This patch is most broken ive ever seen (rengar, morde, camille bugs, maybe more?)

So Ive just played game on Rengar and electrocute mastery doesnt work at all, it simply doesnt proc. In same game I had mordekaiser, that couldnt do damage in his ult, while enemy spells went into normal realm, instead of deathrealm :D In same game there was camille, that didnt get her sheen bonus dmg converted to true dmg, instead of 900 true dmg hits, she did 700. Thats just 1st game on new patch and already 3 gamebreaking bugs xdd I've seen bad patches, but this one is worst so far. **I guess TFT is more important.** Also I liked how you moved rengar passive bar //that shows which champions you killed(that isnt actually needed at all since you can hover the necklace to see which champs you killed, but hey)// to the left so it overrides debuffs :D Btw I've just tested electrocute in training mode, and it works :DD But heres ranked game where it simply wasnt working ALL GAME. (sorry for russian ui)
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