Neeko appears as different champion on mini map

So some hours ago the enemy top laner Neeko appeared on mini map as a Draven for like most of the game (there was indeed a Draven in enemy team) and at the same time in the scoreboard youbcould always see her as level 1 with 0 cs and no items at all. At some point in the game it somehow appeard as Neeko in minimap and at the same time the scoreboard bug stopped aswell but after some minutes the same bug occured again. Edit: Watched the replay and obviously you cant see anything of what i reffered to as bugged like the minimap draven icon instead of neekos or the level and cs bug, but she transformed into Draven when the lane phase started so somehow this triggered the bug even tho i have no idea what else might have helped to triggere it.
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