Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread

As most of you have already noticed, this patch is full of bugs. I haven't found so many yet myself, but feel free to add any bugs you have encountered in the comment section so I can add them in this Bug thread so that it may help the developers of the game to fix them faster. ------BUGLIST------ 1. Annie has her passive stun up permanently. [FIXED] 2. Death Recap is very bugged and shows damage being received by your own teammates. 3. (In the loading screen the amount of champion points a player has with a champion may be bugged and it shows nothing often at times.) 4. Manaflow Band, Phaserush, Nimbus Cloak, Transcendence, Conqueror, Summon Aery (Shield) and Electrocute don't work properly sometimes. [FIXED?] 5. Shadow Zed's Q is invisible and does not deal any damage. [FIXED] 6. People are having problems with connecting to matches and often can't connect to the match at all/They often get a critical error or a Bugsplat. 7. Mordekaiser's Q deals no damage in his Ultimate. Ignite and some enemies abilities don't work in it either (Those abilities get sent into normal realm instead of death realm?). [FIXED] 8. Camille's Spellblade damage doesn't get converted into true damage anymore when she uses her Q a second time. 9. Qiyana's elemental Q deals no damage. [FIXED] 10. (Diana's Q+R combo sometimes doesn't work.) [FIXED] 11. Baron Buff stats are permanent, they remain even after dying. [FIXED] 12. Galio's E, Varus' Q, Yasuo's Q, LeBlanc's E and Zoe's E sometimes go through champions and minions for the rest of the game. [FIXED] 13. Sivir's W doesn't bounce sometimes. [FIXED] 14. Kalista can sometimes proc her Autoattack twice at the same time on enemy minions. [FIXED] 15. Pyke can sometimes execute his allies. [FIXED] 16. Some champions get their abilities disabled and can't use them anymore. [FIXED?] 17. Akali's Q sometimes doesn't deal damage. [FIXED?] 18. Varus' W stacks can't be procced sometimes. [FIXED?] 19. Neeko sometimes can't auto-attack. Her E is buggy when used on enemies. [FIXED?] 20. Lux W at maximum range blocks more health-points than it should. 21. Baron and Dragon often reset when fighting them. 22. The plants in the jungle visually exist, but you can't click on them sometimes. (Bug from 9.13 carried over) 23. Spellthief-items sometimes don't proc properly, especially when you do a fast combo. They don't proc on structures at all anymore. [FIXED] 24. Ezreal's W sometimes can't get procced by his E and if it gets procced he doesn't get the mana-refund. [FIXED?] 25. (Zilean can level his W up at lvl 1.) 26. Zac's W tooltip says it costs nothing, but it still does cost 4% of your current health. 27. Syndra's ultimate doesn't show the amount of spawned spheres anymore and sometimes her W goes on cooldown immediately after picking something up so that you can't throw it anymore. 28. Yasuo's W sometimes doesn't block projectiles properly. (Bug carried over from 9.12) 29. Azir's Turret ignores it's own base stats and only deals the bonus damage from Azir's Passive to minions, enemy champions aren't affected by this. 30. Rumble can't proc Grasp of the Undying. [FIXED?] 31. Token Stash isn't available. 32. Rek'Sai can still use her tunnels for around a second after being destroyed. 33. Pyke can visually steal stats and he adds them to his stats when he kills an enemy with his ult. 34. Gangplank randomly stops attacking but keeps following the entity he is supposed to attack and that action can't be changed unless he gets killed (Not proven yet). 35. Minions rarely start ignoring everything all game. 36. Rarely Towers stop dealing damage for the rest of the game. 37. Champ Select sometimes gets stuck on 0 when somebody dodges. 38. Illaoi's E Echo sometimes doesn't deal any damage. [FIXED?] 39. You visually can't select the default ward. (Bug carried over from 8.24, 8.24b or 9.1) 40. Diana's E passive gets procced by her Q or W without having leveled up E yet. [FIXED?] 41. Xerath's Q, Jayce's E and Taliyah's E cause freezes for everyone who sees it. [FIXED?] 42. Soulhunter Kayn reflects his red form. 43. Sometimes in some places on the SR and ARAM map every unit will go transparent. 44. Tryndamere's R sometimes doesn't work, but the sound of it comes through. His E spin animation rarely remains for around 5 seconds after using it. [PARTIALLY FIXED] 45. Talon's Passive Stacks sometimes disappear too early. [FIXED?] 46. Sometimes the fast Recall of the Baron Buff doesn't work. 47. Yuumi's Q is sometimes invisible. [FIXED] 48. Master Yi can sometimes damage himself instead of enemies. (Not proven yet) 49. You sometimes disappear for your allies when you E as Kayn. (Not proven yet) 50. If Akali uses her E while Brand is using his R on her, his ultimate will disappear. [FIXED?] 51. Karma's W on Champions doesn't reduce her Ultimate's cooldown anymore. 52. Rakan's Q sometimes doesn't heal and his second E sometimes only works after multiple attempts of activation. [FIXED] 53. Twisted Fate's W sometimes won't get used immediately after already choosing a card. [FIXED] 54. If Sylas has stolen an ultimate from an enemy and has used it, it sometimes goes on the cooldown of the enemy's ultimate cooldown instead of disappearing. [FIXED] 55. Morgana's Ultimate gets cancelled when using Hourglass. 56. Katarina can't jump to her daggers in Mordekaiser's Ultimate. 57. Zyra's Ultimate sometimes doesn't deal damage, appear visibly or cc the target. 58. Katarina can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a Q+E+AA combo. 59. ~~ (Illaoi's tentacles disappear in Mordekaiser's Ultimate.) ~~ 60. Master Yi can't use his W inside his Ultimate anymore. (Not proven yet) 61. Fizz can sometimes E while being knocked up. 62. Some people can't log in, trying to do so will result in a Bugsplat. [FIXED] 63. Katarina's E won't reset after using it on a dagger that has been used to jump behind a thin wall. 64. Some people will experience a Bugsplat when trying to connect to the voice chat. [FIXED] 65. Poppy's W grounding silences you. (?) 66. Wukong can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a E+AA+Q combo. 67. Sometimes Zac visually has his Q on two enemy champions all the time when Zac is visible for the opposing team. 68. ... That's all for now. # Can anyone confirm if these bugs have actually gotten fixed by now? #
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