6.11 Low leveled players in high elo NORMAL games

EUNE INGAME,MATCHMAKING Recently, we found out with my friend, that sometimes we get low leveled players in high elo NORMAL games. My rank is plat 4 and my friend's rank is gold 4. Low leveled players means players under level 30, where they often don't have rune pages or full masteries. We had three games with these low leveled players when they don't have a chance to do something about the enemy. And once we got 1 low leveled player in the enemy team. We checked every time, but there were no premades in these games between high elo and low leveled players. It could destroy the games totally, since you can get Xin Zhao adc for example.... These situations happened after the last patch was applied. [picture1](http://imgur.com/aSKjCkb) [picture2](http://imgur.com/IUX6D4l)
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