System error bug

I am actually sad about the whole situtastion with the servers right now. I've seen a lot of people also mentioning issues when they are trying to play the game. After champion selection my screen turns black and it doesn't let me go at the ''in-game'', when this is happenning a window opens and mentions a system error, which, i recently learned is common these days because of a bug. Yesterday i got it twice and now riot ''punished'' me with low priority queues, which i find quite unfair since it's their fault this bug is happenning. So riot i think you should really consider to ''punish'' players that actually don't care and go afk, and not the ones that are innocent. These are my thoughts and if i have to be honest i am dissapointed when i am seeing that i am at no fault and in the end i am getting punished!!! Riot do something about these bugs!!!!

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