Does Riot Games not react to bug reports anymore?

I reported like 5 bugs in the last 3 months, where e.g. my client crashes post champ select and appears to be on NA all of a sudden or the game starts and keeps sending me back to the client, where the [RECONNECT] button appears but does nothing at all... There was a few more problems I recently ran into and even after I stopped raging over all the promos or the hundreds of LP I lost due to bugs appearing out of nowhere, I must admit that the most frustrating thing is that I'm trying to bring out detailed bug reports and didn't get a notification/answer on any of those. I'd wish to get my LP back for sure, but I lost count and honestly f*ck that, but at least please stop ignoring your playerbase or is that just me? It just kills the game for me, because I can not start a ranked without fear it might crash COMPLETELY RANDOM. I'm losing my mind here honestly...

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