Fixing The upcoming League of legends Arabic Client For north Africa and middle east regions

Hello World, First **Happy New year league of legends ** My name is Salim Benyoussef i'm 21 years old and i'm from Morocco located in north Africa, and i have been playing league of legends since season 5 so finally after years Riot decided to lunch the an Arabic game interface for the north Africa and middle east players for me that's such a wonderful thing to start with to improve the competitive e-sport in our regions but on the preview video of The 10-Year Anniversary Celebration on [Youtube](, i have noticed that's the interface contain so much Linguistic and grammatical mistakes especially on the champions stories, and that's because after the translation you haven't done the Linguistic scrutiny to it as a part of the League of legends community i decided to work on that issue so i asked for my father's help. my Dad he's an Arabic teacher with more than 35 years of experience in teaching Arabic and a new league of legends player ( gold 2 actually ) so we have corrected the Annie champion interface ( the one showed on the announcement video ) and we made it 100% Linguistically and grammatically correct as well as we translated some of the clients part with the a correct and solid Arabic language. as i know riot must have hired some professionals to do that job which turn out they didn't so well, and i believe that one of Riot privacy is to encourage their players by hiring them for it jobs, likely most editors are a LOL players as well as the other jobs ( casters, technicians...ect). so i will be happy to work on that project with my father experience help to get that job done ( correcting the Arabic stories and make them 100% grammatically correct to give the stories the life and to make sure they are Understandable by the Arabian community. For further information please contact me

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