Champs Select Ranked Bug

Dear Riot Team, I recently found a bug with the champ select in ranked. I got a notification that my friend invited me in a match while i was in champ select. Unfortunatly i pressed on "accept" to see what happens, because normally the notification shouldn't appear there in the first place because i was already in the champ select after my pick and bans. For normal the notification then says "Your invitation from XY is on hold" because I was already in champ select. So from here the weird part begins. I clicked on accept and instantly the chat told me that all of my teammates have quit their champ select and the champ select chatroom. It still wasnt my turn to pick so i decited to wait what happens, but the Gragas on my team didnt lock in his pick and his time ran out. After that I was just put to the front page of the launcher and as i wanted to join the queue again I got the notification that I hadnt locked in my champ and I had to wait 6 min until i could find another match. Please fix this, I know that I shouldn't have accepted the invitation in the first place, but this bug caused me to loose 3 LP and I got a queue ban for 6 min. Please fix the invitation still appearing in the champ select.

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