Bugsplat every Game!

I have Bugsplats at least once a Game, I reinstalled the game... I even reinstalled Windows... still the same. Sending reports after the Game crashed feels absolutly useless. All RIOT cares about is to punish flamer and making money.... but to make the Game better they dont really care about. I feel like reports no matter if its a Bugsplat or you report people after a game bc they trolled or inted doesnt helps at all RIOT simply doesnt care. But if you get mad and flame bc you lost 3 games in a row to people that just play to ruins other games you get chat restricted and stuff but they can easily troll the next game. Not fair but you clearly see what RIOT really cares about. This also wont help to solve the situation but maybe you can help me with my Bugsplats!?!
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