Riot Has system that protect under lvl 10

Im new at the game i send ticket about person who inted our game and hard flame. 0.17.0 pyke. and that what i got answer. Greetings Dùelist, Sorry to hear that you are not having fun in your first few games of League. Certainly starting out for the first time can be rather hard, especially when you encounter less then friendly players. Things will most likely start to pick up after you reach level 20+ or 30 and gain access to multiple queues including the ranked one. As you are currently playing with low level accounts it is important to keep in mind that we can't pre-suspend accounts. Knowing intent of players in advance is not something that can be done at this point, I understand that they are creating a negative experience for you and it's great that you report the offensive players but knowing who will join a game just to feed or be negative in chat is rather impossible. We do have very harsh restrictions for intentional feeding, starting with a two week suspension and ending with a permanent suspension. However issuing these to players that are under level 10 is kind of difficult due to actual new players not knowing what to do. My personal recommendation is that you relax up to level 30 and focus on learning more about the game. Kind regards. Purist Player Support Specialist So from this answer what i understand riot have harsh restriction but it wont use on person who is under 10lvl because of new player protection. So riot employee honestly told me that they cant report person who trolled and flamed very hard. like wishing cancerr.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} P.S. WE RIOT games against trolling but we wont ban cause we need new players....
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