When will riot fix this mastery bug??? I AM ANGRY AF

I robbed out of thousands of chests because of this bug! also some of my friends want to get their champion to level 5 but they are frustrated because nearly 4 out of 10 games has a mastery bugged. this bug is so famous now . when you end a game and you are in the post game lobby... you'll see a circle spinning in the mastery pot and your mastery point and grade is robbed ( seems like you didn't play that match with that champion at all. make a great play such as 15 cs per minute . perfect kda with 50 takedowns . participle in 95% kills and all you get for it, is nothing your s+ will not saved nor you'll get rewards for it. it's shame rito . you hired people in your company to fix this game while we have bugs that are there for years and i just don't know why! what are your game/bug fixer employees doing now? it just doesn't make sense at all. i understand that tencent bought you in order to make lux/akalo/yasuo skins but don't they know that if you don't fix bugs, people will get mad and they will not buy this new yasuo skin! so this is a lose to lose... nevertheless it's tenth anniversary, we have bugs more than ever! , i would never like complaining about hot ekko skins that just made for horny teens, but i did complain, when i see we have bugs but you decide to put months of effort and time on skins. fixing a bug will not take longer than making akalo's new skin's thumbnail. #FIX_YOUR_GAME {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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