Watching games reward - minor visual bug at quest completion when having two quests?

Small and funny bug I had on the esports website **Where:** on watch.euw.lolesports, Rewards page. EDIT: on Chrome version 73.0.3683.103 **Context:** I had two ongoing quests (in given order) : * the "Watch and Earn 13" (watch 3 games, quest immediatly following the one with foam finger icon reward), at 1/3 * the LEC finals icon quest, at 2/3 **What happened:** I validated a new game watched on the client. I then went on the reward page, where the second quest visually validated again. After completion of the **second** quest, there was a graphical effect which failed a bit: the second quest moved up below the first one, then the icon of the first quest became the one of the second quest. **End result:** text and score of 1st quest, but icon of 2nd, finished, quest. Easily fixed by reloading page, but funny at the time. Probably unusual bug to reproduce because it seems to require two quests and validate the 2nd one, I had no bug when validating the 1st of 2. Here is a [screenshot](

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