Well, since yesterday I have problems with bugsplat and crash reports. If I manage to go into a game I can't be sure I won't be afk anytime, because the bugsplat can be before I log in, during champ select or even in login screen or even in game. Since yesterday I can't play with my friends. Yeah I sent a ticket and yeah I ran the hextech repair tool. I unninstalled and reinstalled the game. I eliminated every single league file and installed the game again. I forced a repatch. I repaired the files in the game. I rebooted my pc. I updated drives. There is no reason for this to happen so it's not my pc problem, it's riot's server problem, so don't come here saying to send a ticket because I get no response for more than 6-7h and normally it takes 30 min - 1h for someone to answer. It never happened before this patch, so the problem is in THIS PATCH.

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