Can't queue for games, leave champion select or login to the client

The client was refusing to start a queue about 5 minutes ago, coming up with an error and telling us to contact riot. Now it's lagging when I try to find a match or leave, and my friend is also telling me that he's stuck in champion select with a blank client. I was also told that there is a huge login queue time when you attempt to login. Blank Client after champ select: Login to the client: Update: According to some others ranked games are not awarding their LP properly, but it's probably just the client lagging so they should appear eventually. Some are also not getting their promo's either. Update: Apparently after finishing a game people are getting stuck in those games, and all they see is "Waiting for stats". When restarting/repairing the client it is still stuck and keeps asking to reconnect. Update: Seems to be fixed now after some emergency maintenance.
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