You guys need to chill

All i see is everyone complaining about the odyssey event. When riot puts gamemodes in PBE everyone starts complaining why it takes so long and why they can't play it. Now riot decided to give us an awesome event with a new gamemode, new skins new rewards(FOR FREE) and even different systems like augments that we definitely need to release that stress from ranked games. But you guys still complain about everything being bug... Ofc there's bugs no one is perfect and neither riot games is perfect, let them work do you guys really believe they aren't trying to fix it? They do everything for their game, for us and whenever we have problems they always fix it so please, just chill if you don't want to play now don't, leave the game and wait until it's fixed. Or you can be useful, play it and use Bug Reports to help them fix this... You guys really look like a bunch of kids whining about everything...
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