Riot not answering tickets

My last post about this didnt go through for some reason, look at my chat logs and suggest whether you think i earned a 14-day ban or not, and would you expect to be banned if you said what i did in chat Game 1 In-Game Ιsaac: lol Ιsaac: now now team Ιsaac: its not over Ιsaac: till its over Ιsaac: a very wise flash jarvan Ιsaac: if ive ever seen one Ιsaac: for real tho Ιsaac: You were dead Ιsaac: if you didnt flash at the time Ιsaac: 0.1 secs till it was off cd youre good Ιsaac: bot cant help Ιsaac: which one? Ιsaac: we dont have much cc Ιsaac: the team needs cc tho Ιsaac: sorry sivir had no mana Ιsaac: ok Ιsaac: hes fed Ιsaac: instant kills both me and sivir lol Ιsaac: he was ages away Ιsaac: you went through the wall Ιsaac: lol Ιsaac: blame others brcause you made a bad play Ιsaac: can you just do the drake Ιsaac: why are you bronze and im playing with you Ιsaac: ffs Ιsaac: youre trash Ιsaac: you go in 1v1 vs a j4 as kayn Ιsaac: do you know nothing Ιsaac: been gold for a day Ιsaac: got gold in a day Ιsaac: w/e muted and reported Ιsaac: i am diamond Ιsaac: are you dumb Ιsaac: thats what i said olaf Ιsaac: and you do Ιsaac: lol Ιsaac: nope Ιsaac: LM Domino Ιsaac: check that account Ιsaac: i only play kayn on it Ιsaac: over 100 games Ιsaac: over 70% win rate Ιsaac: so shut it Ιsaac: check the account Ιsaac: dosent lie Ιsaac: yep Ιsaac: i am Ιsaac: sure thing Ιsaac: free Ιsaac: unlucky Ιsaac: sona mate Ιsaac: you know we have a blue kayn right Ιsaac: hehe Ιsaac: fight Ιsaac: yh were dumb to fight when j4 has no ult Ιsaac: xd Ιsaac: nice 1v3 Ιsaac: lol Ιsaac: Which i am Ιsaac: you obv do Ιsaac: kayn goes bot Ιsaac: and he says were bad Ιsaac: youre just a bad player Ιsaac: thats all Ιsaac: going bot when they do baron Ιsaac: nice chat log :) Ιsaac: time to make a ticket :D Ιsaac: sure thing Ιsaac: sure thing Ιsaac: sure thing Ιsaac: sure thing Ιsaac: sure ting Ιsaac: gg wp Ιsaac: kayns just a bad player Ιsaac: and toxic aswell Post-Game Ιsaac: enjoy the ban kiddo Ιsaac: you earned it Ιsaac: would you look at that Ιsaac: you knew i was talking to you Ιsaac: hahahaha Ιsaac: youre a bad player Ιsaac: that think everyone else is worse than him Ιsaac: when youre gold Ιsaac: and yes i am actually diamond Ιsaac: LM Domino Ιsaac: i can add you right now Ιsaac: if you want Ιsaac: im a kayn main Ιsaac: and you are terrible with him Ιsaac: no you cant kiddo Ιsaac: keep dreaming Keep in mind that i was being flamed this entire game and i kept ignoring it and saying "sure thing" when i was flamed sometimes, i didnt do anything wrong, i kept my cool and proceeded to play the game doing nothing wrong, the flamers reported me and im guessing you banned my account just because they reported me, i stopped being toxic and this is what you at riot games do to my money (my account is my hard earned money) I never once swore or did anything wrong and i really am upset because i recently got a 25game-chat restriction for being toxic and i stopped being toxic just to have my account banned
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