Kalista's rend is bugged (Patch 7.5 had no fix)

Hi there ! I have for the past 7-12 days played around 50 games of Kalista. I've lately experienced very inconvenient bugs with Kalista's rend (e). After you guys made the "fix" with Kalista's rend where sometimes rend wouldn't go off cooldown again after a perfect minion kill with e there have been some new problems occouring with her rend. Now it is even worse, sometimes (I do not know when) Your rend automatically activates after making any auto attacks. It will keep rending a minion after one spear and then go off cooldown again? It's a really weird experience with Kalista and it happens every 2-3 games ( in laning phase every time), so when I saw that patch 7.5 was out I was sure that somebody would've informed you with the new Kalista rend bug. Thank you for your time and I hope that this will be patched in the future - If you have time you can watch some of my previous games with Kalista - in the laning phase or sometimes when I just shove lanes to see the bug. Also I think I found out the problem ! I tried it in training mode and this bug seems to occour if a minion die in the same "tick" as you rend, but when it is not your rend that kills the minion but another minion or champion. When this happens it seems that the fix that you intended with automatically refreshing rends cd bugs out. It seems like the coding goes wrong in this certain scenario. The coding refreshes the e if it thinks that it is bugged (where rend cd doesn't refresh after a successful kill) so when the scenario I described before happens it will think that something went wrong since the minion died, but rend didn't get refreshed. On the next auto attack it will therefore reactivate and rend the creep even though it is full hp. It seemed like the only way to fix this was getting a new kill this time where rend actually kills the target successfully. Then everything goes back to normal. I think this is the reason but I am not 100% sure. Kind regards - PIay To Improve

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