Did you know, Ezreal can steal other peoples Aery?

Did you know Ezreal can steal Aery from your teammates?
Ezreal can take Aery from other champions, and give it to his teammates. The more you know!
So, this happened yesterday, I was playing as Janna with my duo who played as Ezreal, and we accidentally stumbled upon this spaghetti coding. (See video) So what happened was he W'd me, and my Aery flew to him, as if I had buffed him. And that's fine, cause technically I did, since he hit me with W, he got the attackspeed buff from his W. But what made us wonder, was when we got later into the game, we were on the way to Nashor, and he W'd me and Nasus. What I noticed was Aery jumped to Nasus this time. So now Ezreal stole Aery, and gave it to someone else on my team. Kinda funny tbh, nice one Riot. You can reproduce this easily, just get an Ezreal who has anything but Aery, and get any other champion with Aery, and have Ezreal W you, this way Aery will go to himself, and if you have a third champion in between you and the Ezreal, the Aery will go to that champion. It's kinda odd, but cool Sincerely, Kuro{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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