{{champion:141}} So, i have just came out of a game playing Kayn :3 I LOVE HIM! so about 11.30 into the game me and my teammates take the rift herald and i back with it. all normal until i notice that the circle, soul metre thing is gone, only the white filler is left, it still fills up really slowly and eventually i can pick the Darkin form. I wanted the shadow form so i waited my 4 mins, in this time i had died with the herald and helped teammates take red and blue buff. when i go back to pick my shadow form, i cant. i click it and nothing happens. so i click the darkin and nothing happens. im in the fountain for this btw im not stupid, i leave, die and respawn, and i still cant take them. couldnt take them at all the whole game :( left my champion at a bit of a disadvantage. when i was leaving the base i could see Kayn's original splash icon behind the other 2, they kinda faded a bit so i could see his face and when i was dead i could see the red death timer. just thought i should let others know about this, it was kinda annoying :/ for me and my team... im planning on playing him again in my next game so if it happens again i will update.{{champion:141}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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