Bugs and problems

-morgana passive spellvamp isn't detected by end game stats [morgana bug imgur link](http://imgur.com/a/tZ48a) -hecarim completely following a target with his e even after target flashes trough wall -kindred: wolf gets bugged when trying to move trough wall, passive stops marking jungle camps after 5 stack in 3v3, passive has 5 second delay before you join IN THE FIGHT, not the assist/kill, even if animations finished, if you go into fight with mobs or champions, it will get bugged, and you won't get your stack, southern raptor camp riverside wall thinnest point can't always be jumped through, even if kindred touches the wall and can't get closer to it, -nautilus often gets stuck in pulling pose after using q -aurelion still can't reactivate with q in inner circle -if singed goes in bush q poison trial becomes invisible too -ekko w and ultimate, same -cull sometimes misses stacks (rare) -masteries explanation is bugged in all mastery settings -warlords bloodlust amplying doesn't applies on following items (among the ones i tried often enough):{{item:3025}} ,{{item:3057}} ,{{item:1043}} (lvled up versions work though), {{item:3812}} ,{{item:3031}}, -every game ends with bugsplat page coming up, but usually game ends and exists normally -pingcheck in game and custom games is as inaccurate as a first timer janna trying to land her q with 30000ping and a few more, but too much time, hire more playtesters, or fix pbe...
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