[Patch 7.19 and earlier] Patch DPI randomly changes in smartping menu

Server: EUW Type of Bug: in-game Details: Reproduction Steps: Use the smartping menu several times. Expected Result: the menu opens with normal DPI settings , I can ping just fine. Observed results: occasionally the DPI skyrockets and my cursor jumps all over the screen.(it sometimes also goes to very low dpi) Reproduction rate: roughly 1/15 I have read about this bug on other sites aswell e.g. Reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6glbh4/mouse_goes_in_random_direction_while_using_ping/ ) So apparently this has been a known bug for quite some time. I havent found any threats about it on the official bug report forum though so , I hope this can help you fix it , since it can be a mayor disturbance in-game.

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