EUW PBE Signup

I tried to signup earlier (i used this link: ) and for some reason once I click the " I WANT TO HELP!" button and advance to step 2 "PENDING" (where heimer appears), on the top of the page appears a sentece that says: "This page does not support your region. Some functionality may unavailable. Read more" and it shows that i'm in a NA page but still logged in my EUW account... when I try to switch the servers the page vanishes and I can no longer found it. The thing is that I don't have any NA account and I really wanted to signup for PBE ,as an EUW player (I know it's equal to all players but...), just to try it out and help the projects that rioters make, like I did with the Alpha Client. Sincerely, AZ ToxicApe (EUW)
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