Unintentional control ward nerf

Hello, I would like to point out something that I've noticed about the new Control ward. The detection range of a Control Ward is only 900, which is a great issue for Supports. Over the last few years the true sight of Vision Wards has been reduced from 1100, to 1000 causing quite some issues to the vision control of Support players. For Objectives like Baron and Drake, the 1000 range was barely sufficient to cover the whole pit to assure the enemy team couldn't sneak in wards. The nerf from 1100 range to 1000 range resulted in the fact that only if you let the vision ward bounce from Baron, that it would cover the whole pit. Now that the range of Control Wards is only 900 it's impossible for Supports to get full vision control over a game changing objective like Baron. This results in the fact that it's pointless to place a Control Ward in Baron or Dragon pit, since the enemy will always be able to get vision. Therefor I greatly suggest that the range for Control Wards gets increased to atleast 1000 range again, so it fullfills the same (old) function as vision wards had in highly contested objective areas like Baron. Another bug is that the description of Zilean Bombs (Q) shows a timer of 3 seconds, while in reality its 4-4.5 seconds before the bombs detonate. Either this is a skill bug or a fault in the description. Edit; I have been testing around with control wards for a bit and noticed some stuff about control wards which aren't in the description. 1) Control Wards do not disable wards in bushes if they do not have vision over the bush. Meaning that if you place a control ward right next to a ward in a bush, you won't disable it. 2) The "Control" Vision of Control wards (the disable) is a range of 900, but the line of vision that the ward grants is around 1000-1100. You can check this by placing a Control ward and comparing the vision indicator with the real vision granted. This means that if a ward is placed in the 900-1100 range of the ward, you will have vision over the spot of the ward but not disable it. 3) If you want to control the side walls where the enemy team is positioning for a steal at baron or drake, then you have to place a control ward close to those walls. If the enemy team has a ranged damage dealer (like an ordinary adc) this control ward will be in enemy range to auto attack and simply remove. So there is no way to remove vision at objectives.
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