Neeko hp not going down, stuck as level 1, visual bug Patch 9.20 (V9.20.292.351)

Server: EUW Match Details: (normal draft) Type of Bug: Visual in-game bug Details: Enemy Neeko showed as level 1 at the start of the game, and stayed level 1 despite leveling up. Her HP was locked as full, and taking damage didn't lower her HP. This was visual only as she was able to use more than one ability, and her correct level was shown when pressing tab. Also, her clone seemed to show a lower hp, so I think her clone was showing her correct hp. When she returned to lane sometime at level 7, the bug seemed to have fixed itself and we could see she was level 7 and was taking damage again. Prior to this, she was visually stuck at level 1 and full hp. Enemy team seemed to not experience this visual bug, only our team. If this is reproduceable, its quite game breaking, being unable to see the hp of the enemy player. Not sure how to reproduce the bug. Doesn't show up when spectating the bug. Of course my wasn't working the one game I find a bug. I heard there was a bug with neeko and kled in 9.19, but there is no kled in this game.
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