What is the cost of...

HI all :)) I am just wonderin what is the cost for RITO to make 1 more language of the game . I am from bulgaria , my english is not so good, i can understand almost everything while we are chatting in game , but as u can see my english is not perfect. Well i can say what i want even with some "errors" and most of the people can understand me :D . But i have many friends with no idea what is this language :D .Everytime when there is a new event(like missions)they are asking me how to complete it... They all buy skins , so RITO makes a money. We are not rich country as u know.. i think this is the reason that there is no BULGARIAN language in this game. Just i am a little angry that there is a Turkey language , but not bulgarian.. So is it so expensive to make 1 more language, RIOT ??? Sry for the bad category...

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