I'm not sure whats going on - PLEASE HELP.

For the past 4 days I have experianced constant game freezes or *In game catch ups* as I call them. I havn't changed any settings on my computer and havn't changed the client etc.. and have NEVER experianced this problem before. My fps is always a solid 60+ even in hectic Teamfights and my ping is a constant 28-31 with a occasional spike to 100. -*IN GAME CATCH UP*- the game will be running smoothly and then all of a sudden in the middle of a Teamfight or whenever (It does it randomly) the game will stutter/glitch for about 2-3 seconds.. making it impossible to control my character or move + minions will become untargetable and players.. this then makes me either die or just stand in lane until the stutter catches up which will be usually about 3 - 4 seconds later.. by that time a flood of minions have died or my opponent has killed me.? - and it really hinders a play making oppotunity! this has never happened to me before and is starting become unbearable especially if the game is a ranked one and it happens in a teamfight. its not even like it does it once every now and again, it'll happen 10 times a game and it can really swing the outcome of the match. like I said my FPS is also okay and never drops and my ping is also steady and okay. So if this is happening to anyone else or someone knows how to fix the problem or has any ideas, it would greatly appreciated! Is this on RIOTS side? or is my client somehow buugged a little bit since 6.21? this has never happened to me for the last 3 years pf playing. - also 2 days ago a fair few players DC'D In game and that was down to RIOTS servers.. but they didn't even get a LOSS PREVENTED and it was seemly brushed under the carpet. ( I was one of those players ) could it be my server provider which is PLUSNET... Anyways many thanks George ( Thresh is Dead)
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