[8.18] Empty emote wheel in ARAM

Hello there, There does not seem to be a topic on the subject so here goes : **On about 90% of my ARAM games, the emote wheel is empty.** Automated emote (first blood, ace, etc.) don't show either. * Started with Odyssey update (8.18) and, to this day (8.21), is still a thing. Some of my friends noticed the same issue since 8.18 too, though some people in the comments reported it to be much older than that. * Emotes are properly equipped and work fine in EVERY other mode : Summoner Rift, Twisted Treeline (normal, ranked, AI), Odyssey (any level). Yes, we were very thorough in our investigation. * Checking your emotes in champion selection by opening the emote window does NOT fix the bug. They are displayed as equipped but the wheel can still be empty in game. * The only temporary fix I found is to change one emote and click save during champion selection, but it could just be lucky timing as I don't always have time to do trade / roll champ, build custom Masteries AND handle emotes in every games. * The previous step has to be done EVERY games because having your emotes in one game does not mean you'll have them every game after that. I miss my ability to *Squee* and *Outrageous*, give it back please ! {{sticker:sg-janna}} Additional info : we're playing EUW server Additional info ² : This is not just a UI bug where I don't see my own emote. My teammates don't see me doing any emote on start, first blood, etc. , or when I try manually by clicking the empty slots. **This may not be game breaking, but, as highlighted by some comments bellow, lets remember we are talking about a monetized feature... word to the wise.......**
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