client errors giving you losses in promo's

How do you expect anyone to take ranked seriously when you're giving people losses for buggs and malfunctions in the new client? It said that i wasn't connected yet i had youtube video's running perfectly in the background and was actually holding a conversation in league itself via the chat. You can also see the connected sign. Yet i got an autoloss in my promo to gold. which resulted in me losing my promo's This is the second time this happened to me. I think it's absurd that i got a loss for something i literally can't do anything about. I think its ridicoulous that riot can't even code an algorithm that actually checks if a player is manually leaving or not. A big hint is that if they can still chat with friends realtime using the normal chat function they are not disconnected. Another weird thing is that once i was put back in lobby i was actually premade with someone i didn't invite. He was on my friends list and told me i invited him. That actually happened right after the screenshot. i didn't do anything in the meantime. just the champ select screen to a lobby with someone i didn't invite. oh well, if riots coding was a league it would be bronze 5 spot on. Riots coding is actually that 0/16 fiddlesticks on your team. Riots coding is that ap warwick top that instalocked on you.
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