Mac OS - Trying to reconnect - Patch 9.22

This happened not long ago, and it seems that it has been reintroduced by the latest patch upgrade for some reason (c'mon Riot...) **Problem:** You log in, nothing really loads, cannot do much and then the classic "Trying to reconnect" window appears. That is it, you are stuck, no matter how long you wait. If it is too much then you get disconnected automatically. Sigh... **Solution:** It looks like the issue is the same as before and the only way I know to fix it is to force the network speed of your computer to be lower than the default. I still do not understand how this is an issue for the client to load properly, it is like it can't handle nowadays default MTU. I can't seem to find the original post where I got this idea from, but that person is a legend for real, let me replicate: **Steps:** - Close your LOL client - open system preferences - click on network - there is a little dropdown menu at the top, choose "Edit Locations..." - click on the "+" sign - Give it a name (I use "LOL" for this) (This creates a new network configuration, you don't need to touch anything except one thing - next steps - the rest should be exactly the same as you had before) - Click on "Advanced..." - Click on the most right tab, it should say "Hardware": -- MAC Address should appear automatically -- Configure: choose "Manually" -- Speed: choose "10baseT/UTP" -- Duplex: choose "half-duplex" -- MTU: choose "Standard (1500)" -- AVB/EAV Mode: this checkmark should be SELECTED - Click "OK" - Click "Apply" - Start your LOL client and log in - it should connect normally You can select you usual network configuration to play, this issue only happens on login. Please, if any Rioter reads this, please communicate to the corresponding team. It is an absolute nightmare how Mac users are left apart for so long...
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