. --- **11.13)** Moved to 5.21 alongside the other Graves bugs. ~~Unlike Jhin's, Graves' ghost does lose pellets upon attacking. But the ammo indicator right below its health bar will always stay on 2. **Consequences:** Clarity. That information is useful, and it's easier not to have to keep the ghost's actual amount of ammos in mind. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/ftdn8y)~~ --- **11.14)** If you ult a Garen and kill him while he's spinning, the ghost will always spin too, and will only briefly interrupt in order to attack. **Consequences:** That... doesn't make the ghost very clear. You usually expect to have to step away from a spinning Garen, so that you don't take loads of damage, but it's not the case here as the spinning doesn't deal any damage. Also, that bug can cause serious cases of laughter, which can end up in you losing a fight because you can't focus anymore. This is a very dangerous issue. **Reproduction information:** Kill a Garen while he's spinning, with your ult. 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM4jAZ2zxRs) --- **11.15)** The ghost of a dragon is shown as being level 1 regardless of its actual level. However, after some time, it sometimes fixes itself to instead show the correct level. **Consequences:** Doesn't matter much for a player because you tend not to care about the dragon ghost's level, just about its stats. However, it was pretty inconvenient when I was testing the interactions. **Reproduction information:** That, I don't really know. The amount of time after which the level of the ghost is shown again seems to be random, and sometimes apparently higher than the duration of the ghost - which quite obviously means that the real level will never be shown. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/ftibg0) --- **11.16)** This bug has been outdated since 7.22, with the Runes Reforged update. ~~The Runic Armor mastery affects the number in the tooltip of Mordekaiser’s passive, and lists that Mordekaiser generates a shield equal to 27% of his damage dealt by his spells, instead of 25%. ~~ ~~This is the only shield amplification that does this. Try building Redemption, Censer, Mikael, try using Windspeaker... all of them will leave your tooltip unchanged. All of them, save for that Runic Armor. Special snowflake, I guess. ~~ ~~**Consequences:** None aside from clarity... and from the fact that I suppose it might be causing the bug 7.16 (Runic Armor not increasing the shield granted by Mordekaiser's E). Here's one fact that wasn't on purpose at all but of which I am proud: This bug is the 11.16 while the related one was the 7.16. Number unity! ~~ ~~This bug only changes your tooltip to make it include the bonus from this mastery, but then disable the mastery on the passive, so the shield gained remains 25% in all cases. I'm assuming they coded it as to disable the shield increase on all of the spells and not just one the passive, which is why it affects your E, but that's about it. ~~ ~~Also, the healings from your W and from your ultimate are properly increased by that mastery, so the bug would just affect the shields. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** Go in a game with and without Runic Armor, compare the tooltip of the passives. ~~ ~~**Explanation:** This looks like it is the consequence of a bugfix. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-65-notes > Mordekaiser’s Passive - Iron Man shield is now properly multiplied by the Runic Armor mastery bonus~~ ~~Apparently, this is how it was "fixed"!~~ ~~**Example:** [Screenshot without Runic Armor](https://prnt.sc/g8hecl) / [Screenshot with Runic Armor](https://prnt.sc/g8hdtq).~~ --- **11.17)** *I)* When you don't have any point in Mordekaiser's Q and hover over the ability to have its description, it will read that the third strike has 0 base damage. *II)* The base damage on the Q3 takes some time to be updated in the tooltip after you put a point in the spell. **Consequence:** Just clarity, nothing else, you know that it's twice the first/second strike's damage anyway. **Reproduction information:** Pretty easy, you have to start a game and to hover over the ability. **Explanation:** I’m assuming this happens because the damage shown for Q3 in the tooltip is calculated as being 2x the damage of your Q1/Q2. So with 0 point in Q, Q1 and Q2 deal 0 damage, meaning that Q3 deals 2x0 damage and is shown as dealing 0. This also explains the delay for updating the Q3’s tooltip after putting a point in it, as it still has the old Q1/Q2 bases in memory for a short bit at the beginning. **Examples:** *I)* [Screenshot](https://puu.sh/A8nZV/da794cfedc.jpg) *II)* [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j7wc6r) --- **11.18)** I've seen one case of a ghost losing its animations. The ghost was still attacking, but without moving its arms, its weapon or anything. **Consequences:** Same as 11.14 without the swag and laughter parts. **Reproduction information:** I don't even know. Could be caused by trying to use an emote while the ghost was attacking something, but I don't have any further information. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/zsWpo7E7iag) --- **11.19)** Perhaps related to the previous one, ghosts can use their emotes while walking. Especially Cowbell Alistar. **Consequences:** Same as 11.14 with arguably even more swag and laughter. **Reproduction information:** Get a ghost, ctrl-3, alt-click to move the ghost. **Example:** Thanks Raid Boss Morde! [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUykgGt5byI) --- **11.20)** Kog'Maw's ghost uses Kog's passive's walking animation, which is pretty goofy. **Consequences:** It's kinda disturbing, because that makes the ghost slightly similar to passive Kog, which is weird. But that's about it. It's fun, as well. **Reproduction information:**Simply kill Kog and get his ghost. 100% reproduction rate. --- **11.21)**Similarly, Kayn's ghost will use the walking animation of his SA/Darkin forms if he was evolved, despite keeping the base Kayn model (cf. 6.8.6). **Consequences:** It's hardly noticeable. Not much. **Reproduction information:** Have Kayn evolve into either form, get the ghost. 100% reproduction rate. --- **11.22)** The ghost of an Arclight Vel'Koz still has the colors of its living brethren, in spite of ghosts being supposedly, well, "ghost"-blue. **Consequences:** It's weird for a ghost. But that's about it. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of an Arclight Vel'Koz, nothing more. 100% reproduction rate. --- **11.23)** Zoe can't make summoner spells/item shards drop from enemy spell casts. **Consequences:** Nothing for herself. It does however help a lot if there are Zoes in both teams. **Reproduction information:** Get the ghost of a Zoe, have an enemy use a summoner spell or active item nearby, see that nothing will happen. --- **11.24)** Zoe can't pick those shards up either. **Consequences:** Nothing for herself. It would just be a negative thing to have in case there'd be a Zoe in each team. **Reproduction information:** Have a Zoe in both teams, get the ghost of the enemy one (I mean you can get the ghost of the allied one if you want but actually you probably can't), have an enemy use a summoner spell or active item near your Zoe, see that nothing will happen if the ghost attempts to pick it up. --- **11.25)** While the spell is activated, the numbers on the description of your W show their 5.18 values. **Normal description:** - Both gain up to 75 movement speed towards one another. - When they touch, they deal 140/180/220/260/300 (+0.9 AP) magic damage over 4 seconds to nearby enemies. - Reactivate to both steal 50/85/120/155/190 (+0.3 AP) health from nearby enemies (25% heal on minions, max 2 units; deals magic damage). **Description while the spell is on:** - Both gain up to 75 movement speed towards one another. - When they touch, they deal 140/180/220/260/300 (+0.9 AP) magic damage over 4 seconds to nearby enemies. - Reactivate to both steal 50/70/90/110/130 (+0.3 AP) health from nearby enemies (0% heal on minions, max 0 units; deals magic damage). **Those are the values from patch 5.18.** When Riot nerfed this ability, they actually forgot to change the tooltip for when the W is up. Additionally, the "0% heal on minions, max 0 units" is a separate bug and just a messed up display. **Consequences:** Not really any, it's only a tooltip issue and you're usually not reading your tooltip while you have your W on. But still. Just why. I mean I have the answer but, still why. **Reproduction information:** By AP and put at least one point in your W (level 1 base values were not changed). Look at the tooltip. Press W. Look at the tooltip again. It'll be different. **Examples:** [Screenshot of the normal W](http://prntscr.com/j8fxxz) / [Screenshot of the activated W](http://prntscr.com/j8fy3n) - this works both in spectate mode and in game. [And a video of me getting confused about this and other things.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqyAyhBe6a4) --- **11.26)** The ghost of a Wukong Bot is named MonkeyKing bot. That's the old name of that bot, but... ghosts are kind of supposed to have the same name as their living brethren. **Consequences:** None. It's fun though. **Reproduction information:** Get in a sandbox game against a Wukong Bot, kill it with ~~fire~~ ult, and see the name of your pet. You unfortunately cannot change it because it's a traded Pokémon. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j8gdby) --- **11.27)** The dragon ghost seems to always *need* to have 100 base AD. This means two things: *I)* If the dragon ghost has more than 100 AD because of game time, it'll have bonus AD. Its AD will be shown as 100 base AD + whatever is left as bonus AD. *II)* If it has less than 100 AD (it starts around 43 AD), the tooltip will read "43 (100 + 0)". **Consequences:** Tooltip problems, no real consequences. **Reproduction information:** *I)* Kill a drake ~30 minutes into the game. *II)* Kill a drake <20 minutes into the game. **Examples:** *I)* [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j75git) *II)* [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/j75dxa) --- **11.28)** Similarly, if the drake has less than 330 movement speed, any point of speed gained below 330 will be counted as base movespeed. **Consequences:** Same as 11.27, tooltip problems, no real consequences. That one is more confusing, though, especially with the fact that you can by yourself increase the speed of the drake in two different ways (W and making it move towards you). **Reproduction information:** Get a drake while having your ult rank 1, compare its tooltip while it's moving away from you and towards you. **Example:** [Screenshot with 275 speed](http://prntscr.com/j75h5i) / [Screenshot with 375 speed](http://prntscr.com/j75h9r) --- --- #**Tier 12 - One tier below: Those bugs don't affect gameplay or clarity. They're just the result of inconsistency.** http://puu.sh/Ab9U0/a1eb59e4f2.jpg **12.1)** Moved to 4.12. ~~If used on a very low life minion, it can deal absurd damage. For example, I once had a minion with 5 health taking 4543 damage from the 4th hit. Or 1200 when I should have dealt 400. This bug seems very rare and it doesn’t look like it impacts the shield generation.~~ ~~**Consequences:** None. ~~ ~~**Reproduction information:** As I said, this bug is very, very rare. I keep thinking it was only my imagination, but every time I have that thought, the bug will happen again just to prove me wrong. I don't know if it's a magic trick to trigger it. Maybe not, if I had to guess.~~ --- **12.2)** Casting Mordekaiser's W on a Blood Lord Vladimir, then reactivating the spell near minions will cause Blood Lord Vladimir to glitch as if he were wearing a (little oversized) black coat. **Consequences:** Little. It kinda hides a great part of the screen. But for that, you need to have both champs in the same game, with Vlad using that skin. It's a funny bug though. **Reproduction information:** It's all in the description! And 100% reproduction rate. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL__i0PVUZk) --- **12.3)** Mordekaiserdoesn't shout upon casting his E anymore. **Consequences:** Loss of swag, nothing else. --- **12.4)** A ghost can have little blue particles for an instant around him, upon dying from time. Might be related to the ghost having a Tear of the Goddess. **Consequences:** Absolutely none. **Reproduction information:** All's in the description. --- **12.5)** Ghosts can't taunt characters when the normal champion would. (Example: A Yasuo ghost won't say anything in front of an enemy Riven using her Q, even when it's the first time she uses her Q during the game. Yes, I tested that interaction.) **Consequences:** None. **Reproduction information:** The example of the description works as a way to reproduce this. Supposedly 100% reproduction rate. --- **12.6)** If Mordekaiser has an Essence Reaver (don't ask me why he would), every single attack of the ghost will give him 3% of his missing mana back. So Mordekaiser is gonna have that little shiny particle for every attack of the Child of the Grave. **Consequences:** Mordekaiser doesn't have an Essence Reaver. Mordekaiser doesn't have mana. No consequences. --- **12.7)** If a ghost has an Essence Reaver, both his and your crits will make you “regen mana” (as in, have the particles showing that you gained mana). **Consequences:** Mordekaiser doesn't have mana. No consequences aside from you attempting to become a shiny Pokémon without being shiny. And without being a Pokémon. --- **12.8)** Literally most gamebreaking of all these bugs:** The Scarecrow passive of a Fiddlesticks ghost doesn't always work. **Consequences:** None. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/SpzW88ceWLY) --- **9)** A Bard ghost doesn't spawn chimes. **Consequences:** He can't use them anyway. None. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/IxtABsFrHTg) --- **12.10)** Lissandra's ghost has the visual effects for her passive, without having it listed among her buffs. **Consequences:** None. --- **12.11)** Swain's ghost doesn't have a passive. **Consequences:** None. Just makes it lack the visuals upon killing a unit. So, none. --- **12.12)** Yorick's ghost doesn't have a passive. **Consequences:** Same as just above in 12.11. --- **12.13)** The fact that a ghost can gain 1 gold from the Cull if Mordekaiser last-hit a minion and shared the gold with them is a bug. Or something else is a bug. Either way, something's wrong there. Because normally, a minion shared counts as a creep in the creep score, and nothing else (it doesn't give any on-kill effect, like the passive of Mordekaiser's W or or Sion's W). **Consequences:** None gameplaywise. Just weird when it comes to how things work. Refer to 14.2. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_r1waCbaGI) --- **12.14)** Normally, when Mordekaiser uses an emote while he has a ghost, the ghost also use his own emote of the same kind. But if the ghost is more than 1000 units away from him, it will not do anything. **Consequences:** None in terms of gameplay. **Reproduction information:** 1000 units is exactly the range of your W, so see with that. --- **12.15)** If you kill Kindred with your ultimate, you only get the ghost of Lamb without Wolf. **Consequences:** None as far as I can tell. **Reproduction information:** Kill Kindred with your ultimate. **Explanation:** Same as Lulu's case (bug 7.9): Lamb and Wolf are coded as two different champions, so you only get one of them. **Example:** [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/gssk9a) --- --- #**Tier 13 - Spectate client** http://puu.sh/Abach/7090e7a12e.jpg **13.1)** The ghosts are displayed as having a mana bar, but have no resource bar when you click on them. **Consequences:** None. **Example:** [Screen](http://prntscr.com/dnvxhd) --- **13.2)** If you go back in time in the replay while having a ghost on, the ghost will appear as a regular champion. **Consequences:** Some clarity. Would be funny if it happened during the LCS... **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/QRdoJ7EGZME) --- --- #**Tier 14 - Bugs that are not exclusive to Mordekaiser, but that greatly affect him. Those bugs are back to being important, but deserved to be put aside.** https://puu.sh/Aba9u/69bd29c3ec.jpg At the beginning of each bug description, I showed the tier the bug would be in if it were exclusive to Mordekaiser. **14.1) Tier 4:** Ghosts cannot target wards or special units such as Illaoi's tentacles. This is not a Mordekaiser-specific bug, but Mordekaiser is greatly impacted by it, hence its presence in the buglist. Now I do consider it as a bug, because it is very unhealthy when you're engaged in a fight around Shaco's boxes or the likes of these, because alt-clicking them will cause the ghost to... stop attacking at all and behave weirdly for a couple of moments. **Consequences:** This is something that affects all kinds of champion pets. Shaco's clone cannot attack wards either, nor could the clone granted by Leblanc's previous passive. But that matters a lot for Mordekaiser. Here are the consequences: *I)* Quite obviously, you cannot use your ghost to clear wards, while you'd often want to. If you have the ghost of an AP enemy and are killing a Nashor, you'd like to use that ghost to clear the pink ward you're sitting on, instead of having that ghost's weak basic attacks go on the monster while you have to do the clearing duty instead of Qing the Baron. Or when you'd like to use your ranged ghost to remove that ward over a wall. Or when you want to walk to mid lane, and let your ghost deal with the pink ward in the pixel brush, just before it gets teleported back to you because you moved too far away from it, as you wanted. *II)* And now, another case where it gets very unhealthy, and why I am almost certain that I can consider this as a bug instead of just a choice of design. Try to fight alongside a ghost when you're in the middle of Shaco boxes, or Illaoi's tentacles, Malzahar's voidlings, Yorick's ghouls... If you happen to alt-click on their summoned units for any reason, it will cause the ghost to stop attacking at all, and to just behave weirdly for a couple of moments. *III)* Teemo's shrooms. Try to attack the shrooms by yourself and the ghost will join you and walk near you, aka on the shroom. Try to attack a shroom by using right click and alt-right click (so, when you want to try and make the ghost attack alongside you), and the ghost will have a pretty high chance of walking on it instead, since it will not be able to attack the it. **Reproduction information:** Try alt-clicking wards, Shaco's boxes, Illaoi's tentacles or any other kind of special units with any of the aforementioned champion-like pets and it won't work. --- **14.2) Tier 3: ** When someone shares a minion with you by using their Relic Shield (or Targon's Brace / Face of the Mountain / Eye of Something), you don't get the effects that killing a minion would give you. This applies to Sion's W or to an ADC having a Cull, for example, or in our case, to Mordekaiser's W, with his experience passive. For you who might say that it's intended... if it were, it would be a stupid design. That item is supposed to allow the supports to kill some minions without making their ADC lose anything when compared to when the marksman kills the minion by themselves. Well here as Mordekaiser, you have to make a choice. Since every minion the support shares with you makes you lose experience, you have to either let him get his money and lose your experience, or make full use of your W's passive and make him lose money. Seriously though, I sometimes even consider taking the cannon minions myself if I really need the experience for a quick level-up! That completely defeats the purpose of the Relic Shield. **Edit since the last time:** This is now confirmed to be a bug. This interaction was changed so that if your support shares a minion with you while you have a Cull, the Cull will give you 1 bonus gold. But it only works with this item - Morde's W, Sion's W, Garen's W, SneakyW and all these other things that are triggered when your CS goes up still can't interact with Relic Shield. --- **14.3) Tier 8:** Mordekaiser's Q seems to be weirdly coded. This also applies to Shen's Q, and Leona's ultimate. It is known that they aren't counted as a single target spell. Prior to Rylai's nerf, they would only apply a 20% slow, instead of 40%, which means that they would be counted as multi-hit spells (aka, a DoT), and not AoE spells. However, they proc Deathfire Touch for 2 seconds and not one, which means that for the purpose of this item, they are considered as AoE spells and not DoTs. Either way, spell vamp and omnivamp only heal you for 33% of the damage of those spells. **Consequences:** Either little, or none, at the moment. I don't know whether Riot wants this to be considered an AoE spell or not - if yes, I disagree, because in my opinion, multi-hit is more fitting here, as those are spells that *do* hit multiple times. And if yes, there is no current impact. But still if yes, it also prevented Mordekaiser from inflicting a 40% slow on his Q with the Rylai's effect (AoE spells slowed for 40%, not 20% as multi-hit spells did). If no, however, then it means that this spell applies the damage of Deathfire Touch over two seconds instead of just one. Which is nice to Mordekaiser! **Reproduction information:** Either way, that bug doesn't matter as much in terms of ingame consequences as it does when it comes to the way those spells are coded. And by "those spells", I mean every spell that buff a certain number of attacks with magic damage (there currently isn't any other: they either add physical damage - Riven's passive - or apply over a certain time instead of a number of attacks - Rumble's passive). --- **14.4) Tier 9:** If Mordekaiser uses his Q while he has a Statikk Shiv charged, the Shiv's damage will be dealt before the damage of the attack. This doesn't apply when the attack with Q is the one that brings the Shiv to 100 stacks. **Consequences:** It's a bit disturbing, but that's it. It's not as disturbing as the fact that you'd have a Statikk Shiv or RFC. **Reproduction information:** It also happens with some other champions having a modified auto-attack, like Garen or Ekko, so there is some (demacian) justice after all, but not to all of them. For example, Illaoi doesn’t have that on her Harsh Lesson. And it also applies to Rapidfire Cannon and to Kircheis Shard. **Example:** [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzDSKLCgNWQ) --- **14.5) Tier 7:** Guardian will proc even if the entirety of the damage is shielded. This affects Mordekaiser more than any other champion for obvious reasons, except that he doesn't use Guardian often, as Aery is a better option in pretty much every case. Except if you need the Resolve tree as your primary tree for whichever reason. No other effect that requires you to take damage will be triggered if the damage is entirely shielded. **Consequences:** It makes Guardian go off when you don't need it to. Because it'll shield damage that would have been shielded anyway. And Guardian has a very long cooldown, so you waste your keystone for about a minute every time that happens. **Reproduction information:** Go in sandbox with Guardian as your keystone, place an allied dummy in front of the drake, stack your shield, attack the drake and have it attack **you** while you're standing next to the dummy. Guardian will be triggered while it shouldn't. **Example:** [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=3m56s) --- --- --- #**Special tier 1 - Some things that might be intended, or even are intended, but that I think are wrong (argumentation inside)** **ST1.1)** Mordekaiser's W doesn't have a passive in ARAM. It used to have one, and nothing in any patch notes mentions any kind of change. Additionally, if you argue that he shouldn't have this passive for balance reasons, don't forget that this is a nerfed version of the passive that Mordekaiser had in a first place (Mordekaiser only gets 50% of the experience that the group penalty makes him miss - sure, him getting 100% of the experience yielded by each minion instead of 25% would have been something, but that's not what this passive does anymore), that it only works on the minions that Mordekaiser manages to last-hit by himself (which both teams will try to deny him, his allies because they want some $$$ and his enemies because he's melee), and that Mordekaiser overall has been toned down as a counterpart for his Dragon Force ability, the passive of his ultimate allowing him to have that huge advantage of having a dragon ghost. Well, in ARAM, he's been toned down as a counterpart for nothing, since the closest dragon is as far from the Howling Abyss as the Western teams from the Summoner's Cup (I still have faith). [Screenshot](http://puu.sh/rXmfi/90be032319.jpg) --- **ST1.2)** If you bind your W to the Rift Herald, her circle is super small, while a dragon's is bigger than yours. The size of the effect of the Harvesters of Sorrow depends on the kind of unit it's around, going as follow: Melee minions / mage minions < Cannon minions / Siege minions / Champions < Dragons. And the Herald goes in the same category as the small minions, while the Herald herself is bigger than Mordekaiser. It's supposed to be something rather strong and menacing, so something on which your W should have an effect as big as on the Dragons... but that's not the case at all. [Screenshot](http://prntscr.com/ftiax6) --- **ST1.3)** I don't know if that should be considered as a bug, but there is no alt-s or r-s command for the ghost, rendering it impossible to make it stop attacking. I've talked lots and lots about the amount of issues that affected commanding the ghosts, and this just adds up to all of the rest by making the ghosts even more inconvenient to act around. --- **ST1.4)** When the ghost of a Gnar has his rage bar filled, Mordekaiser's screen turns dark red. It's probably not hard to guess why it happens, but it's Gnar's rage and not yours, and it takes a lot of your screen for something that will not really matter much, since you aren't Gnar yourself and cannot get the ghost to use its abilities. --- **ST1.5)** [This spell has a passive in ARAM.](http://puu.sh/rXmgf/079a2fe356.jpg) Curse the Dragon... But the Dragon doesn't exist, in ARAM. It's just something that feels very wrong. Something left where it shouldn't be. In the Howling Abyss, the Twisted Treeline, the Crystal Scar, there is no such thing as a dragon. Having an effect referring to it isn't logical. You would have a point by saying that Ivern also has a passive doing something inexistent in ARAM or Dominion (let me keep the memories of this game mode alive), but removing the passive from those maps would cause him to have an empty spell, whereas that isn't the case for Mordekaiser. It would do the same thing as his W whose passive Riot's shamelessly removed too. --- **ST1.6)** Mordekaiser's W lasts for 6 seconds, and not 4. But as soon as your circle comes in contact with someone else's, it goes down to 4s if it wasn't lower already. It's just weird that this wasn't stated anywhere. It's some quite useful information, and it's definitely not something easy to guess. --- --- #**Special tier 2 - Outdated bugs, if they can help recognizing a pattern.** **ST2.1)** This one isn't even outdated, it just can only happen in sandbox mode, but I'll just throw it there in case it can be of any help. If Mordekaiser ults the same target twice within ten seconds (so, before the ult is over), the second ult won't have any effect, it won't even refresh the dot. That might even be intended, but I don't mind or care, this section isn't for the sake of showing bugs off, I'm just putting some data in here in case it can help finding the cause of other bugs. **Edit:** Welp, same thing can be reproduced in One for All. **ST2.2)** From may-june 2016 to january-february 2017, the ghosts' Sunfires/Cinderhulks/Cinders would not deal any damage despite having their visuals up. [Video](https://youtu.be/xeGd2oaFGfc?t=1m47s) **ST2.3)** The old Leblanc didn't have her passive as a ghost. This is outdated, because she doesn't have this passive anymore. **ST2.S4)** Mordekaiser's W used to have its passive in ARAM, but it'd stop working after, like, 4 minions. This is outdated as the spell lost its passive in ARAM. **ST2.5)** If a ghost was surrounded by two allies, one having an Aegis of the Legion and the other having a Locket of the Iron Solari, instead of having +15 MR (Solari's aura), the ghost would alternate between both auras and receive eiteher 10, or 15 MR. The change of aura received occurred twice per second. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxNj0As4BMI). This bug is now outdated since there is no more magic resist aura. **ST2.6)** Heimerdinger's ghost wasn't using his HP regen passive. This is outdated because he doesn't have this passive anymore. **ST2.7)** When a ghost killed a unit, it didn't gain the passive of a Serrated Dirk if it had one. This is outdated because the Serrated Dirk was changed in preseason 7. **ST2.8)** Aatrox's ghost read that it'd be revived upon dying thanks to the Blood Well, regardless of the cooldown on that ability when it died, but the ghost will never be revived, also regardless of the cooldown on the ability (even if you kill Aatrox ten seconds before his passive comes up, meaning that it is up when you have the ghost). [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LshUNpydFKE) **ST2.9)** Mirror Shell wasn't triggered by Morde's passive (but it was refreshed by it). [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=2m37s) **ST2.10)** Mirror Shell counted both W heals separately. [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=3m6s). **ST2.11)** Iron Skin could never be activated on Morde. [Video](https://youtu.be/DUMbDSR7ymU?t=3m19s) **ST2.12)** Iron Skin always showed that it gave the amplified armor on Morde, despite never giving it. **ST2.13)** Celestial Body didn't work with the bugged ghosts' passive abilities (Blitz/Aurelion/Darius/Twitch/Fizz/Gangplank/Jax/Rammus/etc). **ST2.14)** Thanks to the Revitalize rune that was increasing your health costs, you could fall to 0 hp, giving you a few frames of untargetability. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzAuRAsYuDA) **ST2.15)** Mordekaiser could give his ultimate to another player. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tATL2XjVMbQ) and [meme](http://puu.sh/Ab9F3/43822239d3.jpg), and [meme again](http://puu.sh/Aba8o/3da74d36a7.jpg). **ST2.16)** Back in 2016, Mordekaiser's dragon would have a limited leash range... on his skins. The default skin would be fine, with the non-bugged, global leash range. [Reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4s1wfo/only_classic_mordekaiser_has_a_global_dragon/) / [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zsY072Gz4&feature=youtu.be) **ST2.17)** Getting Ornn's ghost would make the game crash because he is using a different type of sound file, apparently. --- --- #**Special tier 3 - As promised, grouping all of the funny bugs.** **ST3.1)** Casting Mordekaiser's W on a Blood Lord Vladimir, then reactivating the spell near minions will cause Blood Lord Vladimir to glitch as if he were wearing a (little oversized) black coat. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL__i0PVUZk) **ST3.2)** Caitlyn's Headshot makes her interact very weirdly with the other bugs, that involve Statikk/RFC/Kircheis/Botrk/Guinsoo. *I)* If a Caitlyn ghost has a Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, she will only be able to proc it by using her Headshot-empowered attack. Her Headshot-empowered auto won't make her gains Energized stacks for an unstacked Statikk/RFC/Kircheis Shard, though. *II)* Once Caitlyn's ghost gets her first Headshot off, she then starts applying botrk's damage, as physical damage, on every auto-attack. [Video](https://youtu.be/xYm7t325azs?t=8s). **ST3.3)** Mordekaiser can use his W on Jayce's Acceleration Gate, and the W will be invisible yet still deal damage. [Video](https://youtu.be/S31eZcGykQs) **ST3.4)** Mordekaiser can Q flash blast cone QSS W, but he has to wait before he hits the ground if he wants to Q flash blast cone QSS E. [Maybe the video will make it clearer.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwIHq39oLQ8) **ST3.5)** If you ult a Garen and kill him while he's spinning, the ghost will always spin too, and will only briefly interrupt in order to attack. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM4jAZ2zxRs) **ST3.6)** Mordekaiser can get a permanently invisible ghost by killing an untargetable champion with his ultimate. [Video 1](http://plays.tv/video/585f824c6d8f4c3f72) / [Video 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdbH0XTy3d8) **ST3.7)** The Runic Armor mastery affects the number in the tooltip of Mordekaiser’s passive, and lists that Mordekaiser generates a shield equal to 27% of his damage dealt by his spells, instead of 25%. It goes there because it's the only case where I've seen a mastery change your tooltips, and because none of the other shield-enhancing effects have that consequence. In other words: because it makes no sense. [Screenshot without Runic Armor](https://prnt.sc/g8hecl) / [Screenshot with Runic Armor](https://prnt.sc/g8hdtq). **ST3.8)** Having a Luden / Runic Echoes / Elixir of Sorcery will make you squishier by largely reducing the amount of shield you gain. This counts as a funny bug because that bug took three and a half pages to describe. **ST3.9)** Ghosts keep using their emotes as they move. Dare telling me that [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUykgGt5byI) is not funny. --- --- --- And some notes: (you're almost there!) **1)** Ghosts, like Shaco's clone, weirdly classified. They're champions... but at the same time they aren't. - Wukong gains armor and magic resist when an enemy ghost is around, thanks to his passive. - Karthus' ultimate targets the ghosts as well. - If you have a Stoneplate and are near two enemy champions and one enemy ghost, you will gain +80 armor and magic resist, and the active will double your health. So they should be champions, right? But at the same time, they're not supposed to be entire like champions. So, for example, a ghost attacking an enemy champion under a turret will not take the turret's focus. The turret prioritizes the minions over the ghosts in any circumstances. And this leads to some huge inconsistencies. **2)** The ghosts have a problem with on-hit **and** on-attack effects. Pretty much half of the on-hit and on-attack effects do not work. Examples galore, but here are some of them: **On-hit:** - Lifesteal - Energized charges, Energized proc - Teemo's poison **On-attack:** - Jhin's ammo loss - Runaan's hurricane [Other examples](https://puu.sh/Aba5w/3a6f0211c1.jpg) **3)** Some champions (Lulu, Kindred) have a different champion folder for Pix and Wolf. The ultimate only uses one of the folders (Lulu / Lamb). **4)** More a note than a group of bugs, but... Many people say that Mordekaiser would need to be rebuilt from the ground up and that it would be the easier way to fix his bugs. No. He would need this AND a change of ultimate. I am nigh certain that most of the bugs of the ghosts aren't due to Mordekaiser's code, but to the code of each and every of the champions or items involved. **5)** Mordekaiser es numero uno. --- --- --- --- --- And there we are! This thing is so long that trying to type anything in here takes about five seconds to refresh. I'm getting impressed by how Mordekaiser is so diverse when it comes to bugs that even after all this, after already having 270 listed bugs, I could still find a dozen of bugs within a single day with ease... I guess this post is big enough to deserve a TLDR, though, so... #**TLDR:** Mordekaiser still has bugs.
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