[10.2] Blackscreen Before Loading Screen

• Video / Screenshot: NA • Reproduction steps: Right after champ select close to start loading screen • Expected result: What should have been the result when you followed the above steps? Loading screen appears • Observed result: What was the result when you followed the steps mentioned above? Loading screen does not appears. Instead black screen + Window Loading. • Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? Occurs ranked not training or aram mode since 10.2 Can you provide procedure to fix ? **EDIT : **I may have a clue to help but it's not that precise : Try to flush dns : During blackscreen : open command window and type "/flushdns" It worked twice but you join the game around 0:40 I hope it helps a bit. I'll reboot and see if it was luck or not.
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