List of bugs in TFT I encountered

Here is a list of TFT bugs I encountered during my normal and ranked games (feel free to add to it in the comments below). _**Presumably, some of them have been patched out in [patch 9.14B]( but I'm not sure if they're actually fixed. If anyone can confirm this, feel free to put it in the comments below**_ : * There is a bug where if 2 players are using elementalists and facing each other, there is a chance that the golems will spawn on the bench of the enemy player. * If you try to sell any unit on the bench that has an enemy golem spawned on top of it, by pressing E, it won't work. You need to drag that unit from below the golem into the shop to sell it. Also, these golems do NOT despawn btw! * {{champion:76}} sometimes keeps healing her ally indefinitely instead of a one time heal when she transforms. * I lost 2 easy ranked games because my units stopped attacking for, seemingly, no reason. Although I did notice this tend to happen more often after they get CC'd by any form of CC. When the CC is off the unit, that unit has a high chance of bugging out and stand there doing nothing. * Also, When the current target dies a bit farther away from other units (ex: Some of my units kill a {{champion:157}} who's on the far left but the rest of the fight is happening to the right) , my units tend to be confused and stop moving towards the other side of the fight. * Units **ALWAYS** travel one hexagone (a.k.a. hex) at a time, stopping briefly in each hex before resuming moving to the next hex, which is very slow and loses a lot of time especially when I'm vs a ranged comps (Rangers, Sorcs, etc.) or when my units need to reposition from one side of the fight to the other side . **So, please make the units move fluidly through the board, at a consistent speed!** * Units sometimes fail to use their abilities, once they used up their mana, if they get CC'd at the same time or they change targets right when they use up their mana. Ex: My {{champion:266}} just reached max mana, consumed all of it, started the animation of the ability but got silenced by a pyke. {{champion:266}} failed to execute his ability even though he consumed all his mana. * {{champion:21}} is still bugged. It happened to me earlier: She (1 star, no items) ulted a {{champion:121}} that was targeting her, he died but she still continued her windup in the same direction of where he died (bottom right hexagone) and did NOT retarget her ability as you intended her to do. * ​ {{champion:22}} is targeting enemies, with her ult, that are closer to her (especially ones that are targeting her) rather than targeting the farthest enemy, as stated in her tooltip. Also, sometimes she fires her arrow into nothing and miss completely! * {{item:3172}} sometimes bugs out and doesn't CC any target. You see the tornado effect but the supposedly CC'd target is not CC'd (happens a lot vs Assassins). * {{item:3137}}, on rare occasions, double procs from 1 hit, immediately reducing the rank of a unit by 2 stars! * {{champion:4}} is NOT showing up at the end game scoreboard! * The number of times where we get gold instead of items in PvE rounds is **TOO HIGH**! The RNG system is still bad and needs fixing to allow more **CONSISTENT item drops**! It's the same problem as before, except now, instead of getting nothing, we get gold (which is useless, since items are way more impactful), which does NOT resolve the RNG problem with items! We don't need gold, we need items to be able to win. I lost a ranked game with 6 blademasters + 1 exile + 4 ninjas + 3 assassins to another player who barely had 4 gunslingers + random units because he had way more and better items than me, because he got lucky and I didn't... which is lame since there is no skill involved here, I just lost to RNG, basically! * the **Raptor round** is bugged af: they gave me **NOTHING** at all (no items, no gold) **4 ranked games in a row**! * Also, we need a way to mute pings and chat in TFT. Some people are still spamming annoying pings and saying annoying things in chat and we need a way to deal with it in game! * There is a bug where **if you sell a unit that has items on it, right when a PvP round is about to start** (1 sec left on timer, or so), and you get teleported to another player's arena, those items will disappear and will NOT show up anywhere in that arena or your own arena. But they will magically reappear in your own arena when you get teleported back after that PvP round ends. * **Ranged** units don't get the buff at the same time if there are 2 or 3 of them on the board. The buff procs on one, then after few seconds it procs on the remaining ranged units. I don't know if this happens when all 4 ranged are on the board, though (if someone can confirm?). * {{item:3131}} sometimes doesn't proc for a whole PvP round. * {{item:3033}} sometimes fail to proc correctly if the enemy team has multiple {{item:3161}} users with {{item:1043}} items. * And PLEASE nerf {{champion:84}} at 1 star and 2 stars. Getting my back line one shotted by an insta ability cast from a 1 star , with no items, at the start of the fight, is NOT fun! Who, in Riot, thought that it was a good idea to give such an OP unit **25 max mana only**?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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