Champion select bug, Connection issues

Server: EUNE Type of bug: Champion select Patch 6.17 So I entered a promo to plat, and lost 2 games (because me and my premade were randomly disconnected from the game. Still talked on skype though). When I entered the champion select of the third game, it bugged. Everyone disconnected at one point and the next ban wasn't done. Notice that the ban wasn't made by me, but the adc of my team. After the champion select, I was not returned to the ''Assemble your party'' screen, but to the home screen. And guess what! Because the champion select was bugged and our adc couldn't ban, I lost my promos! This bug never happened before, and all those connection issues started with the new EUNE server. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I'm pissed that I lost my promos 3 times because of connection issues and that bugged champion select. My internet doesn't stop and I've never had problems with other games like overwatch, rocket league and exc. I doubt that my internet is the problem, since friends also have connection issues with LoL only and they are on a different internet providers.

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