Dropped from champion selection on promotion!

Hi, I was playing my third promotion game 1 hour ago, we were in the champion selection, I was 3rd pick and I picked Maokai top and I locked it, then their 3rd and 4th picked and when the turn of our last 2 players came, the client freezed for like 5 seconds, and then it dropped me to the home page of the cliend, I pressed play again, and it showed me the msg that I have to wait 5 minutes till next game because I left last champion selection, which I didn't! I write this post because it is the second time this happens, and it also happend on my friends promotion too. Please help me resolve this problem. Riot can check my logs or whatever is there to see that the my client wasnt closed at all after the drop from the champion selection, it is still open even now, you can check the time that I logged last and see.
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