Summoner "TP" is greyed out sometimes during the game, can't use it

Hi guys, Patch 6.11 here. Here's a screenshot Anyways, the matter is the following: In some games, at least in 3 instances over the last few days my Teleport summoner spell {{summoner:12}} - Is available (not on cooldown) - I am playing {{champion:114}} - I am not in a combat situation, not CCd - The icon is greyed out and clicking it or using d/f doesn't work. Is there a reason, some new change I am not aware of? It becomes normal a while later, not sure what does it. I tried using abilities and stuff, but it was different each time, maybe it's a timer thing, so I cannot reproduce how it gets ungreyed again. This obviously led to some lost fights where i told my team to engage since I can tp, just to stand around like a wet dog and do nothing.
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