8.10 - Outdated Item names in Zoe's Spell Thief |W|.

Greetings! I experienced this problem in patch 8.9 but I forgot to report it and I wrote 8.10 because I don't know if the problem still persists. So, I was playing a game with **Zoe** and I received a remnant of an item for my W, this item was **Shurelya's Reverie/Crest** but instead of showing this, the name that appeared in my W was "**Spell not found: game_spell_tooltip_ShurelyasCrest**" and the item's image that appears next to Zoe's Health Bar was **Timeworn Talisman of Ascension**. There were recent updates concerning these items so I guess it is something missed in the hurry, there might be some more omissions, if items' names have received updates after Zoe's release. Server: **EUNE** Match Details: https://riot.com/2GXsUu1 Type of Bug: **In-game** Image: https://i.imgur.com/Aa7dfEU.jpg[/img] I hope I was able to help you. Have a nice day!
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