Problems with the client since new patch update

- RECONNECTION ISSUES WHEN I LOG IN OR WHEN I AM IN GAME (MY INTERNET IS WORKING PERFECT). - Black screen when I log in - ''trying to reconnect'' message when I log in, even tho my internet is working fine - I have to download the game again everytime I log out because the game won't start up after being logged out, downloading it again fixes it temporary until I log out again - my friendlist is gone - My stats won't load because ''there's some problems with the server'' - A lot of times I'm not able to sent game invites to people, nor can my friends send me invitations because I won't receive them. - When I am in the queue, a lot of times I'm not able to get out of it because the buttons won't give any response Btw. I have a Mac, a few months ago I had the same problems, then they updated the patch again and all problems were gone. And now with this update I have these problems again :c {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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