I want my TFT Rank set back to "unranked" with 0 games played

TFT Never started - Image on Pasteboard
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Hi, To everybody who wants to play **TFT RANKED: DONT EVER DO IT TODAY AND MAYBE NOT TOMORROW, JUST WAIT TILL ITS FIXED!! You're getting stuck in every part of league, you get a free lose in 1 of your 5 placement. You start iron II with 0LP, only because the game IS MESSING UP WITH YOU!** Here's what happened: 1. Press 'Play', then 'FFA TEAMFIGHT TACTICS', then select 'RANKED' and press the confirm button. (Easy!) 2. Press 'Find Match' 3. Whenever it shows up, press 'READY' 4. 'Game is still in progress...' and wait 5 minutes 5. Restart League: 'Game is still in progress...' and wait another 5 minutes 6. Restart the pc 7. Open League of Legends 8. THE GAME IS FINALLY LOADING!! 9. When you enter the game, you get the following screen: [LINK TO SCREENSHOT](https://pasteboard.co/Ioniq99.png). 10. You quit the game and your stuck in the following screen: 'Concluding game' screen. I had to restart League AGAIN! (I had to restart league within those 20mins more than in a week) [LINK TO SCREENSHOT HERE!!](https://pasteboard.co/Iond2ie.png) Why do I want my rank set back, and 0 games played: In the first screenshot, RIOT ALREADY CONFIRMED that I never entered the game. Which makes it really easy to check that everybody who just got this problem, didn't do it on purpose! And when I check the boards, I'm not the only 1 who just got beaten by the CLIENT! Thanks in advance, I hope that my replication part is not too difficult for you! And that my TFT Rank is set back! Kill and Win EDIT: Please, change my image on top to the image with the following url: https://pasteboard.co/Ioniq99.png That link does not have names hidden, this one has
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