EUNE is disconnecting me

Today i've encountered a strange connection issue with EUNE server. While playing the game I get the reconnecting... bar and it never reconnects. I shut down the game , try to reconnect by pressing the button and it says that theres something wrong with my connection while my connection is perfectly fine (checked with ping -t and speedtest - STABLE). This happened earlier today and I lost a ranked match because of it. Now it happened again few minutes ago when I played with my friend in ranked , and of course , I lost the game again. My friend has the same ISP as I do , and the weird thing is he also was disconnected from the game and unable to rejoin , while after 10th attempt I joined in. Other players played the game without my issue , so it's maybe ISP related? Are your servers blocking my ISP or some shit? Seriously fix your damn servers. I'm afraid to play my next game with this shit around.

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