League is getting worse and becoming unplayeable

_**Hello everybody What an amazing patch ! **_ after the 9.3 patch i encountered a lot of bugs that i didn't see before (im playing lol for 4 years) 1. It all started after Patch 9.3 when the new loading screen came into place.The new loading screen stuck at 100% for 6 to 9 min so i have to reconnect again from the client even if reconnect to the game im really behind cs and exp and my teammates is blaming for afking and the result is 20 minutes low priority queue 2. im not able to get my 400 xp win of the day . its like the third game and i didnt get it 3. i didnt get lp for the last ranked games 4. Mastery points show up weird i cant see them clearly it shows up for my profile and every other profile i look at. we, the players have to pay for their faults and bugs ,,, matchup system is garbage ,now the game is literally unplayable and im sure there is a lot a ppl having these problems too im really thinking of quitting league after a lot of fun and unforgettable moments , i really enjoyed lol for the past 4 years but since season 8 came up league of legends start dying **peace** . {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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