Neeko is causing the game to crash, people seem to be abusing this bug. (detailed information)

So the following is broken about Neeko: • If she transforms only once at the start of the game (and not again!) her lvl, items and cs on the scoreboard will freeze up and not update any further once she transforms back. • This way you can't tell her powerspikes as you don't know how much cs and what items she has. • As another post already mentioned, on the minimap it will also still show the persons icon that the first transformed to. • If you click on her, on the lop left corner, it will also show the person that she first transformed to and the old stats, items, etc. The only things that seem to be working here are the level, hp and manabars. Also many of the past debuffs that she "gained" will be stacking up there aswell. It seems to cause a visual bug aswell, as one Neeko had the "can be seen eyes" ontop of her for the whole game (she wasn't visible in the fog of war though). • If you click on one of her older items throughout the game, your game will crash. • The only way to get ridd of this bug is for the Neeko to transform a second time (into another champion, not the same one!), as this will remove the bug for the remainder of the game. The past few days every Neeko that I've been playing against has been abusing this bug. It's completely gamebreaking and should be either hotfixed and/or Neeko should be temporarily disabled imo. EDIT: Upon watching replays of the games that this happend in, she does not have to transform at the very start of the game. It can be whenever, as long as its only her first time. EDIT2: Upon testing it in a custom game with a friend, we could not reproduce it on the first try. What we did: • He transformed lvl 1 (in fog of war) • Q'ed me on lane, then we proceeded to farm till level 5 and and he killed me. • He went base, bought items and came to lane This is what happend in one of the games that this bug occured in, but we couldn't reproduce it the exact same way so it probably has to have some sort of trigger to it. Still annoying as people seem to be able to reproduce it easily. I can hand over the replay if need be (and the exact moment where it froze up aswell, as I have a screenshot of it, so it can be compared to the replay footage).
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