Client is a complete disaster atm

Bugs my friends and I have been experiencing during the last week: - Empty bar covering the entire right section of the client -> friends list and queue timer completely missing. Only way to invite is via tft searching summoners and then changing mode. - Chat feature in client completely missing, even in champ select - Getting last received chat messages again every time you log in - random/regular short client disconnects that interrupt queue, resulting in hour long queue times due to having to re-queue every time it dc's for a second - masteries etc not being saved in champ select, perhaps due to dc -> wrong masteries in game - champ select not appearing after accepting a game -> dismissed game -> LP Loss. - client only showing "reconnect" button after game, not loading honor / post game screen at all -> having to restart client between every game, sometimes the client then won't start at all until the system has been rebooted. - client showing "flex not possible as 4 player group" with only 3 players in lobby in conclusion, big oof
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