Game Connection Issues(Not just Antivirus-related)

Gotta create another thread, but this time it's going to be focused on an widely-known issue since the beginning of the patch. Alright, so at first people used to disconnect due to AVG/Avast not being updated to the latest versions, and i believe it got a hotfix. Don't know really but i hope it is. There seems to be yet another issue that causes players to disconnect. It may sound weird to say it, but yes passes. At first i thought it was my antivirus but then it seems as it's updated to the latest, played a couple of games and it seems that it was working pretty fine.. But then a person, who had bought a fan pass(seemingly to be G2's), still keeps me on disconnection. Happened twice today, and those 2 times it was with a person who had their passes. I don't wanna throw any shade tho, but for god's sake, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Right before 9.12 everything looked fine for me, and now all of a sudden to get constant disconnection? I already said antiviruses are updated to the latest. What now? Do i require a new PC? Will it happen the same thing all over again? Maybe it will, so $3k would be spent on the wind. I'm legit scared to even play the game until the next patch hits, like on a 100% i bare to get reported. People would think, that i'm afking only to let them lose the game and such crap, and then ask the enemy team to report me. Almost had it earlier, but thank god the players from the enemy team understood what's happening. Don't even know which pass exactly makes it trigger that issue, may be random, but please, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I mean i can't blame anyone for that but if i were to get muted or banned due to "leaving" games, whereas i literally wanna play, but that one issue with the passes shits on me, then i guess everything, even honor level would be lost too. Not like i care about it but why justifying incorrectly people, when you know those issues are the ones you have to fix, instead of working on a different project? Forget about it and get that thing done. Last year there was some sort of a problem again, which caused at least 10+ or so leaverbusters. And by that i meant the first 2-3 i guess were 5-10 minutes, but the rest 20 minutes. Sure it's in the past, and i don't know how many people had experienced it, but i'm 100% sure that PC works pretty fine. If i don't get any disconnections in WoW and Overwatch, then why am i getting them here? Is the game telling me that i need a PC with some "64 gb ram, intel i9001" and such? Even hextech repair tool wouldn't fix it neither the troubleshoot in the client. I could even give a dump file of everything that includes in my PC, and then ask, why the issue still appears. Anyway, please i beg you, the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Not just for me, but for everyone else who still got it. e/ I forgot to add something: Before asking about why do i think of passes causing it, a friend of mine whom i played with the entire day noticed it. The only 2 times i disconnected, is when a player had bought a fan pass of whatever team it is. Proof:
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